Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

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Thanks to Castofthousands September 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm and Matty …

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Thanks to Castofthousands September 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm


Matty Roth, September 4, 2014 at 1:54 pm

for you considered and thoughtful replies. I think you may be correct it may take drastic steps to regain control. I already see things that were the holy grail and not being discussed now actually being given an airing, and with this latest news being the final straw it may open the minds more.

Certainly in my view I would rather take the club to the brink than see it limp on in its present state with people who see us as cash cow.

I have not been to a game this season nor have my friends and I will not return until they have gone.

Thanks for treating my question as a football fan.

That said I do not give credence to any information to the character named Phil, a truly obsessed individual, whose only raison d’etre is to dance on our grave.

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Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
Just deleted the’ notify me of follow-up comments by e-mail.

Came on here hoping to learn and because you call yourself ‘The Scottish Football Monitor.’

I have learned one thing, because of my allegiance better coming on here now and again otherwise it drags you down.

As one of your poster alluded to, no wonder many Rangers Supporters don’t put their heads above the parapet here.

Often it is a relentless gleefest and therefore loses what it attempts to portray and in my short tenure is 99% about one club.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
My late father took me for the first time to Ibrox in the 1950’s to see Rangers play Clyde. Rangers won 2-0 and Sammy Baird scored. I still have vivid memories of that night,the floodlights,the spectacle, I was hooked.

Little did I think almost 60 years later those vivid memories of my schoolboy years has been replaced by a feeling of helplessness.

I am a token shareholder and the letter that dropped through my mailbox the day after the announcement was a further dagger to my heart.More sticking plaster.

The only thing they want is money to remove them, they ain’t going to get it. Sometimes I think another Admin event is needed,then I remember what happened last time time. I am beginning to lose hope.

Is there a way out?

From Murray,to Whyte,to Green and now Ashley, where will it all end?

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
There is an inherent bias on here that does this blog no favours.

I get the impression that a few people on here would like to add a line to the Proclaimers ‘letter to America’ Rangers no more.

Surely a club withe history of club so well known in
Football circles, with a massive support and a plus to thebScottish economy is worth saving.

Many of the Scottish clubs have done well from that support charging sometimes well over the odds. Just the other week Falkirk charged £95 and were sold out for a sub standard 3 course mealpackage.

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The Offline Game
Congratulations you deserved it, big hearts won!
No excuses, your hoodoo is over?

The Offline Game
Reiver, I have moved on.

We were punished, it is now in my view made us look at Scottish Football anew, we are enjoying the challenge, that is why the fans are turning up. That and the way the team are playing. We are almost rid of the people who basically ransacked the big hoose, of whom, there have been little criticsm on here.

Enjoy the game , it is far from a foregone conclusion.

A bit of me, and to all my Hibs friends, if you end your 114 hoodoo, I will say well done.

The Offline Game
On the eve of the Scottish Cup Final between Rangers and Hibernian I wish both teams well.
As a sometimes reader of SFM I really struggle with your stated intention of being a collective for all Scottish Football fans.
How will you deliver these numbers when there is an inherent bias and ambivalence directed against one club? The name Scottish Football Monitor gives the impression that it does what it says  on the tin, examine all issues pertaining to Scottish Football and the member clubs.
Lets face it I have yet failed to see an in depth look at the downfall of Dundee United, the performance of their owner, and the state of their finances.
Will you be dissecting the fate of Kilmarnock Football Club, a club where the support and fans are at loggerheads, and if relegated could mean the end of their club?
Will we see an in depth look at Motherwell Football club who are at the very brink and are about to slash wages of their first team squad?
Can you really claim you are monitoring Scottish Football?
I would suggest until you are seen to do this, I mean really monitor the whole of Scottish Football, you will always struggle for supporter recognition.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
‘Well done again and thx Craig, from all of us normal wee guy supporters all over the globe!’

The above is a message to Craig Houston of Sons of Struth which encompasses the spirit of fans of a Football Club, any Football Club.

Justshattered at 9.17pm got it right also when he commented

Well the last couple of days have certainly offered a glimmer of hope to ‘The Rangers’ fans and it is something that they have desperately needed for months now.

Hope can go a long way.
It may entice the ten thousand, that are staying away, back again although ultimately it will be performances on the park which will probably determine this. There is no money to bring in players and there is a rookie coach in place whose first game was an absolute disaster.

And hope does go a long way, and yes, there are obstacles along the way but that hope is what Rangers supporters have tonight.

So give us that.

My hope is with Rangers minded men at the top we can now see decisions made that are the best for Rangers and no longer what is best for individual directors and their bank balances.

It will be a long road and many set backs, but at the moment the winning of trophies is secondary, we may have our club back.

So be negative, be scathing but just remember what the wee guy said at the top of the post, and all the wee guys like him.

Good Night.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Well well well!

At last!

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