Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

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blu says:
September 8, 2014 at 10:43 am
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Gym Trainer says:
September 8, 2014 at 9:52 am
Gym, re. SA tax laws on foreign investment – How many assessments of evasion were cited by SARS – 322? I wonder if the deal King cut when pleading guilty on 41 counts of tax evasion allowed him to retain some of the assets he’d off-shored. It’s clear that he’s just as devious and rapacious as the other players in this filleting of football fans money from their pockets. Don’t write him off, even if he should be banned from being a director of a company in this country.

I don’t disagree with your sentiment blu – but it seems to me that Dave King (Natural Person) could only invest £230k per annum without attracting (unwelcome?) scrutiny by SARS, but the Dave King Corporation (a company) could do £28.9 million – absolutely not saying he will but it does offer him a route (although SARS are a lot more interested in any transaction that involves significant moves of capital…)

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Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
Don’t judge me gents – but I’ve been reading the Foreign Investment section of the Reserve Bank of South Africa’s Handbook which you will find here -> https://www.resbank.co.za/RegulationAndSupervision/FinancialSurveillanceAndExchangeControl/EXCMan/Section%20O/Section%20O.pdf

Section 6.1.1 covers “private individuals (natural persons) who are tax-payers of good standing” who are allowed to invest up to ZAR 4 million per annum.

Section covers investments by companies – they’re allowed up to ZAR 500 million per annum without condition more if they fulfill certain tests…

ZAR 4 million is about £230k today
ZAR 500 million is about £28.9 million today

Maybe, just maybe an investment could come from South Africa – as part of a corporate transaction?

I mean – in my opinion one would need to be fantastically financially endowed or fantastically dim to do it – but the possibility exists…

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

wottpi says:
September 5, 2014 at 11:31 pm
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Anyone got a calculator to work out the following sum.

£1.2m minus £1m minus £.5m minus £.625m minus x, where x equals an unbudgeted liability.

Round numbers they’d be £1m plus x overdrawn.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

Broadswordcallingdannybhoy says:
September 2, 2014 at 12:58 am
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Can you guess from where I stole her name?

Is it just from the school of hard knock(er)s?

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