Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

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New blog by Auldheid up. Maybe Keith Jackson can help …

Comment on Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ? by Trisidium.

New blog by Auldheid up. Maybe Keith Jackson can help 🙂

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Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
I also removed a couple of posts this morning (from non-protagonists) regarding the wee spat between Ryan and Phil.

Please don’t be offended by that. This is no reflection on what you posted. I was merely turning flame down a peep or two.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
Been doing a bit of housekeeping this morning (time I will never get back 🙁 )

There were many people who had been put in moderation but have not returned since (I assume a tacit admission of wrong-doings 🙂 )

I have removed anyone from moderation who was had not been abusive or been trolling. For your information, our old pal OldGold came back in guise number 22 this morning!

I was almost tempted to post the comment and sit back, but after having spent five hours tidying up, I have decided to watch some Alias Smith and Jones reruns tonight – so no OG/Enkafid/Oserver/etc. for you :mrgreen:

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
TSFM as a community has been hostile to Stewart Reagan and his chums at the SFA.

We are confirmed in our belief that they have been complicit on bending their own rules in order to accommodate the new club. We are persuaded that they sat on their hands and did nothing despite their own heavily conflicted President being deeply involved in the controversy that surrounded the game over EBTs – and we are of the belief that they deliberately spiked the disciplinary process of the LNS inquiry, by providing a spurious, tenuous, and completely new interpretation of the rules on eligibility.

In the light of those facts, it hardly seems plausible that we could ask Regan abut his dinner engagement dilemma on the basis that we were giving him the opportunity to refute allegations from the VBs.

There is absolutely no evidence (other than anecdotal) in the public domain that these events ever took place. In fact anyone could have created that wee narrative to shore up conclusions already arrived at with respect to Reagan.

The claims may well be true of course – although I am not sure what relevance they hold for the integrity of the SFA. More a character thing for Reagan as an individual.

I really don’t think Reagan has any case to answer here – yet. If an individual who was present at the meeting was to make those claims, then that would be the time for him to break silence.

I certainly wouldn’t want to jump on any bandwagon driven by those without the little credibility we have.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Be surprised if the larger part of the loans is converted to shares.
Control of a structurally insolvent company lies not in virtually worthless shares, but with the major creditors who will retain control when the shareholders are all stiffed.
Going to happen.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
John C
Might be registered in the far east?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
There’s only one David Low. 👍😊

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Wasn’t aware that anyone had reproduced Concomitant’s article elsewhere. Nobody asked either, but it’s not a problem for us.
As we’ve said, it’s not a contest. 👍

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
John C
So true about the sport being killed by the authorities.
No matter how corrupt RFC were, the sport could have survived the reputational damage imposed by a rogue club. Impossible to survive damage imposed by rogue governance.

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