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Thanks all for the responses to my player contract question, …

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Thanks all for the responses to my player contract question, based on those my current assumption is that the term “footballing debts” does not apply to players (which I find strange).

IMHO This makes a pre-pack CVA more likely if significant cuts are needed to the wage bill (taking it perhaps past the 50% likelihood) before the end of the season to allow the club/company/team to continue trading.

I would imagine that if they can sell 25,000 season tickets for next season, they would be able to assemble a squad more than capable of challenging for the Championship even with Hearts, Dundee and Dunfermline in the mix (with apologies to other clubs who may also think themselves in with a chance at it).

The bigger question I have, is whether a club would be allowed promotion if it were to suffer an insolvency event during a season (assuming that it can also leave administration prior to the season end or start of the subsequent season). 😯

I wonder if Auldheid or Hirsute have scanned the rules to see if such an eventuality is covered ❓

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Reflections on Goalposts
slimshady61 says:
January 20, 2014 at 9:32 pm
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neepheid says:
January 20, 2014 at 9:14 pm
Agreed, and I agree also with Stuart Waiton. When a law in this country only applies to some people and not to all of its people, something has gone wrong and Waiton is right to highlight it, as is GJ.

Laws must be applied equally across the board or else scrapped. It is simply inequitable that a football supporter can be admonished for singing “F*** the Pope and F*** the queen” simply because “this law is not meant for you…”, the reported words of the sherriff who dismissed the case involving the Partick Thistle fan.
I do not agree that the law has not been applied equally. The PF brought a conviction against the supporter and the judge deemed that the singing of the song in question was not in contravention of the particular law used.

The song in question has been banned from Firhill for a number of years and prior to the ban, the fans themselves debated whether it could be construed as sectarian. The consensus was that as the song is a parody aimed at ridiculing the sectarian elements which are associated (rightly or wrongly) with CFC and TRFC, it should not be deemed as sectarian, however, that it was probably safer to ban it as it could, under the banner of “anyone taking offence” at it, be taken as such.

Also, the actual last line should read “F*** your Pope and f*** your Queen!”

I know that many Clubs can claim to have been heavily impacted by both CFC and TRFC/RFC in the past but I firmly believe that it is only Thistle fans who were subject to the follow up question, “Aye right, but who do you really support?”

Reflections on Goalposts
Scunnered. A great Scots word that goes some way to describing my reaction to the latest machinations of the footballing authorities and the liquidators.

The difference in punishments between Black and Moffat will hopefully be appealed and the outcome used to show, yet again, how badly the SFA operates.

BDO agreeing to effectively give away £300,000 of which a sizeable proportion should be going into the public purse, to a company that has no legal or moral claim to it trumps everything in my opinion. If this occurred in any other business sector, the outcry would be swift and loud.

Leaving aside how the creditors were stiffed once by D and P, now we see them stiffed a second time by the so called saviours of BDO.

Unfortunately, a letter to my local MP is unlikely to be that effective given that I live in Bedfordshire but I would urge everyone to make as big a noise about this as possible.

I actually feel physically sickened by this.

Reflections on Goalposts
With Regan lifting his head over the parapet and some of the MSM reporting bad news about The Rangers (I will gloss over the reference to TRFC falling down into Div 4 as we all know they were given a punt up), I think this could be the first non-bam pot sighting of the cracks in the dam.

As Phil Mac points out, things are very tight and unless that wage bill comes down now, they are toast I reckon.

£1 Million in the bank as of April doesn’t cover May’s costs and do we really think that all the ST money can be taken in a month in the current climate around Govan?. Only two things can stave off an insolvency, a big transfer fee being paid (unfortunately Souness isn’t around though) or a share issue but that will probably take an EGM and the Board managing to get a majority. Can’t see either happening…

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Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
magicroundabout says:

April 30, 2015 at 3:39 pm
Anything to avoid being Chick Young. ? 🙄
I was really looking forward to Zebedee… ?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Chust sublime, Dougie

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
sannoffymesssoitizz says:
April 14, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Views on fan ownership model from East Stirlingshire
Interesting viewpoint and I would say a few shrewd observations. I was once in favour of fan “ownership”, not fans of the blazer and brogue variety but fans from the stands.

However, I no longer consider that to be important or indeed effective. What is needed is a governance model that:
– takes the fans into account
– involves them in the decision making processes
– gives them if not an equal say and vote in all matters, allows for it in areas that directly impact on fans – prices, facilities (inlcusinf safe standing), etc.
– enforces openness and accountability in the areas of finance, the SFA & the SPFL

The list could go on but I think that would be a fair start…

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
T’internet is a wonderful thing. Here is a brief synopsis of what is needed to become listed on ISDX:

How to join ISDX:

The admission process for issuers is clear and transparent (unlike some organisations we know).

ISDX Growth Market

The ISDX Growth Market is our market for earlier stage, entrepreneurial companies (well they are only three years old).

To join the ISDX Growth Market, all companies are required to meet the following specific admission criteria:

1. Appoint and retain an ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Corporate Adviser at all times (Neil Patey, perhaps)?

2. Demonstrate appropriate levels of corporate governance including having at least one independent non-executive director (need to buy another blazer and pair of brogues)

3. Have published audited financial reports no more than nine months prior to the date of admission to trading (I am sure Deloitte’s will be happy for the work)

4. Have at least 12 months’ working capital (Over to you DCK)

5. Have no restrictions on the transferability of shares (other than caveat emptor)

6. Issue shares which are eligible for electronic settlement (just remember to keep paying the leccie bill)

7. Companies must also publish an ISDX Growth Market Admission Document, which is less onerous than a full prospectus. More information about the content of an ISDX Growth Market Admission Document can be found in the ISDX Growth Market – Rules for Issuers. (I am sure the 120 day plan could be brought up to date for this)

8. Under certain circumstances, for example if raising more than €5 million, companies may be required to publish a full prospectus for approval by the UK Listing Authority (UKLA). The company’s appointed Corporate Adviser will confirm where this is necessary. (Nae tother a ba given the excellent, well documented business acumen of the current Board)

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Although not to do with Scottish football, IMHO this is an excellent way for fans to protest.

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