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Looking back over at events in Sevconia in the last …

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Looking back over at events in Sevconia in the last 2-3 years, the thing that stands out for me and for any other sane , neutral observer is how desprately adrift and lost the “the rangers” fans really are.

They remind me of the scene in “The life of Brian ” , when Brian is being chased by the crowd and falls into the hermits hole in the ground . He then tells them to “f**k off” only to be met with brilliant , “but sire ,how should we f**k off? ”
Observing this behaviour has brought me to a couple of conclusions. Both should be worrying for any fan in blue.

1. The majority of the sevco fans are of the “how should we f**k off”bracket. Totally unable to veer from blindly following the leaders. This in turn has made the intelligent fans walk away , having the sense to realise that mob rule is all that counts but the mobs strings are being invisibly pulled.

2. This part in my opinion is the bit where all fans in blue should really wake up and realise who has created this monster. It is not” rangers haters “,” timmy” or any other assortment of “enemies” who have done this but much much closer to home .

Ask yourself the question . Who would know how the fans think and would react?
Take a minute over it.
Not every clubs fans react like them, In fact Id struggle to think of any others .
So , The people who came in , Whyte , Ahmed , Green etc. they wouldnt know . They wouldnt have a clue how to manipulate a Scottish football teams fanbase unless they were informed by those in the know and very well informed, to convince them it could be pulled off.

No . The only people who would have this knowledge and would be able to convince outsiders of how easy it would be to manage and fleece the hordes would be “real Rangers men” . Remember the ji “john greig thick” moment. You can bet those who started this whole ball rolling 3-4 years ago have the exact same opinion of the entire fanbase. Mugs to be fleeced . Nothing more.

How ironic is that. A club built on arrogance and supremacy being betrayed by its own people and ultimately destroying itself with its delusional ideas of “where it belongs”

My thoughts? It belongs , hopefully where its going .Oblivion.

In a 21st century Scotland , theres no place for ANY of the values , if we can call them that, coming out of that place down Govan way.

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Reflections on Goalposts
shooperb : I agree completely. Eye on the ball.Dont be distracted….

Reflections on Goalposts
Our” new kid on the twitter block” has dissapeared.

Im thinking hes a squirrell to confuse and distract , get us running up a blind alley , get us focussing on the wrong direction.

We need to concentrate. Not get side-tracked.

Reflections on Goalposts
Share price made me chuckle, with all things sevconian , thay love to change the name , sevco =The rangers etc, wouldnt it be great if they changed shares to ………………..wait for it “Sports socks 3 for a pound”

Sorry, couldnt help it . 🙂

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I have just read that quite carefully and I sadly agree with it all.   I think we Celtic fans are more emotionally concerned with our clubs moral stance and views and I think peter lawell is employed to make the business function efficiently.  He doesn’t do emotion. Sadly, this is the way of modern top level football. We fans are looking back at our traditions and values we feel the club was formed with and want them to still be present, and P L is paying us lip service and running a business.  . A sad but ultimately not surprising situation.   Finloch, I think you summarised it perfectly.  Well done.  

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A bit of a stab in the dark but could king be trying to goad Ashley into putting the latest incarnation into liquidation ?   Therefore breaking all agreements that the new club had and starting up Rfc3 ?  Again , with leaving behind their debt and claiming big bad mike done it .   Stranger things have happened .     05

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I don’t post often but have in the past. Iv been reading the ongoing stushy and just have this to say. Using the words “stay” or relegated or “put down” are just ways of the msm to try and continue the “big lie” the continuity myth.    In very simple terms, Rangers died. Owing lots of people lots of money.   Unable to meet these bills , they went under. Like woolworths.   I pass an old woolworhs shop in my area , now called B. And M,s . It’s not woolworths . It’s the same building , been ere since I was a child but it’s not woolworths .   On achieving promotion this year the new 4 year old Rangers were lauded as “returning” to the top league.    Again , a big lie .  With this in mind .  I started throwing in the odd remark to my blue minded colleague at work that I was really looking forward to going back to Honolulu , or Dubai or Saudi Arabia . To which he aske me ” oh, I didn’t know you’d been there” to which I replied  ” I haven’t”  he soon clicked to what I was doing and went in the huff .     So , we all owe it to the people  who lost money to never let the big lie go unchallenged . What I was saying was patently rediculous.   So is the big lie .     Casper.

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Tamjartmarquz,    I was privileged enough to meet Lindsay sharp on the pitch at the commonwealth games closing ceremony and congratulate her.   My opinion of her did. Complete 100% u- turn after her disgusting and totally classless comments, which I won’t repeat , on the tennis last year .   It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly intelligent , talented individuals like her can can also harbour such horrible inner traits  s she showed that day .   I really despair .   

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It’s like the loudmouth at a party who doesn’t know when to shut up. Eventually the room emptys. Is that the agenda here?

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