Reflections on Goalposts


Q: Are the goal posts still up at Barrowfield? Just …

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Q: Are the goal posts still up at Barrowfield? Just thinking,a wee roof,some benches,a pie stall.An ideal fitb’a park for a team looking for digs soon.Of course surveys would need to be carried out to make sure there was no subsidence,pollution issues etc.

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Reflections on Goalposts
Surely it’s time for our football governing authorities(being facetious again) to demand a full statement from Sevco as to their ability to fulfil their obligations for the rest of the season.Ongoing uncertainty doesn’t only affect those of a blue persuasion.I’m feart tae book an early holiday in case I miss some cataclysmic event!

Reflections on Goalposts
Rangers- too big to die,fabric of society,blah blah blah. Try telling that to the men and women who lost their jobs in other industries which really did form part of the fabric of society. The miners,the steel workers,the shipbuilders,Timex workers etc.
If arrogance was currency the people operating(just) out of Edmiston Drive would be in no trouble whatsoever.

Reflections on Goalposts
John Clarke@ 10:32 am
John,I was being facetious.

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Enough is enough
Homunculus November 11 at 9:12
unfortunately, the Edmiston Drive shape shifters don’t do proper procedure.

Enough is enough
Just listened to the podcast regarding the fans survey. Whilst we all know where his allegiances lie,Daryl Broadfoot’s level of deflection,spite,and all round rudeness was a disgrace. This guy should not have been allowed near this programme far less the SFA.

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I haven’t posted for some time. Been lurking though. Only on a blog like SFM would you find words Like Impecuniosity and Avizandum. Every day’s a school day.
lurkers of the world unite!

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Guys I know funds are tight but advertising the Sun? Disappointed.

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ALLY JAMBO April 25th.
I can hear some rather dramatic music in the background at this point…
Jaws theme?

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