Reflections on Goalposts


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fergusslayedtheblues says:
January 28, 2014 at 6:09 pm
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My take on the land deals and soft loans squirrel is ..
They are softening the hordes up for the bad news of sale and leaseback .
We would have been able to hang onto Ibrokes and murky park if we had access to soft loans and land deals but we had to pay top dollar .
Would not be surprised if they ramped it up when the STs are due as a defiant rallying call .

Good point, well made.

I do suspect that the timings of all these random events are usually just that random, but Rangers will take every opportunity to crank up the heat. They may however need to make do without the full backing of the SMSM , as the Celtic lawyers will be involved if the media stray too far down the dis-honesty route.

On the contention of Rangers losses, the current incumbents have inherited their predecessors mindset , so why would anyone with a brain believe a favourable ( or strictly speaking less horrendous) story emanating from Ibrox.

A new organisation will be formed , called something like The Royal Ibrox Stadia Group, where the Rangers fans can be guaranteed in perpetuity that their ground will always be at Ibrox with a football team, the only team in the country who have such a guarantee. A percentage of the profits will go to the Armed Forces ( a very small %) ….. Based on past performance , a puerile statement like the above is all that it will take to get the fans on board , and the SMSM crowing in approval ……..

This is the best Rangers can hope for …..

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Reflections on Goalposts
Re Craig Whyte intervention

Based on past performance only ; it seems to me that there is not a judge / jury in the land that will uphold that CW owns one penny of Rangers, irrespective of the merits of the case, secondly .

there is not a judge / jury in the land that will find in his favour in terms of being a Fit and Proper person ……. so back to predicting when the cash runs out.

Tick tock

Reflections on Goalposts
Given the outpourings from Ibrox over the last week , it seems to me that the running out of money option is still the favourite. Ally’s squealing to the press mentioning SDM and Paul Murray , and Mr King musing about the possibility of taking a beating at Celtic Park , all point to one thing that the Rangers old guard are in full scale panic mode. The plumb lady has cleared her throat and has reached over for the glass of water …

There is no possibility of a game changer in terms of transfer monies or rich Russians , so the only feasible strategy is to randomly make 1 in every 3 or 4 staff members redundant and to sell and leaseback the ground.

If the redundancies take place there will be a full split throughout the club with McCoist being pushed out the door …….. Due to insubordination ………… the whole season book, sale and leaseback will need to be packaged as a measure to keep the club afloat whilst the cost savings and redundancies kick in …… money or lack of it talks …. Matter of weeks ( single figures ) before the next episode of the comedy drama , before the clocks go forward methinks.

On the football style front, Rangers has always been a team that liked to get the ball up early ( exception was the Laudrup, Nueman, Van Bronckhorst funded BoS team) , and their tactics involve a third man runner ( left back at the moment) and / or a punt from the RB to the centre forward , play for a knock down or a free-kick. You could perhaps understand this in dodgy away pitches in the winter but it seems that the poor fare applies both home and away.

Rangers with their current team would be somewhere between 5th and 7th in the SPL given that they would get more injuries playing at a higher level and their squad would be stretched ……. They are coached it’s just 25 years out of date.

Reflections on Goalposts
m.c.f.c. says:
January 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm
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EKBhoy says:
January 22, 2014 at 12:39 pm

m.c.f.c. says:
January 22, 2014 at 11:59 am

Interesting points well made, a bit of a stretch to assume relegation from the EPL is a certainty ….. other factors to consider:

– Celtic could get a “bounce” in the initial weeks against unsuspecting opponents
– the games will be very open, as the cocky English push forward against the Scots
– Celtic actually play football on the deck and will get far more space going forward
– Celtic generally play below par in the SPFL as they know the result is more often in the bag , so using today’s performances as a guide may be mis-leading

Still it will not happen until European football goes kerplunk and I must admit I am ambivalent about any move.
EKBhoy – I don’t mean to disrespect Celtic in any way – but the EPL is tough. You make some good points and they could be decisive – but if it was my team I’d prefer a slow burn approach to the shooting start gamble.

There is a strong trend of good Championship teams coming up and doing pretty well before Christmas then fading badly in the second half of the year. They often do worse in the second year [ref: Reading, Blackpool – where are they now ?]. There are also those that get promotion and are never on the pace. eg Derby, Wolves. I’d say analyzing these clubs and trends would not support the idea that a few CL games is a good guide to EPL success – or maybe Neil is thinking more about his next career step.


Certainly , an interesting chin wag on the topic of the Celts down south.

I suspect that the teams from the Championship that came had a settled pattern of play and they tended to have reasonable good defences , goalkeeper and centre halves; the likes of QPR you could drive the preferable London Double -decker through their back-line.

I suspect Celtic would do OK but would need time to settle and re-enforce , a bit like Rangers, if they ever get back to the Premier League, as for Neil eyeing up his next job, given the average tenure of an EPL manager , he would need to be a lunatic to take a gig on down there …….

Good to chat

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Spot the difference?
Based on the £7.5K fine to big Mike and the ability of the SFA once again to turn logic on its head ; it is a racing certainty that big Dave will not be told to Foxtrot Oscar , just need the self certification on FPP signed by a minion ….

…. Little wonder, sensible businesses give Scottish football a wide berth.

Still with King in charge, it will be hillarious , moonbeams a plenty.

I’d expect the Mullett to have a very sturdy Rangers mob kicking lumps out of the opposition , surrounding the ref , keep their shape sort of stuff , close the curtains stuff

Spot the difference?
There are some things in this life which are not meant to change and one of this is for the Rangers fans to regular abuse their fellow Scots; they used to enjoy continuing this abuse into the workplace and encourage outrageous employment practices …….
These stuck in the past relics however exist at either end of social spectrum, the Blazers just can’t well help themselves , all the clubs know this and they all know that if they vote for draconian sanctions re “singing” then one club will never ever be sanctioned and it will be a dead heat between Celtic and Hearts as to who looses points firsts ……..
……….. My advice is if you encounter such a “singer” , when they are not singing is to express sorry at their lack of humanity and offer to pray for them …… the gene pool for these idiots is reducing , however this means the ones left are truly odious

Spot the difference?
Simple solution re offensive songs , contain the pestilence, don’t go to Ibrox and refuse to provide away tickets, requires fan power to lead the way.

Spot the difference?
So just to summarise , anyone waiting for Rangers to be charged with Sectarian anything will have a very very long wait.
Raith Rovers ground under protection , zilch repercussion on Rangers , let’s be frank all the other clubs will never vote for sectarian sanctions due to the copious amount of ‘even -ing up’ needed and for Celtic to vote for it , the directors may as we’ll just quadruple the budget for legal fees due to peculiar twist on sectarian songs in this part of the world, the club would be in permanent legal disputes.

I find it best to laugh at the mix of ‘well heeled 90 bigots’ and ‘uneducated morons’ which spout the garbage , a gentle snigger at every point dropped ; works for me, I am in the nothing will ever be done camp.

Spot the difference?
It is getting to the stage now that the Rangers circus is farcical, the SFA are completely useless at running the game for the benefit of the whole league but doing rather well as the administrative wing of the Ibrox club, keeping that out of bother.

Good also to see that the new compliance officer is following the proud tradition of being aye ready to ignore bad behaviour on and off the pitch from Ibrox.
I believe that FFP should be introduced from next season with draconian powers that the SPFL operate, surely by now most of the other clubs must realise that the bilge coming out of Ibrox needs to be swept away, busted flush does do them justice.

I’d expect a few more doings on the pitch will be last straw for a few bears ……. Crowds down vicious cycle downwards

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