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We have mainly focused on the financial aspects of TRFC …

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We have mainly focused on the financial aspects of TRFC – and the possible / expected outcomes. The general consensus seems to be that the Govan club is knackered for the long-term – especially in the absence of a Sugar Daddy.

Whilst we can perhaps ‘reasonably’ predict the financial challenges ahead for TRFC – or any successor club(s) – nobody can accurately predict the football outcomes for TRFC. [dodgy penalties and opposition sendings-off aside 😉 ].

If we assumed that by some miracle, TRFC suddenly became financially stable with e.g. a long-term ‘free loan’ from a rich fan, [I know…], then how would that affect the football ?

Even if McCoist was able to keep his current squad, I don’t think anyone would be overly confident that he would deliver the Championship title at his first attempt. It sounds like a number of TRFC fans themselves would not be confident either.

But, just say TRFC gain promotion to the SPL at the first attempt. IMO, their first season would be financially strong, as the club and its fans settled imaginary scores ‘back’ in the top flight.
But, just say they didn’t win the league in their first season, [I know], and in fact found themselves as bottom-half of the table also-rans ?
Would they sell as many ST’s the following season ?

Just say, in the second season in the SPL, TRFC languished in the bottom half again.
Would TRFC fans eventually drift away – as per John Greig days – and only buy tickets for selected games ?
Assuming TRFC gets to the SPL, there is going to be a huge expectation from their fans to show everybody – immediately – ‘what they have been missing’ wrt ‘competitive football’, [I know].

If TRFC are just crap, then the journey might come to an abrupt halt for many of their disillusioned fans.
So another dilemma is that apart from surviving, then gaining promotion to the SPL, the Govan club has to be competing at the top of the league – which is going to cost a lot more money.

And the other possible dilemma for the dodgy administrators: what would happen if TRFC found itself in a relegation spot in the SPL…?

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Reflections on Goalposts
Looks like TRFC could attract another ‘Sugar Daddy’ after all…
Interesting parallels with the Govan club.

“…Santander have been in administration recently…Their demise followed a disastrous takeover in January 2011 by an Indian “entrepreneur”, who turned out to be a fraudster on the run from Interpol.
Ali Syed was welcomed with open arms at the time of the takeover, seducing the fans with talk of investing 90 million euros and building a club capable of challenging Barcelona and Real Madrid…”

Reflections on Goalposts
RayCharlez says: January 29, 2014 at 12:55 am

andygraham.66 at 8:44 pm says:
Correct me if I am wrong – but are you ‘Ray Charles’ – one of the very first posters on RTC?

If so…where the hell have you been?! 😉

Reflections on Goalposts
Tom English article – not sure if mentioned already…
Some Bampots mentioned earlier this week that English was leaving the Scotsman – with his final article today (?).

His piece was basically about Dave King who ‘talks a good game’ about the Ibrox club, but doesn’t do anything about getting involved.

If that was indeed English’s final article, (nothing mentioned to indicate that it was), then he certainly did not go out with all guns blazing: not even sure if it qualifies as a damp squib… 🙄

[Won’t bother posting link.]

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Just a wild idea…

But, what if King declared himself bankrupt?
[Well in a court recently, he did claim he was ‘penniless’].

Of course anyone who knows of the glib and shameless one would assume King would have assets hidden, or in his wife’s name – a la wee Bazza?

Would bankruptcy effectively kill off the TOP sanctions?

At this point it seems that King’s reputation is ruined in Scotland – and with the bears and even with the SMSM?

King’s time is up playing charades as ‘the Rangers saviour’, and he must – you would think – be thinking about preserving his remaining wealth as he approaches retirement…?  09

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Mibbees after 20 years of failure, the national team and the SFA don’t deserve a dedicated, national stadium?

And Hampden is simply not worth keeping as a football venue for mainly sentimental reasons, IMO.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
CO, I think Phil’s scoop about the manner of Nicholl’s appointment deserves a: Wow Just Wow!
It displays how dysfunctional the management structure at Ibrox has become, and you would think, it is a massive red flag.
[Apart from having no cash.]

I also have my fingers and toes crossed that in 2018 my £20 bet on TRFC finishes bottom 6 comes in – with the help of an Admin. event.

[Thanks to fellow Bampots for the tip: interestingly Sky wouldn’t accept a £50 bet for a 150/1 long shot…]

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
All the best for 2018 Bampots!

And just have to add this headline from the esteemed DR, so it must be true;

“Bluenoses out of joint as Rangers pub to be turned into gay sauna’s bar”

Couldn’t possibly comment on the article…but a couple of sentences did jump out as sounding familiar;

“…Annie Millers was one of Glasgow’s most hardcore Rangers haunts and it was a real shock for a lot of fans when it closed last year.
A lot of drinkers were hoping that someone might rescue the pub so it could reopen as it was before. This definitely won’t happen now…


It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Guessing it’s quiet as the Bampots have been out watching the footy…or getting dragged around the shops by their better half for the sales ?!

Wife told me last night about the Dembele ‘sale’.
Immediate reaction was that it was nonsense from the SMSM.

There ‘could’ be some truth in it: e.g. an off-the-record tip from either CFC or Dembele’s agent, perhaps to simply instigate a bidding war ?

But, my initial reaction to any big story is to always doubt the SMSM’s veracity: the lamb munchers were exposed a long time ago…and it’s a surprise that the DR in particular is still on sale in hard copy format. 

If he is sold for X millions, how will the SMSM / Level42 spin that as ‘bad news’ for CFC…and bad for Scottish football ?  22

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