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And the other possible dilemma for the dodgy administrators: what …

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And the other possible dilemma for the dodgy administrators: what would happen if TRFC found itself in a relegation spot in the SPL…?
of all things relegation will not be permitted, Regan said they will “get all the help they need”.

This belief that TRFC in replacing RFC must be as successful as its dead cousin, raises my hackles, disgraceful how regan, Doncaster and Ogilvie are still in position, just disgraceful

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Reflections on Goalposts
BigGav says:
January 29, 2014 at 11:18 pm



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Englandshire says:
January 29, 2014 at 10:23 pm

It has to be noted that CG’s switcheroo happened because although initially Sevco5088 was going to buy the assets from RFC 2012 (NIL), it had to be a Scottish company that runs a football club.

Sez who? It’s not a rule I’m aware of.
I’ve always seen this as just an excuse to ‘explain’ the setting up of Sevco Scotland, whose real purpose was to cut Whyte out of the deal.
Right, I must be a bit stupid. Someone please ,link this up for me, tell me this scenario isn’t possible cause I must be going mad……
1. Who got D&P preferred bidder status when RFC were in Admin? To my understanding it was Sevco 5088? – IF I am correct then,
2. Sevco 5088 had to have agreement with D&P to create or agree a transfer of the assets to a Scottish Company from RFC to Sevco 5088 – now known as Sevco Scotland…..had to be linked in my opinion, HAD TO BE….despite all the Bravado pish and Bullsh!t
3. Assuming the above being correct, TGEF is up to his well tanned t!ts in this and always has been, and for me the pic of Green and his Chateau was a coded message to TGEF, saying “cheers all yours Sweetheart” to TGEF.
TGEF appearing back ominously now is a comical as Murrays retractable pitch, TGEF NEVER left, has always pulled the strings, is it just me who feels TGEF spent what was it 4 months doing due diligence, working on EVERY detail of this lose out out to a wee gnaff like Green, sorry don’t buy it and never have

Reflections on Goalposts
As we watch, Ice Cream cone melting in hand whilst staring in awe as trfc and this debacle unfolds, I think it is time, obviously to keep up with the shenanigans down ibrox way but to spend a bit more of our focus solely on Doncaster, Regan and Ogilvie, and let’s go see if our forensic efforts can discover a few odious previously hidden connections that may bear shall we say fruit, if not oranges?

Reflections on Goalposts
I think they’ve been watching too much CSI and they’d be better off launching a forensic investigation into what’s going down at Ibrox and where the money’s gone – sadly they don’t have the skills and even if they did they would be too frightened at what might slither out 😆
they were going to make a series of CSI Govan but during Pre Production it became apparent that everyone in Govan had no teeth and all shared the same DNA

ok off to Frankfurt, bye, keep up the good work I’ll check on the TD’s for this bad boy on Friday! 😆

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Scottish teams should just refuse to move dates, sell their own product to their own supporters, let sky populate these times with lower league english football or move premier leage matches to those slots and be done with it, take 8% of revenue back into Scottish footballs hands and share and develop, be progressive, and get rid of Doncaster, he’s a disgrace.

Why We Need to Change
Evening times sports headlines with pics, 13 yes 13 sevco items 2 Celtic and 1 Hearts……unreal…apparently Warburton will “ignite” scottish football. lovely eh?

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scapaflow says:
March 18, 2015 at 10:5If the football stops, or the support base declines, then the retail business will decline with it. Its a symbiotic relationship.8 pm

Despite rangers retail requiring fans to purchase goods to make money, I would still suggest at this stage it be a more parasitic relationship than symbiotic. I would guess even in a no longer trading TRFC there would still be money to be made from trademarks and suchlike

Spot the difference?
Eco, I feel priviliged you read my post even if it provoked such a reaction. I agree the inane bickering about a liquidated club is taking away from the more serious and important work the likes of you do on here.
I stand tall with your ilk and in particular JC for his opinion mirrors mine, the f….cheated pure a simple and they are with institutional help trying to wash away it all and carry on,
not for me

Spot the difference?
parttimearab says:
February 15, 2015 at 9:06 am
On cats and analogies.
I avoided getting entangled in last night’s little OC/NC outbreak and I won’t now but I’d just like to make a couple of wee observations.
1) What is it with OC/NC that causes the use of endless analogies involving Fido/Trixie/Joey (deceased)? – every time it happens visiting the blog is like taking a wander through a pet cemetery – please find some new analogies.
2) Or better still avoid analogies – they can be used to illustrate an argument but are not arguments in themselves.
OK hows this?

I have a vegetable patch in which lies a row of Asparagus. very year I receive a welcome and very tasty month or so of now fine spears which are harvested, lightly steamed buttered and eaten.
The location of the spears growth does not change the roots or whatever are permanently located in one area, they have been there a number of years, but the spears, individually tasty and unique are consumed never to return exactly the same, ever again.

for the ON/NC debate it is fair to say rfc 1872 was a woody and probably mostly indigestible spear of asparagus.

TRFC 2012 is a new shoot from the location of the original root. I do not feel however is very palatable. Although some may consider it succulent

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