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Re: Record story on Wallace. Clearly a placed come and get him story with price tag attached. So by my reading they need 1.4 million to survive until ST time. Desperate stuff.

Indeed it is, I was always under the impression that when you have a fire sale, you can’t be too choosy about how much you get for your unwanted stock……

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Reflections on Goalposts
My previous re the DR piece on Lee Wallace was tongue in cheek, however my view is the T’Rangers are clearly playing to the masses here. They don’t want to be seen to selling their main playing asset for less than a million, even though the reality is that he’s languishing in the 3rd tier of Scottish football with an international career that has stalled because he chose to ply his trade playing against part timers…
If this was a game of poker, every smart player has chucked their bidding hand in with only Forest and TRFC sitting staring each other out. I would imagine Billy having a cheeky pair of aces and Sally hoping for the best on a single jack….(Poker players please excuse the distinct lack of proper terminology)
From what I can see Forest don’t need another fullback, but TRFC do need funds.
If Graham Wallace is half the man he professes to be, he should be bold enough to signal to all and sundry that the cost cutting begins with selling a player in order to bring funds in and more importantly show Sally who is running the show. Time to throw in the hand and cut your losses. 🙂

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The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
Wrt forgiveness, I fear that we have travelled too far down the path for this to take place anytime soon.
As has been said before, in order for forgiveness an acknowledgement of wrongdoing and a degree of remorse has to be forthcoming from the main protagonists, and from friends and relatives who support the team from Ibrokes, that isn’t in their collective mindset.
I have tried to have reasoned conversations over the last couple of years with these guys re what happened at Govan, but to a man they are in denial and seek to point the finger(still!!) at everyone else.
As long as majority of TRFC fans live in a parallel universe and consider themselves better than everyone else , and are offended by the idea that other clubs’ supporters can get along without them, then any form of a hatchet getting buried is a long way off.
My only regret from the last couple of years was that when my club had the opportunity to put Sally and his pals in their place, we capitulated and gave the hoardes a feather in their caps….
Life without Rangers, it’s not too bad thanks… 😀

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
You’re absolutely right Fritz our wee country is awash with that most embarrassing of afflictions, it’s just that its beating heart is in the west coast/greater glasgow area…

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
I have to say that the report of Neil Lennon being attacked is a truly sad indictment of this proud nation of ours.
Whilst I have no great love for the fellow, to be vilified and hated by so many narrow minded individuals from all walks of life, my heart goes out to Neil Lennon. This man simply plys his trade like many of us and while sometimes his(understandable) defensive demeanour and language plays into the hands of his detractors, none of this should make a jot of difference in a forward looking democracy. And therein lies the problem… from the hallowed and decidedly dodgy halls of power in Edinburgh to the Ray Cooney farce doon Govan Way, we appear either incapable or, worse, unwillinging to grasp the nettle and call it for what it is.
If I was Neil Lennon, I would thank Celtic for all the glory days, and pack my bags for a quieter and no doubt happier existence managing somewhere down in Englandshire, where folk would simply judge him on his ability as a manager and not which school he attended or what church he visits with his family.
Noone should have to endure the crap that young man does by purely being who he is.

Everything Has Changed
Wee Chic fairly foaming at the mouth in his defence of Ragers tonite…. “Some people just want to kick Rangers to death”…. Why has no one put an arm round his shoulder and smartened him up? Unfortunately, he is unable to differentiate between blind vengence and the need for justice. I am truly astounded he still collects a wage packet from the beeb. Ah well, here’s hoping for apoplexy tomorrow….

Everything Has Changed
I would have thought the Lambshank redemption might be worth a shout……

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