Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


Ah old AJ ,wondered when he would surface again . Makes …

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Ah old AJ ,wondered when he would surface again .
Makes me think back to his “surrender no ” comment ,thought it was strange at the time and said he will re appear when Hector has been duped 🙄 🙄

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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Greenock Jack
I wonder if that caller found anything wrong with the HEAD of the SFA being in place whilst indebted to ONE member club to the tune of £95,000 (or a good night out ).
I am sure he also thinks J Farry was a fine upstanding man whilst he was in his post ,or maybe he thinks S Bryson’s vision for player registration regulations is ahead of it’s time .
More likely he is an avid DR reader who read HK pash about PL maybe having to cast the deciding vote on the matter .
5 man panel and one has a Celtic interest ,he is not in the job 5 mins and they are bricking it .
I don’t read the DR so I assume I missed all HKs stories of COs influence on the 6th floor over many years

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Listening to SSB
Callers saying that PL should not be on the SFA board deciding if DK gets on to the Sevco board .
Their reason being that he may be biased to give Celtic an advantage and vote no to hold Sevco back .

Where do you start with that ?.

What if he voted as to the rules ,I know in the SFA this would be an alien concept but every great journey begins with one small step .

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
A thought occurred to me today regards something P Murray said on radio the other night .
He said that he was acting on behalf of concerned institutional investors ,was it not CG and IA who claimed to have brought these II in ,why did these II not throw there lot in with P Murray and J Mc and get the club before CG.
Surely when witnessing the CW era P Murray and J Mc would have been acting to pick up the pieces .
The fact they just seemed to sit back and allow CG to be handed the assets from Duff n Duffer without so much as a whimper is strange to say the least .
Unless they were in the know regards why CG was there ?

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I think the comment made on the nightshift ,is a indicative of why so many people do not trust print journalism.
Incredible comment
I have not bought a paper in years and to be honest I don’t think anything they do will change that

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
I even heard someone on BBC sportsound say ,that there wasn’t even a figure to speak to DM .(although M Bain seemed to find one ) 
Every single excuse to avoid having to admit they COULD not or DID not want to pay the going rate .
DM all but admitted that he was expected to walk out if he wanted to go to Ibrokes and he wasn’t prepared to do that .
I must admit to enjoying the SMSM tying themselves in knots trying to find an excuse to avoid the reality of it all 

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
with more and more sevco 2102 fans beginning to to turn their attention to the job the board is doing .
Watch out for a rallying rumour to the WATP merchants .
Could Level 1872 think that a throw back to a policy of the old club ,could limit the damage of their latest fiasco.

Who Is Conning Whom?
You have to laugh 
Now it;s DM didn’t fancy working with a DOF ,really did he not know sevco 2012 had a DOF 
For me sevco 2102 did not have the money to speak to DM and he was unwilling to quit 
Pure and simple 

Who Is Conning Whom?
MACFURGLYDECEMBER 7, 2017 at 21:08
That is the post of the night 
spot on 

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