Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


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Kicker Conspiracy says:
October 9, 2013 at 7:51 pm
I was taken,I’m told to my 1st game when I was 2-1/2 years old.Reason was my mum was in hospital as my wee sister was due and my dad,rather than sit in the house took me to the game.He did,though,pay to go to the stand so he could sit me on his knee.
That was me off on my Celtic fix.
I can only assume that due to the Glasgow Celtic/Rangers thing the east terracing was always called the Rangers end.IIRC this was not official.For ticket games it was always advertised as the East Terracing.
Drew Peacock also posted,correctly,that although Hampden terraces were officially the East/West terracing,everyone knew them as the Celtic or Rangers end.
Most fans still do.

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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Dave King. A man with convictions.: … <– This! And love the headline, haha.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
From “Ibrox Noise”

Boardroom Chaos at Ibrox, What’s Really Going On?

With the ongoing chaos which permeates the Ibrox boardroom, it is almost impossible to know where to start. But I’ll give it a go.

Today saw the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Craig Mather and non-executive director Bryan Smart. Added to the resignation 2 months ago of Walter Smith as chairman, and the departure of non-executive director Ian Hart last week it is safe to conclude Rangers are not only deeper in the mire that acts like quicksand, but fundamentally rudderless:

Rangers now have no board.

The only ones left are Finance Director Brian Stockbridge and the Easdale Brothers, only one of whom is actually on the board. The other is on the sporting side, otherwise known as the Limited company.

So Rangers’ PLC board is effectively two men now.

That is a summary of how it looks on the surface. ‘Behind the scenes’, however, the pitiful mess that is Rangers FC makes for even more damning viewing. The number of soap operas, backstabbings, lies, deceit and betrayal would have Mr Struth turning in his grave.

There is no honour any more.

What follows is a bit of an exposé of some of the truly ridiculous nonsense most Rangers fans know nothing about. I will not go into sources or indeed too much detail, but I will sum up the events I have been informed of.

For a start, Rangers fans, myself included, applauded manager Ally McCoist for taking a 50% wage cut recently. Unfortunately the problem is this is, thus far, a complete fabrication. Ally McCoist’s wage remains at £875,000 plus bonuses. No wage cut has yet been taken by the boss.

McCoist also recently outed former director Ian Hart as a director who wanted him fired after the defeat to Forfar. Not actually the case at all.

My understanding is Hart was only critical of McCoist’s public verbal tirade against Charles Green (the whole ‘we need a cup’ comment), who was once McCoist’s boss. And suggested to McCoist, had he been his own employee, such a tirade from employee against himself (Ian Hart) would have seen Ally fired. Hart did not want McCoist fired, he was only being rightly critical (as I was at the time as well) of McCoist’s frankly ludicrous outburst at former CEO now consultant Green.

There was also Craig Mather making underhand dealings 6 weeks ago to ‘get rid’ of Hart and Smart as a deal to appease Paul Murray and his ‘consortium’. In other words, Mather was trying to make space on the board. That would have been acceptable had Hart or Smart been consulted and given their blessing but this was behind their backs.

Hart also saved Rangers a lot of cash by persuading Charles Green to quit with severance pay. Green could easily have sued Rangers in court for a lot more. Just like Sandaza nearly did, and would have won but for Rangers cottoning on to his case being so strong and settled out of court.

Then there is Brian Stockbridge; he did not take the bonus. He and Mather have both publicly confirmed it and my understanding is that at least is 100% true. It remains in the accounts contractually and nothing more. That one at least is honourable news but most fans refuse to accept it as the case.

Another piece of honourable news is that Ian Hart was not paid £28,228 expenses. Instead he was just given that in shares in the club.

The last thing I will touch on is the slightly embarrassing plans for the AGM. Mather and Stockbridge are/were so anxious about fan reaction they planned a 10ft stage with back exits and a tonne of police (no joke) so that they could be protected and escape if things got ‘heated’. For the executives to require body guards and a plan B is truly the most absurd thing. What did they expect? A swarm of 50 angry bears charging the stage wanting blood?

It is not a surprise Smart, Hart and Walter Smith quit. Albeit it probably is a surprise to many that while Malcolm Murray was the original ‘mole’, Mather and Walter were not averse to the occasional leak themselves.

Rangers could not be in more of a mess right now, with no board, no leader, no direction, and a now-postponed AGM meaning new appointments cannot be made until just before Christmas.

Still, at least the stuff on the pitch is worth cheering.
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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Torquemada says: (24)
October 16, 2013 at 10:57 am

So is Stockbridge the last of the original Spivs standing? So much for we don’t do walking away. 😆

If he’s still there at the end of the day, I’ll be surprised. Especially if Mr Ahmad gets a bit of cash ringfenced.
This has put my brain cell into overdrive.
If Stockbridge walks what happens?.
Who’s left to run the place,pay the bills,organise the court cases,AGM, etc.
What happens if there comes a time when there are no active directors?.

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THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
easyJamboMay 3, 2017 at 10:11 
torrejohnbhoy(@johnbhoy1958) May 3, 2017 at 10:00  Good morning all. not been as active on the site lately as I would like.Grandparent duties seem to be more time consuming than I thought . Trying to keep up to date though. Thought it may be of interest to some that it appears someone has successfully petitioned the court to have MIH(IL) re-instated at Companies House,9 months after being put into liquidation. ============================== I have an hour or two off grandparenting duties just now before a nursery pickup, so I’m catching up too.
That is an odd one re MIH.  There is no indication on the document of who has requested that the company be reactivated, or why.  Perhaps it’s been in Bill Miller’s incubator for the last few months, and is ready to emerge as a healthy new company having been cleansed of its tarnished past, not to mention £700m of debt.
Sorry for taking a while to get back,EJ.If I’ve mastered this link pasting thing you may find some more info here:

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Good morning all.
not been as active on the site lately as I would like.Grandparent duties seem to be more time consuming than I thought19.
Trying to keep up to date though.
Thought it may be of interest to some that it appears someone has successfully petitioned the court to have MIH(IL) re-instated at Companies House,9 months after being put into liquidation.

Small Price to Pay?
SmugasFebruary 7, 2017 at 16:35       Rate This 
Cant do linkey things but BBC reporting BDO are going after D&P.
Interesting development. 
Here you go:
The liquidators of Rangers Football Club plc have launched a multi-million pound legal action against the company’s former administrators.
The claim has been lodged by BDO against Paul Clark and David Whitehouse of accountancy firm Duff & Phelps at Edinburgh’s Court of Session.
BDO are seeking up to £28.9m following Clark and Whitehouse’s handling of the administration process.
Rangers entered administration in February 2012.
Four months later, the company’s business and assets were sold to a consortium led by Charles Green for £5.5m.
BDO were then appointed as liquidators, and have since conducted a review of the events leading up to administration through to the sale of the assets.
‘No other option’In November 2014, BDO agreed a settlement for £24m in a claim against Collyer Bristow, the legal firm that acted for Craig Whyte in his purchase of Rangers Football Club plc from Sir David Murray in May 2011.
Those funds were added to the creditors’ pot, as will any monies raised from the legal action against Clark and Whitehouse.
In a statement, BDO said: “The joint liquidators, following extensive deliberations with their professional advisors and the liquidation committee, have taken the decision to issue a claim against the former Rangers’ administrators Paul Clark and David Whitehouse, of Duff & Phelps.
“During the course of the liquidation, questions have arisen regarding the strategy previously adopted by the former administrators, which have not, to date, been adequately answered.
“In seeking clarity, the joint liquidators have been left with no other option but to pursue the matter via the Scottish Court. The joint liquidators look forward to the resolution of this matter.”
Criminal charges against Clark and Whitehouse relating to their involvement with Rangers Football Club plc were dropped in June 2016.
Duff & Phelps have been approached for comment.

Peace – Not War
Afternoon all.
It seems this mornings RIFC AGM can be summed up as follows:
1. It’s Ashleys Fault.
2.We’re skint.
3.We’ll need to borrow more for the forseeable future.
No word on Res 11 with result of the vote to be announced next week.I’d have thought by now the RIFC board would have an idea of how things stand.They did say that the Ashley/Easdale alliance would not be supporting the resolution.Same old stuff about “getting back where we belong”,challenging CFC & competing in Europe.No one explained how admitting that borrowing will need to continue for seasons to come sits with UEFA & their FFP regulations.I’m sure the SFA are on this as we speak.
No real sign of drum beating,though.FWIW.the directors looked broken when boarding the bus when leaving the Armadillo.They couldn’t look anyone in the eye.No statements,smiles etc.Mark Warburton even had a “minder” when being interviewed.
Normally,reading between the lines I’d have said they’ve lost Res 11 but with most things RIFC/TRFC,you just don’t know.

Peace – Not War
Evening all.
Interesting wee twitter debate earlier wrt a hypothetical insolvency event at TRFC and what the penalty would be.
If a new club,then 15 points but if the same club then 25.
The problem for the SFA(maybe why Regan’s a target) is that if they don’t administer a 25 point penalty then how do they explain 15 without admitting TRFC are new,something they have refused to do for over 4 years.If they did go for 25,they would then face the wrath of the TRFC fans who believe that,although they’re the same club,it should be 15 points because the club wasn’t liquidated last time,just the company!
Their refusal to apply the rules last time and then be a willing accomplice in a plot to lie to every football fan in Scotland has left them between a rock & a hard place.There’s no way out.

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