Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


From Angela Haggerty on twitter Our sentence agreement with Dave King …

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From Angela Haggerty on twitter

Our sentence agreement with Dave King – NPA

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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
John Clark

That currupt decision you talk would be the same decision every other association in world football would have made.

I don’t condone cheating, I just happen to live in the real world.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
A couple of posters today have again mentioned the fact that the dead club were re admitted to the SFL by the votes of the clubs outwith the SPL. While we all agree this was against the rules, can I ask if anyone really thought that a club who have an average home support of over 40000 was going to be refused entry into the league?

What would have been gained by not allowing them in?
Rules, moral integrity etc just don’t come into play here, I’m sorry but to have stuck to the rules would have cost those clubs in the lower leagues much needed income.
The passage of newco through the leagues is giving a valuable shot in the financial arm to all those smaller clubs that they play.
Would we seriously deny that income to these clubs?
For me the thing that stinks is the fact that the SFA/SPL/SFL didn’t have the balls to just come out and say we are going to do whatever it takes to keep this reincarnation in Scottish football.

Many mistakes have been made over the last 2 years but admitting newco into the 3 tier of Scottish football wasn’t one of them.

Can I also ask if anyone has been to Spartans? I have and I must say that of all the smaller clubs I have visited on my travels round Scottish football grounds, my visit to this club was probably the most underwhelming. Although they play in a working class part of Edinburgh there was not any sign that they attracted ANY fans from the local area. Usually at junour and lower league games you can buy a pie and hot drink for under £2. Not at the shiney new Spartans stadium, no pies for their affluent fans. £4 for a burger and nearly £3 for a cup of coffee.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Ibrox Stadium

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Published by Andrew Wilson

the great stadium robbery





been changed to hide their identities;These events have been on-going for 7 months and with the FULL knowledge of Brian StockbridgeCraig Mather the internal HR department and George Angus (consultant).We will cover each individual shortly and there background. Firstly let me tell you a story!Once upon a time rangers had a facilities manager his name was Ross and to be fair to him he did adecent job, then one day in February he was removed from his duties and in effect paid off. He is not allowed to discuss any issues he had at rangers because of a confidentiality clause. What thenhappened was rather disturbing! Stockbridge brought in a consultancy company called ACTIVE

CORPORATE and then allowed a complete stranger to take over a serving member of staff’s office

and duties while he (Ross)was still employed as a manager.Rangers HR department where fully complicit in this whole sorry sage taking place and did not takean independent view of what was going on under the strict instructions of stockbridge and Mather.This consultancy company ACTIVE CORPORATE run by a man named as IAIN MORGAN or IAIN ARTHUR MORGAN has been supplying his services since at least February and to this day he is still

supplying services (which brings us to one of the points about “the great stadium robbery” this

guy has been drawing money from the rangers well at an alarming rate and he even got one of hisemployees MR GEORGE ANGUS to head the facilities department as an EXPERT! This is another guy who has taken vast sums from rangers in the last seven months.Meanwhile Stockbridge keeps supplying services to rangers using MORGAN and ANGUS to cover histracks. What the real fans want to know is how much has ACTIVE CORPORATE taken from rangerssince February? The first thing Mather and Stockbridge did once they had decided that the £22M IPO cash was theirswas to actively recruit w

ithin the current staff at rangers and get their “insider traders “to allow

complete control over the budgets and spending issues. They then got Jim Traynor to cover the mediaside of things and head off any awkward questions.The staff members that were recruited under promises of promotion or other devious reasons are:Irene Munro (head of marketing/hospitality) reward for turning directorship!

Cont.Gordon McAllister (project coordinator) reward for being a dirty rotten scoundrel and personally being involved in getting three colleagues made redundant assistant facilities manager?? This guy is a joke and has absolutely no backbone I know for a fact he was promised the position of facilities manager but due to his complete incompetence stockbridge had to rethink his plan and put GEORGE ANGUS in to the facilities department as an EXPERT, with the full backing of Mather and theclubs HR department (we will come to them shortly)Ken overmans (accounts controller) this guy is the very worst kind and actually thinks he is doing agreat job! I will mention one name CRAIG WHYTE! He helped Whyte single headedly remove over £9M in unpaid taxes and kept it secret in case HE lost his job! He is now doing it again withStockbridge and Mather. When will the fans demand people like him should not be anywhere near the club god knows how much has went missing into different accounts and sub contract companies

with Stockbridge’s full knowledge.

Finally the HR department: this department has blood on its hands; my understanding of a HRdepartment is it is supposed to be fair, impartial and unbiased. They are supposed to assist theemployer and employee? Not the rangers HR department led by Claire rinkes and supported by theworst staff member of the year Yvonne whitelock, these two staff members have been heavily involved with the outrageous redundancy process that is taking place and had been on-going since June 2013 they have threatened and bullied and harassed affected staff all under the DIRECT knowledge of stockbridge and Mather. Jim Traynor should hang his head in shame he has bullied and harassed staff since the beginning of May 2013 and was personally involved in getting Lindsay Herron made redundant a shameful act!

Now you know some of the CAST in “the great stadium robbery” please feel free to check them out!

The scams that HAVE taken place since at least December/January is to use several “investors” and

then sub contract any/all work to them or their preferred supplier, the scam them involves the said sub-contractors and consultants to overcharge the club and I MEAN overcharge by many thousandsand in some instances tens/hundreds of thousands of pounds. This has been allowed to happen by

mainly Stockbridge but Mather is well aware of what has been happening using “the insider traders”

to cover their tracks within the stadium.

There are a couple of other companies complicit in this “robbery” namely APM contracts ltd another of MORGAN and STOCKBRIDGE’S friends this is the guy who was

given the work to upgrade the shopsin Belfast and Glasgow airport! He was also slung the job for EDMINSTON house but was not equipped to deal with this rather large contract. This is mainly due to the building being covered in

ASBESTOS! He didn’t know how to d

eal with it so another easy way to drain more cash from the club!Mather has almost admitted that part as he now says the building may be demolished, I wonder whowill get that job? There has been NO public tendering for any work at the stadium and Murray Park since January WHY because this allows Stockbridge and Mather to SELECT their companies and friends to fulfil any work

required at ranger at VAST EXPENSE this has been happening since January and is still happeningtoday every day.Stockbridge was already a wealthy man before he arrived at rangers but when you work out how much has went missing and how many companies he and Chico have tied up then you begin torealise it is nothing more than PURE GREED this guy could not even spell rangers, he is not in theslightest bit interested in the club he is only interested in how much MORE cash he can take out!Mather is slightly different (only in one respect) in that he invested £1M into the club on the promiseof running the whole youth setup? Unfortunate

ly he couldn’t hack it and wormed his way into the

chief operating officer position (this job was NEVER advertised) and it was put his way by Chico so he

had his “insider trader” but now Mather has been exposed for what he really is another money

grabber w

ho isn’t in the slightest bit interested in rangers, it’s all smoke and mirrors with him trying

to win favour with whoever is in a position of power THIS GUY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED he is greensman!

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Regans response here is incredible. Total incompetence.

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Memo to any football club owing tax & wanting to play in Europe. Disagree with the bill, you’ll get your licence.

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That tweet was from last year, as with the “bill not crystalised” tweet to myself they have all been deleted.

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