Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


Re Dave King He’s described as “a mendacious witness” AKA a …

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Re Dave King

He’s described as “a mendacious witness” AKA a lying B.

redlichtie says:
October 11, 2013 at 9:41 am

What Scottish Football needs is a tax inspector like Mr Chipps the guy who was Mr Kings nemesis.
Interesting piece

briggsbhoy Also Commented

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
From the gossip column on the BBC website

Craig Mather is reported to have left Rangers with a year’s salary as Christian Purslow is tipped to be his replacement…

Purslow, there’s an apt name for someone entering Ibrox. I take it his Purse will be Full when he leaves with his new tie in a couple of months, should he be appointed.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
scapaflow says: (1012)
October 17, 2013 at 1:22 pm

More a con job, I agree

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
I’m thinking of the Old Roger Miller number more commonly known as a Dean Martin song, so far I only have the opening and closing lines:

Ibrox for sale or rent, spivs in it for their 50 cents, no …………………… is King for the Copeland road ?

Who’s for filling the gaps ?

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Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
The shameless one will be either making calls or taking calls from folks who just pumped in soft loans, wonder how those conversations are going. Squeaky bum time

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
After that result players wearing green boots are the least of his worries. Mixed feelings as this is not good for Scottish football but on the other hand they get all they deserve and we can trace it all back to SDM and the SFA for letting this basket case of a club limp on. FF will be worth a nosey tonight. Where do they go from here ?

Time to Make Things Happen
Thanks for your response. So Ticketus made a claim with the Adimistrators of the oldco and in the court case that followed Ticketus lost. Could Ticketus not have argued that the agreement started at the end of each season for the following so therefore it existed each year. Someone must have got their arse well and truely roasted at Ticketus. At the whyte court case were the witness from Ticketus former employees. 
The gauling thing is the new shower carry on with no shame for the trail of destruction they left behind and still claim to be the same mob. Pity they couldn’t sue the SPFL or SFA for poor management of the game that cost th financially.

Time to Make Things Happen
Occasional lurker and never posted in a long time. Just a thought after the Craig Whyte trial. The latter had sold 3 years of season tickets for Ibrox to Ticketus. I appreciate that the old club have a number of creditors but if as according to the SFA (and EUFA if you listen to a Sevco fan) the new club are indeed the old club why did Ticketus not get 3 seasons worth of ticket sales out the new club?  If I was Ticketus I would have pursued this, maybe they did !

The Causes of Crime
Going back to my earlier post how refreshing would it be if the SMSM and these TV pundits  when commenting on the January transfer window told it like it is when discussing the Sevco squad shortcomings. They may have a massive support but the reality if the finances are no better than a struggling team in the lower leagues so how can they buy in the January window, what is the answer ? I just wish they’d stop talking mince (lamb of course) and debate the fact poor financial management and purchasing in transfer market is was brought down oldcoand so how does newco survive or improve because they have champange tastes and beer money. It’s a bit like having a conversation with Lee Hendrie the former Aston Villa player who went bankrupt and asking him if he’s planning on buying a new lambourgini in January and ignoring the fact he’s skint. 

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