Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


Echoboy SMSM (football) are out of their depth. MSM are today generally …

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SMSM (football) are out of their depth.
MSM are today generally tools of the powerful via agents with a decreasing number of noteable exceptions.
Real investigative journalists are being slowly marginalised and certainly not encouraged.
Budgets are down and this effects investigative reporting

The Easdales, nor Irvine on their behalf seem to want to say anything.
They may want a break in silence to co-incide with an announcement about new board member(s), so as to avoid questions on the past few days.

I agree that there is a pile of questions that The Easdales need to answer but I doubt that they’ll be easy to pin down for journalists or fan groups. Nearer any AGM, they’ll have to come forth a little more.

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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
That’s a pretty indirect answer to a direct question, but never mind.
Lawell is a new face on the SFA board, he wasn’t there last year, just what you want, it seems. So what’s your objection to him?
I don’t have enough precise detail / dates to give you a direct answer.
I did say my piece about the same organisation which covered some of the same ground.

I refer back to what I said earlier about posters diving in with politicaly coloured presumption on automatic pilot.

You rush to put words in my mouth re.objection to Lawwell/SFA board.
Can you show me where I mentioned this ?

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
IMO the SFA are a busted flush.
I think all those in the main positions of responsibility should have been held accountable for the absolute leaderless shambles that has been allowed to develop over the last 30 months. It is typical of our times that the same people are in place.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
fergusslayedtheblues at 8:19

A problem on here is that many have their heads full of their on-going ‘political’ perceptions on events, often extreme or with varying degrees of balance applied. This alongside the natural party politics will often create a rushed and unbalanced interpretation, eg. see Scapa at 8:18pm for ‘rush to judgement’.

It’s better to look at each issue on it’s own merits.

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The Offline Game
Where have I ‘played the man’?
I ask because all I see is that I may have disagreed with someone, put forward my reasons and I need to know your interpretation. 
It’s plain I’m not going to be on the same page as the majority here so that would probably mean fairly lively contested debates if and when I was on. I think it comes down to if those in charge really want such debates or not.

I’ve been too far away from events in recent months to be able to do a blog at present and looking at the present situation, it would need a tweak in direction. 

The Offline Game
Have any other media outlets picked up on the ‘Carlisle exclusive’ ?

The Offline Game
Ally: “Lots of bears come to town, with lots of songs and unpleasant behaviour made worse by a new chip on their shoulder = there’s a price to pay for more money”
The point I was making was that your emotive language didn’t reflect the reality of the Rangers journey through the divisions. Unless of course the new standard of behaviour has changed to ‘Sunday School Outing’ rather than that of football fans going to a game. 
I point this out because it has become far too easy to automatically take a negative slant re. Rangers fans and/or single them out for criticism.
Part of this is our own fault and simply down to bad behaviour but another significant part of it is also down to ‘other reasons’.
‘Other reasons’ is a whole issue in itself.

The Offline Game
HOMUNCULUS, thank’s for the reply.
1. I didn’t say you hadn’t.
2. From a Rangers fan POV, I disagree. You at least recognised the positive but went on to speculate regards the vote. You did so from from your own POV when the real and only relevant POV was that of the voting clubs. ie. the numbers in the article have a firm base but your slant which whilst involoving real options is only looking at it from your very hypothetical point (that was very far from reality)…..and the substantive and real point to take from the article is Positive.
3. As I said above, a very hypothetical fact that wasn’t ever in the real world of 90%+ of lower league clubs back in 2012. Hypocritical IMO because of how larger clubs prioritise finance (you as an individual may have a different view).

To sum-up
I can understand most of your logic but would point out that the base for which to have made one of it’s main points ( options) relevant, was never going to be touched or be seriously considered. It was a fact but so is that Edinburgh City may win the Scottish Cup next season.

Hence, IMO the general financial benefits to lower league clubs and the numbers behind them are the real story here. Others who instantly reject them (not yourself) seem to do so very quickly, almost automatically and without offering alternative numbers.

The Offline Game
Is it wrong to try and focus on a general positive for the majority of senior Scottsih football clubs instead of always having to find an angle that in someway points towards ‘Big Bad Rangers’ ?
I suppose at least I can understand the logic of the negative you want to take from a positive.
But what hypocritical right does any supporter of a larger club have in effectively (4 years later) blaming the smaller clubs for not voting to refuse Rangers a place in the Scottish League (so as to currently make a positive into a negative) ? The logic suggests that it doesn’t really matter what happens to the wee clubs, just help us get rid of Rangers.

Allyjambo on the other hand and IMO presents a more naked logic. He quickly twists the Rangers support from those who were part of contributing to the relative financial windfall for the lower leagues into drunken and badly behaved group of singing bears, surrounded by Police. 
I don’t consider that fair, balanced or a reflection of the reality throughout the huge majority of our away trips in the lower leagues.
It’s fair to say that Hearts will have contributed somewhat to the numbers presented in the article. 

Quite a surprise to see the ‘Carlisle Rangers Exclusive’ but I personaly doubt it to have real substance.


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