Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


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Past the Event Horizon
fergusslayedtheblues says: (242)
November 25, 2013 at 9:26 pm
Can any of the same club trumpeters tell me
What Sevco 2012 did to incur (according to many Sevco 2012 fans and the SMSM ) a 3 year BAN from Uefa .
They were banned because they didn’t offer ebt’s to Platini and co.

OC/NC conundrum.

The Immortality Project
Is Goldstein not away to undertake a maintenance contract somewhere in an accountants office, whilst doing this important work I’m pretty sure he/she will get an 💡 or a sneak peek at important documents lying about or overhear highly sensitive conversations through an ajar door. Does that sound about right?

The Immortality Project
Tif Finn says:

September 28, 2013 at 7:35 pm

End of empire nonsense.

Stenhousemuir = Fodder for the “troops”.

The Immortality Project

Rangers FC Official
#Rangers & @RFC_Charity are proud to be welcoming over 400 armed services personnel to Ibrox on Saturday:

The Immortality Project

highfibre says:
September 23, 2013 at 11:14 am
All this “Rangers” vs “The Rangers” stuff really gets my OCD going into overdrive.

“Rangers”, “Rangers Football Club” or “RFC” were only ever a nicknames of the club. There never was a “Rangers Football Club”. There never was a “Rangers Football Club Limited”. There never was a “Rangers Football Club p.l.c”. There never was a “Rangers 1872″.

A while back, copies of the original 1899 century share certificates were posted here. The name on those certificates was “THE Rangers Football Club Limited”. The company then became “THE Rangers Football Club p.l.c” when it became a PLC. The company went into liquidation and changed its name to “Rfc 2012 P.L.C.” That was the first time it wasn’t called “The Rangers…”. The old club has ceased operation, and the company will soon die (once it exits liquidation, but it isn’t quite there yet).

Sevco Scotland Ltd Changed their name to EXACTLY THE SAME NAME as the old club. No “the” was added. It’s just that most people were too ignorant to know the real name of the original club. Most people also seem to love showing just how ignorant they are on here too….

The Pheonix surfaces in Scotland. And thus the “gallant pioneers” bring to us minions “the Franchise”. Penny fur the guiser.

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