Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century


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RyanGosling says: (72)
October 18, 2013 at 10:09 pm

In the case of Northern Rock in particular, there was no problem until the media created one.

“No problem”


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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Not The Huddle Malcontent says: (988)

October 16, 2013 at 8:45 pm

Keep hearing rangers made a £14M loss this year.

I thought it was just over £18M – £14M operating loss + a further £4M for non recurring costs.
£14.4m was the operating loss.
They then managed to report a profit of £1.26m when adding £20.5m Negative Goodwill (accounting adjustment that inflates Fixed assets and profit, for no good reason).

If you take the Negative goodwill out you are left with £19.25m loss, I think that is a more useful figure than reported in the accounts.. That loss is on a turnover of £19.1M.

Stockbridge’s comments did imply that non recurring costs (£4m+) were part of the Operating loss which was wrong.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I thought that the Celtic run would end soon, not today though and definitely not in that manner. 
Hopefully Hearts kick on from this and get a bit of consistency. They must get huge confidence from their display today.
I have to go to work tomorrow and face the Hearts fans though, it will be tough ! 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
The press are still reporting the decision by McInnes to fulfill the generous contract that he freely entered into less than one year ago as a surprise, the more hysterical are portraying it as some kind of betrayal.
His only previous statement had stated his desire to carry on the job he had. That was referred to as a “claim” in one report I read. it was a statement.
i was not surprised that McInnes stayed but was surprised at some sports hacks outlining how he could take the job even though his employer had refused permission to even engage in discussion.
Their suggestion was not to get Sevco to meet the contractual requirements to instigate talks (which may not have led to an appointment). The solution was for McInnes to resign and let Aberdeen sue him or Sevco. 
Apart from being about the daftest course of action he could take, it is clearly unethical and that it was suggested without any comment as to the ethics says a lot about those writing it.
Had he resigned without having a deal sown up with Sevco it would be a “Ratner” moment. If he had a deal with Sevco it would be unenforceable as it would be entered into illegally, therfore if Pep or Jose became available he could be dumped without recourse.
Of course if he signed up and escaped the lawsuit everything would be rosy for up to one year, then he would be resigned.
Some party or parties in this episode were acting disgracefully. Milne, McInnes and Aberdeen football Club got most of the flak for acting with honesty. 

Who Is Conning Whom?
The applications they received up to now have been publicly rejected, next step in the search was to approach people who were under Contract.
This targetted search threw up McInnes who is, apparently not up to the job; it would appear from the statement that they consider him a bit of feartie.   
So, back to the start !
I am glad that McInnes has honoured his contract and the spirit of the statements made by himself and Milne last week. Suggests he is a man of some character.
By the way; Sevco, MASSIVE,  by what measure ?  

Who Is Conning Whom?
Well McInnes has made the sane decision.
We await Ibrox Plan B. Which will be to approach McInnes again before Plan C. Appoint Murty to end of season.
The media coverage has been disgraceful and has undoubtedly impacted aberdeen Football Club. Any other team being party to this would have the book thrown at them. 

Enough is enough
In the public sector the Public Body is responsible for determing whether  the contractor working through a company is a genuine contractor.
If the are found to be a “disguised employee” they will have tax and NI deducted. If the employer fails to make the correct deductions they are liable.
I expect it will be extended to the Private Sector in the next couple of years.

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