Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


Regarding Norwich City Did a quick skim read. £78m turnover (up £4m …

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Regarding Norwich City

Did a quick skim read.
£78m turnover (up £4m odd).
Profit £500K (down from £13.5m)
“external debt” zero (reduced from £11+M)

Looks like they make a profit year on year (well 2 years anyway) and this year have decided to use that profit to clear the debt. Seems all well and good.

Norwich City (average crowds this season 26.7K) – turnover £78m (Seventy-Eight million pounds Sterling – as the teleprinter would have said in case you thought it was a typo).

Wonder how much of that £78m turnover comes by way of a handout from EPL. Anyone know?

Just beggars belief that the Villas and (even more so) the Chelseas and the Man Citys lose so much money EVERY YEAR even with colossal EPL (and CL) handouts.

Turnover breakdown:

Gate Receipts and Ticket Sales: 11.649m
Broadcasting (FA & League Income): 49.032m
Media: 0.335m
Catering: 4.513m (Come and eat at Delia’s!)
Commercial: 7.590m
UEFA Solidarity and Prize Money: 0.822m (Nope, no idea either)
Other Income: 0.792m

Group Turnover: 74.733m
Share of turnover in joint venture: 0.306m (this is the Holiday Inn attached to Carrow Road, I think)

Overall: 75.039m (which doesn’t quite agree with the Grauniad report, but I’m reading the Annual Report here)

The operating profit (excluding player trading) was 14.289m and player wage cost to turnover ratio was 39%.

The cleared “external” debt referred to was to the bank. There are internal debts to Delia and her husband, but these are interest-free loans of a few million made over a decade ago (and occasionally since), i.e. they were effectively gifts.

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?

Ninety Pounds?

as in €109 ?


The ‘match’ version is 90 quid, and the ‘stadium’ version is 60.

Nope, I’ve got no idea either.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
I noticed today that the new England World Cup shirt will retail at a competitive 90 POUNDS 😯
Haven’t Rangers’ fans been punished enough?

Anyway, when is the 120 day review due: we must be close now?

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?

I may be wrong justshatered but are equity injections not ok by financial fair play rules?

UEFA do not distinguish between gifting the club a cash sum or diluting the share pool via an equity injection. Or indeed any other scheme that might yet be dreamt up.

The SFA/SFPL have yet to set domestic FFP rules, despite first investigating the issue 2 years ago. I wonder why?

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