Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


Great,…… John Clarke, The information is fantastic and it looks as …

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Great,…… John Clarke,
The information is fantastic and it looks as if Mr Thornhill is doing an impressive job in making a very complex disaggregation of a complex matter even more so, in such situations most of us return to principles and its telling when Mr Thornhill dismisses such areas as he does when he dismisses the principles of Sheriff Court Rules as if they are sorrowfully flawed !
‘Sheriff Court Rules.
But no analogy can be drawn between between obligations on a Court in an ordinary civil case, and the narrow area of tax appeals.’ Thornhill dismissing HMRC use of principles behind the rules of the Sheriff Court and by inference suggests that anything goes in tax tribunals ‘

So is it ok to cheat the ordinary working person not only in business but also in their pastimes !


‘The eighth alleged (error) is based on the DTE scheme, and the fact that Lord Justice Parker held that ordinarily ‘payment’ means actual payment of cash or equivalent.But this does not mean (something or other’ It is a non-point, my Lord.
Issue eight seems to be dealt with very swiftly and mumbled by a man who does not do mumbling, odd.

I find it vey difficult to follow so extremely well done John Clarke for following so well, c’mon the good guys .

Off to do some work.

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Well done Auldheid and TSFM, it gives a great deal of hope that the conflicted mess at the SFA and MSM can be sorted. Paul McConville would be rightly proud of you.

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Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Well thought out article to help us understand what remains unresolved in these matters. I am sure that the new transparent and open board of RIFC will be willing partners in taking this well thought out analysis forward.

Excellent piece Auldheid,
apologies for my cynicism.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
James Forrest
ON Fields of Green article, excellent read a fascinating insight into the shameful actions of Doncaster. The allegory of the long spoon is spot on.

In particular the theme around the TV contracts adds much to our understanding as does, the new to me, revelations on Doncaster’s side letter!

The Way it Works
I would want UEFA in its pursuit of making the rules stick take some action in stating what actions they took.

I remain confused ,my apologies to fellow posters on CQN for my comments last night, I may have misunderstood that the issue at hand and thought it was about a LW player’s registration and did not appreciate that they had played a suspended player.

Its a sign of my concern for Celtic that I struggled to understand how this piece of irregularity came about. How could it be so easily and so speedily brought to a conclusion and lead to today’s decision by UEFA ? It also highlights that UEFA were fully cognisant of the rule breaking by Legia Warsaw at a very early stage.
It would be helpful of UEFA published their moves both prior to the game and post game so that we can be assured that both we and Legia Warsaw are crystal clear what rules were broken and explain to what lengths UEFA went to assist LW understand the situation so that the situation could have been avoided.

The Existence of Laws
Only listened to one CD tape and raises concerns that should have the best investigative journals raising the issues with a very broad base .

The Existence of Laws
I have only listened to one of the tapes so far and they appear wholly genuine, not only does it uphold a close working relationship between Green and Whyte but it also reveals Greens view of Platini as not being in touch and suggests Green can sort an early return of the company to EUFA competition. Where’s the investgative journos when you need them to have the issues put in front of those who cherish good governance ?


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