Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


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easyJambo says:
March 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm



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Almost poetic justice from Albion Rovers keeper, Neil Parry, a tax inspector at East Kilbride. 👿


The fact that he was fouled as TRFC scored, but the goal was allowed to stand is somewhat poignant, I think.

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Barcabhoy says:
March 31, 2014 at 11:07 pm



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Final thought for tonight.

The SFA continue to take contempt for fans to a new level. Stuart Regan’s cameo role when he popped up to lecture us on why sponsors needed 6 months notice of a venue for a semi final, amounted to nothing more than him saying “just because” . No reason , no explanation……just because they did.

Now there may be a huge marketing campaign by William Hill based on the road to Celtic Park, running through Ibrox, but if there is it isn’t working as I haven’t seen it……Has anyone ?

And when the SFA are being constantly accused of lack of partiality, of conflicted officials and of putting the interests of one club ahead of fairness , you would think that they would at least make some kind of attempt to be seen to be neutral.

But no, thats not for them. Their head of communications continues to follow multiple English Premier League Clubs on his twitter account. He also follows The Rangers official twitter account, and bizarrely he also follows a well known blogger and self proclaimed Rangers fans spokesman .

What he doesn’t waste his time with, as presumably he has no interest , is the Official Twitter account of Celtic , or any account on Aberdeen ,Dundee Utd, Hearts,& Hibs.

And yet , when he makes pronouncements on behalf of the SFA , we are expected to believe he is and represents an organisation which is neutral and treats all clubs equally.

And they wonder why they are held in so much contempt !


Wouldn’t surprise me now if they were busy scrutinising the DUFC player registration forms for a 1 that looks a bit like a 7 or an i that looks like an l.
I mean we’re through the looking glass and into serious humpty dumpty territory. We are at the level where RFC progressing in the basis of a DUFC disqualification is not something that should be discounted.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
redetin says:
March 31, 2014 at 10:34 am



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PhilMacGiollaBhain says:
March 31, 2014 at 10:12 am

My own settled view is that DK did indeed invest £20M in RFC and that he lost the lot.

I can understand that the investment became worthless. But could this capital loss be offset against taxable gains made elsewhere in the DK empire (assuming it was a DK company investment).


Confucius says:
Hmmm…. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
And if a Bear in the forest makes a massive loss, can it be offset against a tax that is evaded ?

Sure is a poser!

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
upthehoops says:
March 30, 2014 at 4:06 pm



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JimBhoy says:
March 30, 2014 at 3:48 pm
I think Butcher will cut it at Hibs as well, but he needs time to put his stamp on them. The thought crossed my mind today that Hibs could go down as well this season. How would a well managed club like Hibs, and a Hearts out of Administration, square with getting the final part of ‘the journey’ completed?


Butcher and Malpas WILL cut it if allowed time at Hibs and they need to be.
It wasn’t that long ago Caley fans wanted Butcher’s head on a plate.
But Malpas can find great talent for free.
And Butcher can yell it into a fighting unit.

The problem Hibs have at the minute is that Butcher isn’t interested in doing anything with the players he inherited.

And when he (actually Malpas) brings his own guys in they will look like shit for half a season until Terry gest them spick and span.

So my advice to Hibs fans:

Write this season off – the changes are happening off the park
Don’t expect great shakes next season (Butcher took us down remember) because the players brought in (for buttons) wont have gelled.

Stick with it and in 18-24 (maybe 36) months time when you are kicking Aberdeen’s a**e and putting the wind up Celtic, while selling players for a profit… then you can act all smug.

Butcher played for England in the world cup. He knows football.

He ran successful businesses unrelated to football subsequently. He is financially very astute. Football is not his living these days.
Caley was his hobby.
He enjoyed it.
The crowds weren’t big enough. So he moved to Hibs.
Hibs are now his hobby. He is doing something he loves, for the fun of it. He happens to be good at it. He attracts likeminded souls. Money never comes into it.
He is and never will be under any pressure.
He is the best ‘long term’ appointment Hibs could have envisaged. Well done! (With acertain amount of resentment from a Caley fan)

In the same way that TRFC fans will look back in wonder in yeasr to come at how completely Mr. A.McCoist moved so completley from hero to villain, I expect Butcher to do the exact opposite in the eyes of the Hibees.

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The Offline Game
Here’s why the TOG report should desperately concern every fan of Scottish football. Here is why this is not some Celtic obsession.Let’s (for the sake of argument) leave the events of 2012 behind us and all move on together arm in arm with a spirit of cameraderie and good natured competition, come one, come all, TRFC fans and allcomers… hail fellows well met…Wind forward a few months to April 2017. Its been a mixed season on the park for TRFC and a very bad one off it. Legal bills, unforeseen costs and some straw breaks teh camel back. Another insolvency looms, but the board so thi scoming and a CVA looks possible this time.o among us has any confidence that our administrators would act without fear or favourIt could happen. But… oops… an insolvency means a points deduction. And a points deduction might mean relegation. Who upon reading  the TOG report could have any confidence that our adminsitrators would not intervene unfairly to prevent such an occurrence?Who among us (CFC fans probably excepted by virtue of league strength) can be sure that it would not be our club – who played by the rules that should apply equally to all –  that was unfairly relegated instead? Why would I turn up for an alleged sporting contest where this very possibility was even countenanced?Not I!

The Offline Game
Good stuff!
I’m still catching up after an enforced absence due to family circumstances, but glad to be able to get back to this.
And so – in summary – where do we find ourselves today?
Well to buy a ST – or even a match ticket, or not? That is the salient question.
And the answer is – for me – overwhelmingly : Not.

And Why?

The game is conspicuously rigged. And rigged by the very people who were charged with keeping it honest.

And we are being kept in ignorance of this fact.

And Kept in ignorance by the actions of the very people who should be charged with keeping us informed.

Its all gone a bit North Korea in Scottish football.

So its perhaps not surprising that fans like me will be ‘heading South’ so to speak.

Shame. There’s alot to like about ICTFC.
If they could only find an honest league to play in, things would be rosy indeed!

Whose assets are they anyway?
There is a way forward. 
A new rangers logo. 
An rfc crest 
Cheated. (Sorry) 
That would circumvent the mash ip issue, reconcile Scottish football. 
It’s not the desire to punish former rfc fans (hail fellow John james, well met) that motivates me. There but for the grace of God and all that. No time for the knuckle draggers. But without a blatant nod in the direction of the cheating that was tolerated hitherto, games a bogey for all of us. We are here to compete against ranjurs. On a level playing field. We lose fair and square so be it. But when you tilt the park until you are sure to win, as you did for a decade, be sure to keep your nadgers out of range! We are not kicking you when you are down. We are pulling you by your exposed scrotum back into the real world from a mental illness that had consumed you and hurt us. The appropriate response is gratitude. Hint.

The Case for a New SFA.
Viz top tip:
Are you a Scottish sports journalist or fan of Ibrox club struggling to understand the meaning of the word “liquidation”? 
Simply Google ” Redcar steelworks”.
Then grow a pair. 
And stop insulting the intelligence of everyone else in the world and spare a thought for some genuine victims who were not the architects of their own downfall. 

The Case for a New SFA.
EPL pricing out fans.
It Will not end well.
Economics 101
Addicted die hard fans are already deserting the Bollinger of Stamford bridge for the Buckie of lower league outfits. Have you seen the price of an EPL season ticket?
And all it takes is one EU or TTIP legal challenge and TV money is vapour! 
And what does that leave?
Unpaid bills and dishonoured contracts. 

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