Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


Further to my point above, from the SPFL website. The entry …

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Further to my point above, from the SPFL website.

The entry of Scottish clubs to UEFA’s club competitions for Season 2014/15 is determined by reference to the UEFA Country Ranking at the end of Season 2012/13.

At that time, Scotland was ranked 24. This provides access for three clubs through their Scottish Professional Football League position at the end of this Season and one club through this Season’s Scottish Cup.

As a result of that ranking, Scottish entrants to UEFA’s competitions for 2014/15 will be as follows:

Scottish Premiership Champions
Champions League qualifying round 2 (Champions pathway)

Scottish Cup winners
Europa League qualifying round 2

Scottish Premiership runners-up
Europa League qualifying round 2

Scottish Premiership third place
Europa League qualifying round 1

In the event that the Scottish Cup winners have qualified for the Champions League, the Scottish Cup runners-up will qualify for the Europa League but will enter at qualifying round 1. If this happens, then the Scottish Premiership third place club will enter the Europa League at qualifying round 2.


So Aberdeen winning the League cup has no bearing on them or Sevco

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Does the Govan club think Imran is Charlotte 🙂

He failed, however, to secure copies of the contracts with the two companies, with Rangers raising fears they could be leaked on the internet.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Spiers on Sport: Dave King (forget the past) rides a wave of populism…
heraldscotland.comMarch 25

King is using the media in a very astute way. He knows he has a strong argument on his side. It goes like this: Rangers crave new money, and he has it, in truckloads. Every time King gives an interview he cranks up the pressure on the Rangers board by flaunting his wealth.

In terms of the benighted history of Rangers, there is something a little concerning in this. This football club has a very unfortunate past – a tragic one, in fact – with swaggering self-made men who speak of cash to burn, with eulogising headlines ever available.

As much as King appears to have real substance to him, surely some Rangers fans will be saying: “Hang on…we’ve been here before.” At best, with so much of King’s plans for Rangers still either scant or unexplained, there should be a wariness in the way this media show is charging ahead, Sir David Murray style.

And all this is to say nothing of the unfortunate baggage King brings with him: a recent High Court conviction in South Africa for tax illegalities, and some highly unflattering remarks by at least one judge in terms of his character.

This need not necessarily thwart King at Rangers, but nor, in the Gadarene rush by some Ibrox fans to get his money, should it simply be ignored.

On the face of it, King abjectly fails the SFA’s “fit and proper” criteria for involvement in Scottish football, as laid out in Article 10. Doubtless, this can be circumvented, but at the very least the SFA should take a robust view of his activity at Rangers.

There are also plenty positives about King – these should not be overlooked, either. First – and I think this is about the gist of it – there is his money.

In one sense it is little wonder that many Rangers fans hold to an amoral position on his King’s dodgy tax affairs. The fact is, he appears to be fabulously wealthy, and his money could really transform Rangers.

Football tends not to be about lofty morality, so much as success and the winning. So these pesky questions about King’s illegal behaviour in the past are being left far down the queue of concerns.

Second, King is sincere in his view that Rangers need investment now for a five-year plan. His opinion resonates with many fans, some of whom privately dread the club’s arrival in the top flight beside Celtic.

Rangers supporters want their club restored to strength, prestige and superiority. They are fed up with life in the grubber. Right now King appears to be the only man – and certainly the loudest man – capable of delivering that.

Third, this current Rangers board, and principal among them the Easdale brothers, are simply not trusted. This is a disliked and disparaged Ibrox board of directors. King can see this and he can effortlessly capitalise on it.

The key question remains: can Rangers, in the club’s current financial state, match King’s vision for the future? It would appear that it can’t.

This is a very strange case, with all sorts of unknowns still in play. Will King be true to his word, or are we heading in this drama for another vainglorious Ibrox disaster? No-one I know can answer that question with any conviction.

In the meantime, the current Rangers board, unless they can pull a supreme rabbit out of a hat, look doomed. King is offering a cash-injection at Rangers, guaranteed and underwritten by him, of up to £50 million.

Could the Easdales and their cohorts match this? I would doubt it. In which case, as with every popular uprising, you’d have the principals clinging to power while the people shriek for change. It only becomes a matter of time.

Dave King has much charm and wealth on his side. Right now, aided by a seemingly approving media, he is also drumming up a shrill populism.

There is something very familiar about all this. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this movie before.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
KJ: Why not just buy the current regime out then?

DK: The club needs my money not the shareholders. Charles Green doesn’t need the money.

—- the last question on the jingle jangle Q&A

Now if I got that answer my next would be “do you think Charles Green is still in control”

And I’m not even the sports journalist of the year

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Look Back to Look Forward
There was a tweet sometime back from an account that asked the question:

Would you buy a Scottish sports daily newspaper?

I replied that their chance of success might hinge on whether they report the facts in the Rangers story or the sugar coated PR drivel every other paper came out with

They never replied.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
BD. The bookies do not gamble on who will win and do not calculate their odds on that assumption. It is simply a calculation reached on the the basis of how much has been wagered. If you want your team to be favourite, just pop into the bookies and put a few grand on them, because that is the only thing it reflects.


Bookies price up the chance in their opinion of something happening, subsequent wagering will affect price moves to an extent. Ie if one bookie has taken enough of one team they will duck under the others to ensure those wanting to back that team will go elsewhere, but the prices reflect the chance of success far more than how much money is taken 

If any price is ever even remotely wrong, algorithms will point it out to the big syndicates and it will quickly be taken and the price will correct quickly.

Two wrongs and a right
Brentford have accepted a bid from Leeds United for Toumani Diagouraga.Rangers have been desperate to land the Bees midfielder this month, but have so far failed to meet his price tag.And Leeds have jumped to the front of the queue for the Frenchman after agreeing a fee with their Championship rivals.Diagouraga is one of the longest-serving players at Griffin Park but is in the final 18 months of his contract.

Two wrongs and a right
Off the top of my head I cant remember a live lower league match that didnt involve Rangers, or an Edinburgh derby in the 3 and a bit years of coverage. (Not incl the Alba coverage, just Sky/BT)

Was Falkirk v Hibs the first?

Two wrongs and a right
Real Madrid and Atletico handed 1 year transfer bans starting after this one.

The Record and Evening Times will report that if either wants Waghorn, they have 17 days to do so

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