Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


I think some people are dismissing the TSFM filter too …

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I think some people are dismissing the TSFM filter too readily, after all he [TSFM Filter 🙂 ].

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Questions, questions, questions
Improper registration ?? Surely not.

I post half kidding whole earnest given history of previous iterations. Third party ownership of players registration is big no-no.

Rangers star Alfred Morelos part-owned by Independiente Medellin.

Questions, questions, questions
HirsutePursuit 23rd July 2022 At 17:36

“..Remember also that BBC Scotland argued that the original Rangers were liquidated. It was the BBC trustees in London who adopted the contrary position”

Hmm I think ‘argued’ should perhaps be replaced by initially reported,as I can’t ever recall any BBC scotland reporter/journalist/employee or even press release vehemently advocating the normal consequences of liquidation.Apart that is for Jim Spence and his idle speculation on the alternative ‘facts’. For which he was duly shot down and eventually had to leave the BBC.

Questions, questions, questions
Albertz11 15th June 2022 At 20:16
Pretty much vindicates Rangers position in this shambles.

Or we can acknowledge and applaud the flexible pragmatism of a major sponsor.This does not let either party off the hook for incompetence and bloody minded obstinancy.Only Cinch come out of this with any credit.There is most certainly no moral high ground for The Rangers…..the very thought!

Questions, questions, questions
Out of curiosity and starved of my ‘fix’ I watched the world cup play off qualifier between Australia and Peru. The infra dig ‘not getting those two hours back’ was never more appropriate. A turgid tense affair only entertaining at the last when Australia brought on a penalty saving specialist goalkeeper. (Commentators description not mine.) The said supersubs ability seemed to consist of dancing across the penalty line while waving his hands in the air like a demented windmill of sorts in order one presumes to distract the penalty taker. The Australian coach will no doubt be credited with some kind of masterstroke as they won the shootout and qualified for the world cup finals.The beautiful game indeed….

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 3rd June 2022 At 23:18
“Wouldn’t the concept of ‘Rangersness’ carry on , unabated?
Of course it would.”
Agree John ,Crazy panic at the time and I can’t get it out of my head.

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