Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?


For anyone who missed the BBC Sportsound broadcast the Podcast …

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For anyone who missed the BBC Sportsound broadcast the Podcast is here.

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Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
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CAS upholds three-year rule decision on Timişoara – –

This is how SFA should act.

CAS upholds three-year rule decision on Timişoara
Thursday 21 July 2011 13.54 CET
The Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed an appeal by Romanian club FC Timişoara against a UEFA decision regarding the three-year rule, which is an important feature of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations.

Pursuant to this rule, clubs are not allowed to change their legal form or structure in order to obtain a licence, simply by ‘cleaning up’ their balance sheet while offloading debts onto a new entity that might potentially go bankrupt – thus harming creditors (including employees and social/tax authorities) as well as threatening the integrity of sporting competition. Any such alteration of a club’s legal form or structure is deemed to be an interruption to its membership of a UEFA member association and consequently three years must pass before a club can apply again for a UEFA licence. In other words, the three-year rule is designed basically to avoid circumvention of the club licensing system.

Finally, FC Timişoara were not granted a licence by the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) based on the non-fulfilment of the licensing criteria and therefore could not participate in the UEFA club competitions in the 2011/12 season.

© 1998-2014 UEFA. All rights reserved.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Not sure if anyone has seen this or commented upon it.

Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Trust are connected to the Abela family from Lebanon via the Barbel C Abela Trust (Abela Jnr’s mum) and family lawyer Mazen Houssami. The main reason they want to keep their involvement secret is a certain conviction for fraudulent bankruptcy involving a catering firm in Italy. The fact that Rangers officials are scared to even mention the name Abela speaks volumes. The millions of pounds that have evaporated from the club are the “legacy issues” that the current Chief Executive speaks of. Is it not time that the board at Ibrox began to tell the full truth about what has gone on here?

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Who to believe Thomson or SFA. I think this tells us the answer from 31 Oct 2013

The Scottish Football Association has defended its decision to name Celtic Park and Ibrox as the venues for the latter stages of the William Hill Scottish Cup by insisting that clubs wanted to know the stadia in advance.

With Hampden closed as an athletics track is laid for the Commonwealth Games, the SFA board decided that Rangers will host both semi-finals on 12 and 13 April, while the final will be played at Parkhead on 17 May.

When Hampden was being rebuilt in the late 1990s, decisions on final venues were taken on an ad-hoc basis in a bid to avoid teams being handed home advantage.

The SFA is now contractually obliged to host semi-finals at Hampden but it could have temporarily reverted to the previous norm of delaying decisions on last-four venues until after the quarter-finals to avoid a situation where Ibrox could be less than half-full for a clash involving two smaller teams.

But the SFA claims clubs want advance knowledge and dismissed suggestions that games could be played at Murrayfield, while insisting any venue would need to be able to accommodate at least 25,000.

In a series of tweets, the SFA said: “It is important for fixture planning schedules to announce the venues as early as possible.

“Ave s/f [average semi-final] attendances are 25k+ so only two football stadia can accommodate those numbers.

“Member clubs (we are a members’ organisation) preferred to know in advance where s/f and finals would be held. Stadium rental, insurance, stewarding etc all require planning well before finals and semi-finals. More cost-effective to ­arrange in advance.”

Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson expressed surprise at the decision having been made so early, however. “I can understand why Celtic Park has been chosen, it is the biggest stadium in Scotland,” Thompson told The Scotsman. “But if Celtic get to the final it will be a huge advantage to them, and the same stands for Rangers at Ibrox if they get to the semi-final.

“I am just surprised at why the decision has to be made so much in advance. Major games are played at stadiums with just ten days’ notice. There is no ­reason why this has to happen. I understand why there has to be an alternative venue because Hampden Park is unavailable. But you would hope they could have tried to maintain the ­concept of neutrality.”

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SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco
John Clark 21st September 2015 at 6:56 pm

A Scottish judge in a Scottish Court, finding against a Scottish institution. Not going to happen.

SFM – The Next Steps
Anyone in London tomorrow?

HereWeGoFor5InARow ‏@BhoyEddie2 48m48 minutes ago
“@pnot888: Very interesting at Chancery Court,London tomorrow Sports Direct v RIFC

SFM – The Next Steps
parttimearab says:
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May 19, 2015 at 10:06 pm
neepheid says:
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May 19, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Scottish FA statement / Mr Dave King
Tuesday, 19 May

“In considering the request, the Board of the Scottish FA has sought and received specialist independent legal advice, both in Scotland and South Africa”

Was it LNS they asked for legal advice?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Just noticed this on
Do not know how true it is or posters reliability.

Self certified yet in contradiction to Article 10.2 (j) of the SFA articles? We have a meeting on Friday to confirm that we are one of 3 clubs who will submit a complaint to the SFA. The grounds of the complaint are based upon his directorship of the BoD of RFC from 2007 onwards when that Club used tax evasion measures which brought Scottish football into serious disrepute and ultimately led to the liquidiation of a very prominent member of the SFA. As a Director, he would be party to and complicit in the tax evasion. He did not take any actions to stop or inform authorities of the act.

Raith and Alloa will make the complaint formally next week. Our biggies tell us that more will be co-signatories. It was funny……a rabid Rangers bigot predicted it would be Celtic, Dundee united & Hibs the three instigators! More his sad way of thinking than reality!!!

Spot the difference?
just seen this on twitter. If true does that mean they still have to pay the two hotels some money?

Andy Newport @AndyNewportPA · 20h 20 hours ago
Understand that the custom and practice of City law means that meetings at Millennium Gloucester and Grange Tower Bridge hotels will…

.still have to be called. They will immediately by adjourned. The custom of it means there has to be time to physically travel from…

…one venue to the other before the next meeting can be opened, which is why the MG meeting was 10am and GTB was at noon. Also why…
..March 4 might be viewed as too soon for the Ibrox date

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