Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!

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I’d imagine if there was a plan to take a …

Comment on Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck! by Sugar Daddy.

I’d imagine if there was a plan to take a much loved double decker to a breaker’s yard against the wishes of its regular and occasionally feisty patrons, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a couple lads on board who knew how to handle themselves, so to speak.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Charlotte Fakeovers (@CharlotteFakes)

CW stated in his recent press statements that he warned TRFC and was ignored. Assume this is confirmation?

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Murray & Cardigan on the brink? Mmmm…

If they didn’t realise it was about money (cf Scapaflow’s earlier post) they most certainly do now.

Two schools of thought here.

1. Murray must have thought he had the votes to win otherwise why call a NC vote
2. He knew he would lose and will now make life difficult for spivs re ST money by “Gers men” walking away, crying foul.

One big problem for Murray & co…

Spivs roll out somebody – Traynor? Ally? Mather? to talk about nobody bigger than club, they walked away we did not, no alternative if you want a Rangers, building for future, WATP etc so renew now.

Celtic have made it difficult for there to be an increase at TRFC but that can easily be spun as still great value.

What do the bears do? If they want to watch football & I think they’ve proved they will pay to watch some pretty awful stuff I firmly believe they will cough up, again.

Ultimately, I dont think it matters one jot what Whyte threatens – he just just wants paid. So that’s do-able when ST money rolls in.

After ST cash is in, if you want to keep going its time to slash and burn costs. If not then there are 3 options.

1. MVL and a carve up of asset value.
2. Administration & do a runner with ST money in form of salary, bonus, expenses, consultancy payments etc.
3. Sell shares cheaply and walk off with a decent cash pile, handing somebody else the problem.

I dont believe the power of the Cardigan is as great as many believe & that’s why TRFC are in deep doo doo.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
jerfeelgood says:
Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 19:11
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ecobhoy says:
Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 17:29

The potential for investors wanting their money back if the IPO was flawed, is central to any reasonable board deciding not to spend more of the IPO money as they have a potential liability that could materially affect the well being of the company.


Yesterday I suggested you ask how Rangers were going to fund next season’s campaign.

Tonight I ask if you if the Rangers board will confirm they will not spend another penny of the IPO cash until the Sevco 5088 issue is resolved to all parties satisfaction.

Good luck.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
The Ibrox 72 Trust not a trust but a company thingy is all hot air. The RIFC board has stated categorically they will not hand over security. Not a penny is going to be taken from anyone’s bank account. It is but a scare tactic to try and unite Rangers fans and put pressure on the board.

The board will have already worked out how much money it needs to get to game 1 of next season. If the statements in court are to be believed the shareholders will pony up the cash thus calling the bluff of DK as fans will want to watch their team. Perhaps less than 38,000 ST holders but enough to keep the lights on awhile longer.

That would move things back onto the path of settling matters either through an insolvency event or a company sale.

In short it’s a complete waste of time.

Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton

Man City has also been restricted to 21 players not 25 players in their UCL squad next year.

How many did they use in the last campaign?


Not really a punishment at all is it?

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

That Ally took the path of least resistance is undeniable. He fulfilled his brief. That too is undeniable.

However, had he taken more than 30 seconds to think of a 3yr plan it could’ve been easily done on half the budget without upsetting the ST buyers. Some decent Championship players plus kids & those that TUPE’d would’ve been more than enough. The MSM drool upon every his every utterance, so a few well placed stories on best in class scouting & coaching programmes was all it would’ve taken. He could genuinely have given TRFC something of value. Boy, could they do with that right now.

Smugas, you are right as TRFC are now between a rock and a hard place and they have been put there by McCoist. Sure, he wasn’t to know what Green & Co were really up to but he must have guessed pretty quickly, after all we did.

The biggest open goal of his life and McCoist missed it.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

McCoist has had 2 full seasons against part timers. He had £14m. He could’ve set up a scouting network to find better players, he did not. He could’ve employed the best youth coaches, he did not. He could’ve hired a DoF to help him do the above. He did not. He didnt think about the future, he didnt think about building Rangers up. He just blew the lot on average players. His victories are hollow. History, even if bought by another Yorkshireman, will not be kind on his coaching ability.

As for Templeton’s value – take a look at this. The answer to your request is clearly yes.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Ryan, Giovanni

The lack of any football strategy at Ibrox since the summer of 2012 is all too apparent. From the “crap manager” quote from Craig Whyte to the Charles Green “like asking a woman if she has enough shoes”, Ally McCoist failed completely to make use of the copious funds at his disposal to build any strategic direction for the club.

I, along with many others on here, believe that several large shareholders in RIFC have no interest in the football side at Ibrox. They want a return on their investment. How that happens, they don’t care.

I agree that the Gers support has “woken up” but it has as much strategic direction as the football side. DK/RG is the only show in town. It sounds like a plan so its a bandwagon to jump on just like the Blue Knights v1.0 & 2.0. Saves any hard thinking.

The flaw in the plan is the core belief that everyone involved at Ibrox, deep down, wants or needs a successful Rangers football team. If the shareholders own Murray Park and Ibrox, simply, they don’t. It can become a property play. This will become apparent all too soon if the DK/RG trust fatally wounds TRFC.

The squad, Wallace aside, is worth next to nothing. Its going to need further investment if they are to get out of the Championship at the first time of asking. Ally appears to be lining up an expensive Dad’s Army, Back to the Future, plan for someone to fund.

Right now I bet Dave King is cursing Ally for all his worth that there isn’t a team chock full of young talent playing skilful, attractive football. At least then he wouldn’t be faced with a large players’ wage bill along with any rental agreement Laxey & co might prepare.

A staggering £67m and counting, failure – all at the feet of club legend Ally McCoist.

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