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Final Naming Poll

Someone posted yesterday that it appeared this blog had been planned for some time. I think that given the confusion here and over at RTC, it is plain we are relatively uncontaminated with anything like forward planning 🙂

It seemed to me yesterday that RTC was in fact closing up shop, and given his comments pointing to our new home, it seems to me that he is encouraging posters to come here. It is clear that not everyone thinks it is as self-evident as I did.

In order to avoid any further confusion, and until I can communicate with RTC (I have contacted him but he is often in radio silence), I think it makes sense that we should close down the ability to post comments until we are ready.

I am still soliciting  volunteers for admin, posting and moderation duties (contact details on the Contact Us Page), and I hope to invite some others to become part of things.  I will open this post for comments when things are a little clearer.

In the meantime, the top two name choices have been filtered into the last round of voting.

The poll will close at lunchtime UK time tomorrow. Please wire in 🙂



Welcome. As Mark Dickson suggested, this is a forum to discuss how the legacy of RTC can be honoured and continued.

The mechanics of how we move forward, if there is an appetite for it can be discussed freely.

Kicking off with no particular shopping list, I think that the key is that moderation is kept to a minimum, that people should by and large be encouraged to self moderate, and that the ethos put in place by RTC would be welcome.

In the post RTC era, I suspect that readership of any new blog will decrease. The consequence of that will hopefully be that there is less of what RTC called a fan site and therefore an easier to moderate situation.

I think that in the first instance, the site should look as close to RTC as possible to make people feel at home, but a name has to be found.

Suggested items for discussion;

Name for blog

Moderation policy

Moderation board members

Anything else 🙂

Below, there is a poll to consider which of the three most popular names mentioned so far should be chosen for the blog. I’ll let the poll run until 1900 hrs on Wednesday and we can move on from there to other more substantial matters.