SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco


UTH It intrigues me that you feel that the SFA would …

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It intrigues me that you feel that the SFA would feel the need to ‘accomodate’ a membership transfer but then would somehow have a problem with the transfer of what they would consider the associated honours 😈

When our club membership certificate versions 1,2,and 3 goes up, to win the Scottish cup dum de dum, dum de dum

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SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco

Justshatered @ 10.58

I cannot imagine intelligent business people putting money into this enterprise with encumbered assets, no one seems to know who or what owns anything attached to it, legal battles and court cases abound and the business itself is still losing money hand over fist.

And there’s the rub JS. category A businessmen won’t touch it for all the reasons you state. Category B businessmen will look at legal methods to bypass the ownership issues if it leaves them with a profitable herd for them to milk. Category C businessmen (usually referred to as shysters) can look past, indeed know inside out the legalista required to bypass the ownership issues and can live with a loss maker (avoids those pesky tax charges for a start) if they still get their cream off the top.

This herd is on its last legs and the cream content is log gone.

That just leaves the category D guys, usually recognised by their black wings, bald heads and ability to fly in circles. Suffice it to say that feeding and reinvigorating the herd to enjoy a more ample meal at some undefined point in the future is rarely their modus operandi.

SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco

Corrupt official 23rd September 2015 at 6:10 pm #


I suppose in a bizarre way he may have a point. Many of his charges may be sub texted with, “Whilst acting as CEO you did this”, or “In your capacity as director”, etc.
As he was acting on behalf of the clumpany, they may be obliged to defend him…..And themselves for that matter!.

…somewhere in a courtroom not so far away….

Defendant…So I put it to you your lordship that he was of course acting on behalf of the company but we are of course the club which is totally different, totally, absolutely.


SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco
Cheers Tyke,

That’s what I thought. That would suggest that the 2011 purchase isn’t the one being particularly scrutinised, no?


That would then bring the missing deed of novation into play. The interim buyer (5088) is only the same as the initial buyer (Wavetower a la Whyte) if the business and assets passed through 5088 en route to Sevco Scotland (assuming of course that Whyte is not involved with Sevco Scotland which I’m sure the SFA can clear up for us).

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Who Is Conning Whom?
HelpumootDecember 8, 2017 at 03:02

All I’ve read on a number of blogs tonight is people blaming James Traynor or Chris Graham for that appalling statement from Sevco. I don’t believe it was either of them. The statement has a number of petty digs at McInnes very similar to the petty digs in previous statements aimed at Celtic, Dundee Utd and others. And we know who the author of those statements was. David Cunningham King.

AllyjamboDecember 8, 2017 at 11:27

Now anyone reading that who isn’t interested in the facts would read that as the reason given (by McInnes or Aberdeen) for McInnes refusing to join TRFC. No one, and certainly not Aberdeen or the man himself, has actually given his reason for not joining TRFC, and the only suggestion that the job might have been too big for him has come from a representative of TRFC, a source that clearly didn’t think it was too big for him until he turned it down.

Shame the compliance officer is clearly so busy eh!

Who Is Conning Whom?
Which bit?

Who Is Conning Whom?
You mean up sticks i.e. resign and move on the strength of a 7 figure Dave King IOU.

Concomitant ewe reds…

Who Is Conning Whom?
Ok, permit me just one from the Twitter sphere and meme land on this delightful evening.

”…Derek McInnes has shocked 99.9% (source Kriss Abacus Boyd) of Scottish Football and turned down a move to Ibrox.

Rangers have appealed the decision…”

as you were.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Just in case you missed it Auldheid.  Kenny Macintyre on Sportsound just now (defending the media’s role in the McInnes saga),

”when a journalist uncovers some facts they report them.  That’s how it works.”

Thought it would be a good opener for when you do tiffin with Tom.  They really are beyond contempt.

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