SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco


I see that Platini is now being questioned about unclear …

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I see that Platini is now being questioned about unclear payments. No doubt our lads in the MSM will have something to say about that. However no one has had the balls to ask Souness about his EBT payment from the oldco and what that related to given he didn’t appear to be an employee at the time.

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SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco
scapaflow 24th September 2015 at 3:11 pm

I suppose the matter all comes down to what was in Green’s contract.

Let’s not forget that when it comes to Gardening Services DCK appeared to agree McCoist was entitled to whatever was agreed within his contract.

Surely the same principles must apply to Green, who let’s not forget stepped down voluntarily and thus was not sacked for misconduct or any other breach of contract that would have more chance of making any agreement null and void.

Presumably this will be strongly defended in the same manner Ahmad’s freezing of funds and claim for cash were? How did that one work out again?

Still much fun to be had.

SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco
Notice not much talk of a ‘gulf’ this morning after the Hibees beating a full strength Aberdeen last night.

Just goes to show what cups can throw up in the one off match.

Mind you getting beat by St J and seeing the team most folks see as your nearest rival for the championship beat the premiership leaders must throw another worry into the magic hat.

SSB last night had Alex Rae and Guidi still taking about money a plenty to revamp the Ibrox squad come the next two windows. Rae even suggesting Warburton didn’t really have the time to get the players he wanted this season and this was the best he could do with the time available.

Blinkers still on.

SFM Podcast #6: Dave King & Oldco
Mair twists than a corkscrew in this never ending Ibrox saga!!

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Who Is Conning Whom?
JOHN CLARKDECEMBER 8, 2017 at 11:50

I did say Stewart was ‘one of the few’ and I can’t say that I heard the bold Chic’s take on things but glad to hear what you say in that regard, despite your obvious pain. 10

The fact remains that far too many in the media and within the game were willing to accept what they saw as the inevitable (based of course on the Big Lie that its the same club), even when people like Michael Stewart, Ian McCall and perhaps Chic were all pointing put McInnes is no-one’s mug and would be leaving no stone unturned in making his decision if he was going to be offered the T’Rangers job.

Having had his fingers burned at Bristol and clearly not being happy about what was on offer at Sunderland, despite what I assume would have been really good money, he was obviously someone who wasn’t going to jump to anyone else’s tune. Let alone a club reliant on loans from a convicted tax dodger. 

A total lack of balance and no grasp of reality with regard to the situation Scottish Football finds itself in these days. 

Who Is Conning Whom?
SMUGASDECEMBER 8, 2017 at 10:32

Well indeed.

It is interesting to note that there seems to be a total lack of comment in the SMSM that T’Rangers appear not to have stumped up the required cash to even speak to McInnes.

Both Milne and McInnes and the respective reps must have fully understood the conditions of the new contract they signed this past summer after McInnes turned down the Sunderland job.

McInnes knew exactly what he was getting himself into and the commitment of the Dons to him and vice versa.

If Skinto FC can’t stump up the required cash for opening up discussions, even by using any of the short term loan companies that advertise on the TV,  I can’t see why McInnes would take the financial and career risk of joining a club that has had six managers in five years. With Murty having two stints to really make it seven managerial appointments.

If he had resigned and paid his own compo, in 12-18 months on there is a good chance he would have been on the ropes and could have been squabbling for his cash like Warburton and Caixinha.

Michael Stewart is one of the few people who called it perefectly.

The fact that so many involved around the game as pundits, reporters and journos got it so wrong just points to the poor standard of commentary on our game and the lack of understanding (or is it a fear of acknowledging) of how bad things are at Ibrox.

Who Is Conning Whom?

On 30th October there were many reports like the one above indicating that T’Rangers were going to be doing their ‘due diligence’ in terms of identifying a new manger.

Given the club’s statement last night can we expect someone (perhaps Mark Allen)  to be fired for failing to notice that their number one target clearly has no backbone whatsoever and was so obviously not up to the task of managing such a massive club? 

Surely that should have been identified as a key factor when assessing the pros and cons of McInnes as a potential manager.

It surely isn’t the case that they just thought he would up sticks from Pittodrie  because he is supposedly a ‘Real Rangerz Man’?

Who Is Conning Whom?
The usual suspects on Sportsound all just saying they were reporting on what the story was.
Well the story has changed now. Will they now investigate and report exactly why T’Rangers didn’t get their man?
Will they now have a good look under the Ibrox bonnet in the same way McInnes most likely has, come to the same conclusion and finally do some honest reporting ?

Who Is Conning Whom?
Immediate apologies for the whataboutery but some may have seen the story re Police Scotland making comment with regard to stadium safety at Tynecastle.

This from the force who appeared not to be prepared for a highly probably pitch invasion in the event of Hibs winning the Scottish Cup.

The same force who allow certain fans to spew their bigoted bile week in week out.

The same force (along with the SMSM) who fail to have followed up much publicized concerns over stadium safety at a certain location south of the Clyde.

Apparently they are more concerned about a Football Manager getting sent to the stand and the lack of water in the bogs.

I’m all for getting these minor issues sorted out but Lord help us if this is what passes as major news worthy of reporting when so much else is going on in Scottish Football. 11

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