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Maybe a while since I related this but be in …

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Maybe a while since I related this but be in no doubt at all DK is rangers mad. I posted way back on RTC about having a late night session with him and an a pal of mine and a VV expensive Cognac in wee Chicks “South side club”
The thing is he is what we would we call stingy. He arbores being owed money.
So what next from Oasis. No Idea.
Maybe our accountants will drill through the myriad companies and find a black hole?

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SFM – The Next Steps

I must say a most eloquent welcome back and a belter of a conundrum.
Which raises the question
What is the most plausible option that would persuade BDO to put DK on to the Creditor List for a massive sum?
It’s Option1. above
Minty, DK and the Purchaser deliberately agreed that the sale should go ahead with a massive £20m millstone hanging round the neck of the Purchaser in addition to the £18m LBG debt and the potential HMRC liability
This sort of deal would only make sense if the intended end game was for DK to become the
biggest Creditor if RFC won the BTC bu t still went into liquidation
If its Option 2 above
It is saying that DK loaned the Purchaser £20m AFTER the sale of RFC for £1
Which is an incredible story to swallow as it implies that the Purchaser managed to get through an additional £20m before going into Administration in Feb 2012
May also be a well worn lie by someone as we know does lies?
I do not expect that man to appear anytime on a list of payouts from BDO.
If he does we should all be instructing me learned friends on behalf of the taxpayer.

SFM – The Next Steps
Methilhill Stroller says:
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June 19, 2015 at 10:52 pm

If there was more than one Willie Miller then BP might be able to get one of them on the show. I have followed the site since RTC days and am sure others do not see the site as Celtic centric. We are all supporters of our own clubs but if one gets home crowds of 60000 and another 1000 then there will always be more “views” from the club with greater support. The largest crowd I remember at Bayview was about 23000 versus Celtic but there were an awful number of away fans to see a 2-2 draw and Ernie McGarr save 3 times from the spot.

The first show was very much jam tart flavoured with thanks to AJ and the team but I am sure other programmes might even cover us diddles (after all Scottish football needs a strong Arbroath and East Fife). Also just because an ex hoop appears does bit mean the discussion will be about Celtic.

So looking forward to the coming shows with interest.


Just glad I never broke his windaes.

Honest it was Lawrie done it.

SFM – The Next Steps
Big Pink says:
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June 21, 2015 at 7:15 pm

STICKY !!!!!

Jim Craig has agreed to do the phone-in show next Wednesday at 7.30pm.

We are hoping for a sponsor(s) for the show. Either businesses or personal. Anyone who wants to get a mention as a sponsor can annotate their donation “Blether ‘#2″, with the message they want us to read out.

Any amount is gratefully accepted and will be acknowledged on the programme. Jim Craig will not express any love for anyone other than his missus for these purposes 🙂

Tris also has some info on new developments which he will be revealing on the Funding Page tomorrow.
Whit The Dentist?

Question one does he mind the wee bams frae next door that were always kicking balls around the street outside and occasionally banging his windaes when he stayed in Braehead in Lochinver drive.

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