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Mcfc says: Quite agree – to any objective observer The …

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Quite agree – to any objective observer The Rangers have not yet taken the first step on their journey to a sensibly run football club business.


And this is coming from a Manchester City supporter!!!!

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SFM – The Next Steps
At which non-Ashley emporium can one acquire an entire summer wardrobe for under fifty quid?
That is a truly appalling image to force upon people so early in the day!

SFM – The Next Steps
My, my.. you’re very protective of Scotland’s newest club for a Highland Bhoy

Actually no, I was, I thought, defending Scottish football from blatant hypocrisy … I thought you would recognize that as surely that is one of the aims of this site – to be neutral – or perhaps you guys have a long way to go on your journey.

SFM – The Next Steps
re Celtic profitability in last three years, something not achieved when RFC were “competing”.
Yes but most of Celtic’s profits have come from CL and selling our best players, we have become a selling club. Therefore I would suggest we would have to look at that profitability dependent on the source of that profit. (It sure as hell isn’t from match day tickets or season tickets)

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Why We Need to Change
how much money do you think
Scott Allan to be worth: bearing in mind he has only one season in the Scottish championship under his belt … 100k, 200k or 500k.
Do you think Hibs who got him for free, pay him a salary that meets a 100k, 200k or 500k player so how do we determine the value of a player.

Why We Need to Change
Its an embarrassment to talk about DCK or for that matter the Rangers
Yeah but the SFM are not trying to buy Chick Young from the BBC for 50 bob!

Why We Need to Change
S. Petrov left Celtic with the fondest of memories.
Yes perhaps he did but we can never know, the fact is he asked for a transfer … we all knew he was leaving then suddenly he decided to sign up for a new contract so we kind of hoped he would stay … even though he had hardly played under Strachan. Then Villa – Martin O’Niel came in for him and offered 6.5m pounds.
Now here is the problem, MoN would have known he was out contract, and would have been after him for free, this is before he signed his new contract that everyone knew both parties had no intention of honouring, so surely he would have been very pissed off.
I mean it might be good to reward your old team but to rip off your new employers seems a bit odd.
But here is the real problem with that tale, Petrov is actually the major loser, if he had left Celtic for free he could then have negotiated a 1 to 2 million signing on fee … or extravagant wages so you saying he was that generous, when he didn’t seem to interested to play for us in his last season

Why We Need to Change
Nail/head interface. That being said (preferably in a David Brent accent), it beggars belief that anyone needed to have such a straightforward issue explained to them
that unfortunately is one of the drawbacks of the internet people believe that everything online should be free! Especially knowledge!
What’s more they go to extraordinaire lengths to justify their theft of others intellectual property … but that is just the times we live in. (I remember recording the top 20 countdown on a Sunday on my cassette recorder, I didn’t consider myself a thief but if Trex and Slade ever get hold of me they might have a different perspective.)

Why We Need to Change
If true, the quotes attributed to Barry Ferguson are a disgrace to football management and bring shame to Clyde

However that is not strictly true, is Barry Ferguson speaking as an individual, an ex-captain of rangers or is his voice determined to be that of the clyde manager?
This is hugely important, if it is the latter then yes he should be gagged and told not to give such provocative statements. However if it is the former, Barry Ferguson – the z-listed celebrity- speaking from the heart then he has every right to free speech and I don’t believe there would be anyone on the forum that would deny him that right.

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