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However, in 2012 they as an organisation made a statement …

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However, in 2012 they as an organisation made a statement that the club playing out of Ibrox is more important than any other. They failed due to fan power but there has never been any admission of wrong doing, let alone an apology. They attempted to cheat and make it official. How can people who did that be trusted by anyone?
They also sent out a letter.
In full: Document sent to SFL clubs to put Rangers into the First Division.
Complete financial meltdown.IF RANGERS TERMINATED OR SUSPENDED.

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SFM – The Next Steps
Richard Gough in todays papers.
(i know why do i bother to read it)

On telling the fans last season not to buy Season Tickets, and now he would love to see them snap up season tickets.

“Thankfully it worked out well,it caused a lot of anguish between supporters and that was understandable.
months down the line nothing had happened and i was beggining to wonder a bit,but it has worked out”.
How does he work out that it worked out? they are in a worse position than where they were this time last season.

SFM – The Next Steps
The only obstacle to stop more NUFC loanees.Is a £2000 fine this time. that will put the Frighteners right up Ashley 🙄

SFM – The Next Steps
RyanGosling says:
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June 16, 2015 at 8:49 pm

If it’s the number of managers being counted then it doesn’t matter if they take charge ten times, it’d still be just one man who’d been in the managers position. But really, what value is this adding?
The SMSM way of Subliminal Message, As in this is still rangers 1872 and they have had 15 managers.
Sorry if the number of managers confused the real point i was trying to make.
Even though the SMSM may have got the amount of managers wrong in trying to push the myth, that was the point i was trying to make

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Questions, questions, questions
Kenny Macintyre about to take over from Richard Gordon as host of Saturday Sportsound. A good football show is about to turn into Radio Rangers.
I never listen, as you already know what you are going to get.

Questions, questions, questions
Looking forward to another new season and what disputes and court cases the ibrox club will bring us this season. One thing is sure in life they will not dissapoint.

Questions, questions, questions
Posted yesterday but must have got lost or i never sent, it has been a while

Questions, questions, questions
Keevins will do whatever he is told. His Grandkids will one day not be able to look him in the eye, as he is not the grandfather they thiught he was

Questions, questions, questions
Given that Ashley may be due a large cash sum before the new season gets underway. Will the club from ibrox suffer an administration event if they can’t pay? Will they find the money to pay if any bill lands on the door step? How many would stick around for a club starting the season on -25 points

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