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Tcup, you’re completely wrong re the TRFC* fans being willing …

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tcup, you’re completely wrong re the TRFC* fans being willing to accept gifts from Mr Ashley (aka the devil incarnate). Just have a look at their fan sites – you’d be amazed how easy they find it to compartmentalise their dislikes. They might hate Ashley and call him a b*****d for sending them 5 un-medicaled duds just to drain TRFC* of funds, but boy do they love Haris Vukcic because he could play a bit. There is no consistency. It’s as other posters have said about the loan – “that b*****d Ashley taking our badges and property. Pay it back immediately and get our assets back!” but “hang on, it’s interest free and we could use it for players, so let’s keep it”

There’s no consistency of thought so it’s easy to hold two positions at the one time.

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SFM – The Next Steps
RyanGosling says:

June 19, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Take your point, Ryan, that the fans would obviously be happier if Ashley had lent only Vukcic, but the reality is that he lent them 5 players. So when considering the holistic question “Am I happy that Ashley lent us 5 players”, they refuse to answer Yes (given what Vukcic did for them), because they also want to compartmentalise their abhorrence of Ashley. It’s a bit unfair.

SFM – The Next Steps
If it’s a gagging order, does that suggest the retail deal is as sh*t as TRFC* have been suggesting?

SFM – The Next Steps
I wonder if DCK has inadvertently shot himself in the foot with his statement that ‘investors’ (including himself presumably, GASL caveat notwithstanding!) will invest “whatever it takes”. He qualifies this by clarifying that “whatever it takes” depends on the season ticket take. If it is as high as he hopes – a sell out no less! – the investors will need to put in less, but if take up is low, those investors will put in “whatever it takes”.

Looking at the fan sites, it is really clear that a great many still do not trust the new board and are waiting to see the colour of King’s oft-promised investment. If they wanted to , these fans could easily now decide NOT to buy and see what happens.

The only thing I can think is that he knows that those who boycotted the old board probably WILL buy because they now have their messiah in charge, while those who are still anti-King WILL buy because, well, that’s what they do – and did last year.

With the feeling from the fan sites, he’s not getting a sell out imo.

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Questions, questions, questions
Beaton’s just an absolutely terrible referee! Allows a match to be about who’s the toughest. Horrible watch.

Questions, questions, questions
A positive.

Questions, questions, questions
You’ve read the BBC announcement about resuming coverage of Rangers* very differently than I did, BP, if you think that reads like Rangers* capitulated. With all the non-specific explanations about the BBC reporting ‘not meeting its editorial standards’ and their apology for not reporting in an accurate and balanced way in the past, I read it very much as the BBC caving in by admitting it had reported things that weren’t true pick from a menu including the sectarian singing; the liquidation; how well-off they are etc etc. Believe me, the TRFC fans are reading that non-specific apology as meaning that the BBC has lied about EVERYTHING bad they have ever reported and see this as a big win. Here’s a selection of quotes from the BD –
“Happy days. Between this and Kenny Macintyre taking the lead on Saturdays sportsound is good moves.”
“Mixed feelings on this. Glad to see them apologise and almost grovelling even just a little bit. On the other hand I quite liked having them nowhere near us.”
“They’ve apologised and acknowledged previous biased reporting, I’d chalk that up as a win.”
“This is the result we (fans) wanted I expect. An admission of wrongdoing by the BBC followed by a normalisation in relations. In which case, good.”

By the way, Phil has read it the same way I did. https://philmacgiollabhain.ie/2022/07/20/the-bbc-capitulate-to-sevco/#more-25703

Questions, questions, questions
Timtim, only one reason for claiming £20m imo. They have been using the hyped fee for Bassey for months to stop the fans looking at the SD court costs; does Ashley have claws in Castore etc. You just need to read the fan forums, who have believed all the months of deflection stories about £20m for Bassey to realise that if they were really ‘only’ getting £9m for Bassey (per my suggestion above) there would be riots.

Questions, questions, questions
Wokingcelt, I was looking and it seems the most Ajax have ever paid for a defender was for Daley Blind from Man U a couple of years back – a vastly experienced Dutch international (90 caps) who helped the Dutch to the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup. He had good experience in the Top 5 Leagues, winning league titles and cups with Ajax as well as the Europa League with Man U. They paid £14.4m for him with that record, so I’m not buying £20m+. He was 28 to Bassey’s 22, to be fair.

Other than him, the most they have spent on a defender is £9m – Owen Wijndal, a 22yr old left back from AZ Alkmaar. They signed him in June for this season. He has 12 caps for Holland, having been capped at all levels from U15. Compare that 22yr old’s record with 22 yr old Bassey – does anyone really think Ajax would pay more than twice for Bassey what they did for Wijnald?

I can confidently predict that this one will go through as ‘undisclosed’.

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