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Goosy. Reading between the lines of DCK and …

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Reading between the lines of DCK and Minty’s statements, DCK appears to be saying he put his £20m in, but Minty knew it would be nowhere near enough.
While Minty is saying, “Don’t talk sh*te, you were given the books”


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SFM – The Next Steps
GoosyGoosy says:
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June 19, 2015 at 11:11 pm

Have I got this right?
Which raises the question
What is the most plausible option that would persuade BDO to put DK on to the Creditor List for a massive sum?
It’s Option1. above
Minty, DK and the Purchaser deliberately agreed that the sale should go ahead with a massive £20m millstone hanging round the neck of the Purchaser in addition to the £18m LBG debt and the potential HMRC liability
This sort of deal would only make sense if the intended end game was for DK to become the
biggest Creditor if RFC won the BTC bu t still went into liquidation
If its Option 2 above
It is saying that DK loaned the Purchaser £20m AFTER the sale of RFC for £1
Which is an incredible story to swallow as it implies that the Purchaser managed to get through an additional £20m before going into Administration in Feb 2012
An interesting scenario,
WRT option 1, IIRC the WTC was almost a deal breaker when CW became aware of it. This was only for around £3m at the time, and resulted in the original purchase price being negotiated down to a pound, with CW accepting the liability. I have no knowledge of CW accepting liability for DCK’s £20m, although that is not to say he didn’t. However, if a liability of £3m was almost a deal breaker, and option 1 is correct…..Then Minty has also taken CW for a ride over the £20m, and it should be he suing Minty.
As you say, option 2 looks a bridge to far wrt to plausibility. Wouldn’t DCK be taking CW to task over this, and not Minty?
I think you are possibly in the correct ball-park but there are many unknowns.
What really reeks is the hypocricy of DCK placing himself front and centre as a RRM with regards the £20m, while playing down the fact he wouldn’t have invested in the first place if he wasn’t “Duped” by Minty, and now he wants his money back. .

SFM – The Next Steps
The silence surrounding Minty is no great mystery if you consider that the billion he borrowed may not be in his own bank account, but it is distributed through his associates accounts. It may appeared to have vanished, but a lot of folk know they have a bit of it in their account.
Rangers and Sevco may be a huge dirty stain on the face of Scottish fitba’, but for the silks of our society, it is just a wee squirrel.
An unruly poltergeist squirrel detracting from calls for a public inquiry into where the bank robbing gang’s hide-out is.
A billion quid, of what in the end up was public money, has been distributed amongst a select few, and Minty knows where it is.

SFM – The Next Steps
essexbeancounter says:
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June 17, 2015 at 10:05 pm

StevieBC says:
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June 17, 2015 at 8:44 pm
OK, how’s this for a ‘curve ball’
Essex, King is shown as being on the board of RIFC and of retail, but nothing on TRFC



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Questions, questions, questions
The BBC (holding company) and salaries.


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Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 2nd April 2022 At 16:30
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Would the Club 1872 evidence of serious wrong doing by the board have similar weight to the dossier assembled by the Rangers in regards to the SFPL/SFA a while back
That is always a possibility Vernallen, but there is one subtle difference. One set of allegations did not achieve its objective, whereas the other did.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 2nd April 2022 At 12:36

Yes, CO, I’m inclined to believe so.

A dark place right enough John. I believe every fan-base on the planet would be demanding the release of documentary evidence supporting such allegations, whether they went to Australia or not. It’s the casual acceptance of the fan-base, that this is the normal way of things in the Sevco boardroom that gets me.
Albertz may point out that there is a falling membership, but for a while it was large, and stocking it with vast sums of hard earned cash…..However they appear to have lost their tongues.
It really is a sad indictment of those fans that they are not demanding, “Get it oot anyway!”

Questions, questions, questions
So fan group, Club 1872 claim to have evidence of serious wrong doing, but are happy to keep quiet about it, and keep it under their hat, if they get their own way…….Is that where we are now in Govan?..

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