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As an outsider looking in, I am a fan of …

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As an outsider looking in, I am a fan of an English League Two side, what I can’t understand with this is why the fans didn’t start a new team when the old team/company went under like they do in England.

With a fan’s own club and all money spent from ticket sales on the team then in my opinion the team would be playing in top flight next season with no problems.

The reason they are not is that too many folk have had their snout in the trough.

Just one last question who do you all think is getting the ground rent.
From my experience, in England, with all these Phoenix clubs the ground ownership is the key. Anybody asked Bomber Brown lately?

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SFM – The Next Steps
Perhaps the small print in the loan agreement says that in a default position, which we might now be in, means that the club/company can’t get the assets back even if they pay the loan off.

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A Lie for a Lie
The fairest way of ending this season, is to play the postponed games when the crisis is over, even if the matches can’t be played until September or October. Then start the 20/21 season as soon as practicable. This would mean a ‘short’ season by playing less games, perhaps not having the League and challenge cups or just playing 22 league games instead of 38.


The only risk in this in this scenario is that some clubs might have gone to the wall through lack of cash flow due to the postponement of games for months.

Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
I would have thought it depends which tie was drawn out first in the semi final draw.

the winners of the first tie would have been first in the listing for the final.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Colin Calderwood was involved in a two point deduction event in the early 80’s.
His first club in England was Mansfield Town and on his debut as a youth he played in a last match of the season game against Crewe in which his team Mansfield won the game and the three points.
As the three points for a win had only been in place a year or two the Football League rules still had a two point penalty deduction for playing a ‘ringer’.
They had forgot to change the rules when it went from two to three points for a win.
The English FA and Football Leagues played to the letter of the Law and deducted only the two points as the rules said. They however changed them at the earliest opportunity so a three point deduction was then the penalty.
i am just wondering as the League Cup only has been league based this last season and before that way back in the 60’s have the rules never been altered for points deduction in League Cup matches for playing ‘ringers’

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Surely the 5WA is primarily about the paying of football debts by ‘Rangers’.
As we know the old club could not pay them as they were dead. So the only ones that might pay them was any new club from Govan.
However any new club could turn round and say No, we have no legal right to be responsible for old club football debts.
So in order for the the football debts to be paid, an agreement had to be thrashed out, hence the 5WA agreement, which had to include a new football club to play in an established league.
It is not to difficult to imagine who had the upper hand in these negotiations if the football authorities wanted the football debts to be paid for the benefit of all the other clubs.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
A Bury supporting acquaintance of mine said that originally the game was to have been played at Bury but got changed to be played at Ibrox, but only on condition that Bury got 50% of the gate money. I would imagine Bury will be waiting for the money for a long time.

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