SFM – The Next Steps


I agree totally. They have either found someone hot on …

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I agree totally. They have either found someone hot on company governance or they are trying to stick a spanner in SD’s works

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SFM – The Next Steps
So if it survived , why the need to resubmit? Very strange

SFM – The Next Steps
Scottc ….perhaps the new board have “advised” sports scotland to renew it because it prevents ashley and SD from seizing murray park/ auchenhowie or whatever its name is this week. I was actually surprised at this renewal because i didnt think the original security survived the liquidation process

SFM – The Next Steps
On the american side thread running here i believe that only approx 46% of Americans possess a valid passport. I also heard that America only goes to war so its soldiers learn geography

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Look Back to Look Forward
I have been a fan of football since as far back as I can remember. I would watch anyone playing anywhere,  growing up i played it too for school, cubs, scouts, amateur and work teams ,never amounting to anything but enjoyment of our game.
About twenty years ago i took out a season ticket with my team and went to every home game, i have renewed every year since. 
I have followed the trevails of the game through the collapse and liquidation of glasgow rangers and the disection of the aftermath on this and similar sites and congratulate those who have managed to hold those responsible for the running of the game to account.
it has become patently obvious to me that the game in this country is run for the sole benefit of the tribute act masquerading as rangers and despite the best efforts of those previously mentioned, that is sure to continue.
i watched the hamilton accies v celtic game last friday from the comfort of my home and the double standard of refereeing saddened and infuriated me in equal measure.
i travelled to celtic park last night from deepest darkest lanarkshire, parked up in my usual space and paid my extortion fee to the local street urchin, walked the 3/4 of a mile to the stadium and sat in the bitter cold to watch a team of headless overpaid and underskilled chickens fail to  overcome a dundee team half of whom had been rested for their big game at the weekend. It gives you time to think when you know nothing of note is likely to happen on the pitch and i came to the conclusion that ive had enough

enough of the cheating, enough of the downsizing of my team to ensure the money is there to pay exec bonuses, enough of the overpaid, under worked players not fit to grace our jersey and a manager bereft of a plan A never mind B ,  enough of the draconian legislation and unneccessary criminalisation of supporters, enough of paying through the nose for stadium food not fit for pigs, enough of the whole shebang, today i emailed celtic to cancel my season ticket and refund me for my purchase of a ticket for the morton game. 

I’m off to find a new hobby, one where the playing field is level, one where a handshake or rolled trouser leg does not  allow advantage over ability or endeavour, i doubt i’ll be missed.

i wish everyone on here every success in their pursuit of justice, i just cannot find it in me to be part of it anymore

Oh and celtic have just replied telling me they dont do refunds…….which just about perfectly sums it up

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Without a certificate of unincorporation anything else that follows is a tribute act.
doesnt matter what you call them, sevco, Rangers sevco 5088, holding companies etc etc etc
they are a Charles Greene invention ably assisted by the sfa but that is what they are. If tribute act rangers want to be Rangers , the way to do it was by paying debts as they fell due, Anything else now is Bobby Ewing esque

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
To supplement an impecunious retirement I occasionally buy and resell liquidated stock. Last year a well known clothing retailer Went into liquidation. I purchased from the liquidator a quantity of their stock. It came with The retailer labels attached. I now resell it but that doesn’t make me that well know retailer

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
James what about the part where Charlie the new owner doesn’t actually own it but has tricked Craig but gets each customer to buy a share of the cafe , and he keeps the loot, meanwhile it turns out Craig the former owner actually still owns it but has sold it to a finance house along with the film rights 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Didn’t rangers actually vote for rangers to get their spl share …..why if they are one and the same ? 

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