Small Price to Pay?


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BORDERSDONMARCH 19, 2017 at 16:08       6 Votes 
bordersdonMarch 18, 2017 at 14:54Walter NeffMarch 17, 2017 at 18:17  Better to read Phil, a man who can write.———————————————But often not right!———————————–Since it’s quiet I’ll sort that and hopefully be more popular .But not often right.(Has he disappeared by the way? Not had any of his “developing stories” recently).

Phil said in his post on 13th that he would be away for a while finishing of a book. He has returned today
and a new site will be open soon.

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Small Price to Pay?
Here we go again! Every so often another one appears with spurious arguments and is given time and space to write his take on the “Big Lie”. Where there is no merit to his/her opinions, if in fact that what they are, no-one should waste their time replying.
 I think this Mark C person is what others on here call “a squirrel” and should be ignored if not barred.

Small Price to Pay?
STEVIEBC – Who is Mark Walker? I’ve never heard of him.

Small Price to Pay?
The Evening Times has an article which purports to give a time line from what happened at Ibrox from 2012 to the present.
It is so obviously written for the short of brain cells as the word “Liquidation” is clearly missing from the story. Just how any editor worthy of the name could condone such an article is hard to understand.
It does not have a named writer and comments are not allowed which in itself is suggestive of the fact that the editorial team don’t believe the narrative. 
Sums the current SMSM.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Another cracker from C Jack in the Herald,”It is understood that the Gers opted to do the honourable thing and wait until after the Premiership double-header with Aberdeen last week before making an official approach for the Reds boss.” 1212

Who Is Conning Whom?
Has DK actually said that McInnes will be their next manager? If so should Rangers* not be guilty of tapping another club’s manager?

Who Is Conning Whom?
There are penalties given and not given every week and most pass with little or no comment except perhaps to say the ref got that one wrong. Now we have a team given 2 penalties in a week, and it should be noted that they are the first they have been awarded this season, and all hell breaks out.Why have non-Motherwell supporters, especially Hearts fans, got so much to say when the outcome of the game has absolutely no effect on their team’s results. It will be interesting to see if there is so much traffic on here the next time some other team is awarded an iffy penalty.

Who Is Conning Whom?
I’m sure I’m not the only one totally bored with the rubbish being spouted by EB. At first it was interesting going over some of the old ground but enough is enough.If some feel they have to reply because they can’t let the lies go past without comment, well I understand that, but surely the time has come to ban this person as he/she is clogging up the site with mistruths.I do find myself skipping large portions of SFM now and it annoys me that I might miss something relevant, interesting or amusing by trying to avoid this pest and the resulting correspondence.So an appeal to the mods, Please, Please ban this squirrel.

Enough is enough
I’m glad I posted that picture on here as it allowed more knowledgeable posters to tell the true story. 

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