Small Price to Pay?


Re Dave King/SFA From what we can see King is a …

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Re Dave King/SFA
From what we can see King is a serial financial offender whether it be SA tax , JSE regs or UK Takeover Panel regs – the guy is obviously prepared to act outwith financial regulations so why no SFA inquiry ? During his visit here this week surely Reagan will be requesting a meeting .
The English FA refused to give approval to the Italian gentleman (forgotten his name) to takeover Leeds United because of a VAT problem on a speedboat purchase/sale from memory yet we get a proven financial offender ostensibly owning+operating a football club here – as they say “only in Scotland” .

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Small Price to Pay?
JJ appears a little thin-skinned to-day & attacking SFM – as Wottpi observed above a combination of efforts or mutual encouragement against a common enemy would seem to be a more sensible way to proceed rather than confrontation . Anyway , I see one of his followers has won the lottery & is offering to donate to JJ a sum (not to be sniffed at!) apparently.

Small Price to Pay?
Finloch @ 10.31 – agree coverage of both events SC & TP by msm is v.scant – also agree JJ does provide a useful commentary on events at the SC – he/she obviously has a “feel” for matters legal .

the 2 ongoing inquiries into matters concerning Rangers old & new reflect how  poorly & illegally perhaps both have been run & still no comment from the footballing governing bodies SFA/SPFL – why the hell doesn’t someone raise it with them & ask for a comment particularly concerning the Takeover Panel situation where the Directors of a member club have been found to be , in effect , untrustworthy .

Small Price to Pay?
Re aftermath of TP decision – surely the RIFC auditors will have to alert the company to its legal position as it now transpires the directors obtained control in an illegal fashion – this could unravel quickly (wouldn’t fancy being on the current creditors’list)

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Re: Managerial Appointments @ the Rangers FC

I would expect Robertson’s position to be under review after 3 farces in the space of a year more or less .

Who Is Conning Whom?
Re : McInnes

Well,well,well – a sensible decision on his part I think – wonder what affected his decision – had a look “under the bonnet” & didn’t like the look of it or the Govan tribal stirrings re Docherty – as Phil would say “developing story” – makes the Level5 media campaign look pretty silly .

Who Is Conning Whom?
Re McInnes/Rangers

This situation reminds me of 1983 when the mighty Glasgow Rangers approached Jim McLean to take over from a failing John Greig – everyone in the media then assumed Jim would go (he was offered twice the salary he was getting at United) he went up the marble staircase had the interview & to his eternal credit told them where to shove it ! (This was after the job was offered to Alex Ferguson first of all who also knocked it back ) – two v.successful managers of “provincial” clubs similar , in a way to McInnes’ situation to-day .

Difficult one to call (for McInnes) but his reputation would be enhanced if he stays at Aberdeen I think & the risks of Ibrox (financial/ownership) are considerable .

Enough is enough
Re JJ – I know he is not everyone’s favourite but I think credit should be given to him/her for the contribution to The Rangers’ debate over the past week in particular .
The COPFS revelation of the Whitehouse contribution to the inquiry was quite stunning in its content & to-day’s input from his CFA with regard to the Rangers’ accounts is also stimulating .
Anyway , I’m sure Homunc will be giving me a thumbs down for this !
And , as a counter-balance as a DUFC supporter I’m still awaiting JJ’ story re an American takeover to be confirmed !

Enough is enough
Homunc @00.41 4 Nov
No big deal , JJ is bad mouthing you in comments sectn in his blog y’day @ 2.52 Nov 3

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