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Danish Pastry says:
February 20, 2015 at 11:02 am

That would have been an interesting call to hear. The mantra on Superscoreboard is King and Murray = good guys. Ashley and the current board = bad guys. King and Murray = massive spending to get back to ‘rightful’ place. Ashley and current board = no spending and asset stripping. Only 3 months ago Ashley = massive spending for a triumphant march to the Champions League.

It’s pathetic at the end of the day. There are ex players such as Derek Johnstone, Joe Miller, Frank Macavennie & Gordon Dalziel. There are journalists such as Hugh Keevins, Roger Hannah, and Mark Guidi. Regarding financial matters they would struggle between them to win at Monopoly, yet their opinions on the way forward for Rangers are considered valid. I do the first ten minutes of Superscoreboard every night when I’m in the shower. After that I’m unwilling to have my intelligence insulted any longer. Jim Delahunt and Gerry McCulloch are both intelligent men, but they do have a living to make and families to keep. When they get back to the privacy of their homes I wonder what they really think about some of the half wits they’ve sat in a studio with, and some of the quarter wits who’ve phoned the show.

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Spot the difference?
valentinesclown says:
March 7, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Richard Gordon rightly pointed out that fans of Aberdeen, Dundee Utd and ICT will not concur that standards have dropped. I also heard Murray say Celtic don’t have the same standard of players. They’ve had enough to qualify for the CL groups twice, and the last 16 once since Rangers liquidated. They’ve sold two players to England for seven figure transfer fees in the same period.

Spot the difference?
Utterly shocking arrogance from Paul Murray on Sportsound right now.

Spot the difference?
Esteban says:

Why does there have to be a ‘baddy’? Why does there have to be someone to stick the boot into? Why can’t they just report straight on what happens without turning it into Hamlet versus Claudius?

There are several types of Baddy. There’s the Peter Lawwell type. The very successful type that manages his football club very well and is not prepared to accept being treated as lesser than others. For that he will receive organised, negative media coverage as we witnessed the other day. There is also the Steven Thompson type of Baddy, who successfully manages his club and is prepared to publicly challenge bullying comments and threats. For that he will also receive organised, negative media coverage as we witnessed several times. Then we have the Baddy’s such as Whyte, and Green, who were initially regarded as heroes but quickly turned to zeroes, by the same fans and media who roared them through the front door. Then we have the Baddy’s who actually aspired for Rangers to live within its means. We can’t have that, can we.

The only Goodies in this of course are the type who took the reigns yesterday. Scottish born Rangers men, no doubt with links which opened several doors to them in life. Their honesty and integrity will never be challenged, because that type of Rangers man is the most honest, decent type of man there is, who knows what’s best for everyone and always strives to spread his brotherly love across football and wider Scottish society. Criminal convictions are no stain on the character of such a man, as we can see today.

The authorities and the media have what they want now. Anyone who still sees Scottish football as a meritocratic sport should be worried.

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Questions, questions, questions
Mordecai 17th August 2022 At 05:31


The BBC did provide me with the Information Commissioner’s contact details in the event I wanted to take the matter further and I have indeed done just that! I really can’t see how in the event that a publicly funded organisation has used public money to gain media access to a football club that we don’t have a right to know. If they haven’t done so I believe we also have the right to know given this payment for media access was a known issue last season.

Questions, questions, questions
A few weeks ago, after the BBC published its groveling apology towards Ibrox, I asked under Freedom of Information whether (a) they have paid licence fee money to gain media access at Ibrox, and (b) whether any other Scottish club charges them for media access. They responded basically saying they don’t have to tell me, as journalism is not covered by the FOI act. I find this incredible given that if they have paid for access, they will have used money contributed by all licence fee payers. Also, does paying for access compromise their right to apply the same level of analysis as they do to clubs who don’t charge?

Edit: I see a fans forum online claiming the charge has been ditched ‘quietly’.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 6th August 2022 At 23:42

But my deepest scorn is for those in the SMSM who ought, ought as a matter of journalistic duty, as being the very essence of ‘journalism’, to have got right into the stupid, stupid, lie that a football club in Liquidation was somehow still participating in Scottish Football as if it had not died!


For me the most disappointing thing is journalists who we know are not cheerleaders for all things Ibrox, being cowed into submission, I could mention them here, but basic human decency makes me know they have a job, and a family, and an employer who is beholden to all things ‘Rangers’. However, they really need to ask themselves why they ever bothered becoming journalists in the first place, because the ‘seeking the truth others don’t want to hear’ claim really doesn’t hold water! They’ve sold their soul, and they know it!

Questions, questions, questions
Big Pink 6th August 2022 At 09:41

Seems unlikely that Morelos is part owned by anyone else. However there’s only way of testing either theory is if he is transferred, and that seems an ever decreasing outcome given all we have talked about for the last four years is how much he will be offloaded for.
Also, what happens if he runs goes contract down? Would that mean that the 14% would also disappear?
Just doesn’t sound right at all.


You may well be right, however given all that’s come to pass since 2012 I don’t think it can be ruled out either. If it is a breach of the SFA’s registration procedures what confidence would we have the SFA would do anything about it anyway? The absurd LNS investigation springs to mind. Also, the SFA themselves found there was a case to answer regarding the award of a European licence in 2011, then went on to just drop the case!

The tax thieving American businesswoman Leona Helmsley once said “taxes are for the little people”. In the same way, SFA rules are for the little people, who are every other club bar the one playing out of Ibrox. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

Questions, questions, questions
Wokingcelt 28th July 2022 At 21:13

Taking a step back you have to ask what on earth has gone on here. I am fairly confident that the UK Government will face a public inquiry (or is that enquiry – I can never get that one right!) over Covid loans and procurements made. Not saying that it will put right the wrongs but at least there will be a report. I have zero confidence that any such inquiry will be held in Scotland to account for the untold millions – by my reckoning north of £100m which if scaled up would be north of £1.2bn in UK terms. And all for a football club – totally unconscionable.


The Scottish Government have said an independent inquiry will be held once all the legal processes are complete. The trouble is, how do you guarantee true independence in such a matter in Scotland? Nothing should be more independent than the Police and the legal system yet that is what will be under scrutiny. I doubt the Scottish Government will want any inquiry to say that there is institutional bias towards ‘Rangers’ because that would then lead to so many other questions. I suspect a lot more taxpayers money will be spent on a whitewash, with the real truth emerging in 30 years time. The very fact that so many politicians and media commentators stay silent on what is an absolute scandal tells us all we need to know. If it concerned any other football club there would be outrage. Old attitudes don’t die easily, and are clearly passed down the line. We should be truly thankful that HMRC do not answer to the Scottish Government.

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