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As if the shame of seeing/hearing TRFC fans chanting racist, …

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As if the shame of seeing/hearing TRFC fans chanting racist, sectarian abuse in their droves for all to witness (a small minority of almost their ENTIRE away support), the SPFL heaps further shame on all of us by effectively permitting their continued disgraceful behavior.

THIS is the real Armageddon of Scottish football. If severe action is not taken against the club/company/entity these ‘fans’ belong to, then that’s it for me and many more with Scottish football I’m afraid.

No trust, no integrity, no ethics, no morals and no inclination to raise a finger against the blight of our game.

Game over man, game over!

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Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
So gutted. Losing to Malmo. Utter disgrace. Very unlikely to even watch future Celtic matches never mind attend. If our ‘top club’ are losing to that then it’s time to quit and play bowls. No effort until The Rangers are back in the league as I’ve always suspected. The Rangers might define Lawwell, they certainly don’t define me and never will.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
I’m not sure if I can say or ask this, but….

With the recent news that a current investor in TRFC was in the company of the 5th and yet to be detained individual back in 2011, would that raise alarm bells for anyone?

On a different note entirely, here’s a dream…

The top 4 in the championship join the SPFL to make our league more varied and allow some of our smaller teams to grow. (Thank you Hamilton and Inverness for showing the bigger boys how it can be done)

All clubs and the SFA agree a deal with a Turf manufacturer/producer to enable all SPFL clubs to maintain a high level playing surface. (Is this mad? I think fans could be taught to help with some of the work and surely every team would like a nice pitch)

Could advertising space be sold to have billboards etc erected at many of the stadia to block out the views of Mrs Johnson’s living room and the like? Perhaps extra sites for cameras to be mounted could also be added to increase the quality of coverage produced.

Clubs work with each other and travel companies to provide discounts for travel, perhaps a set discount for season ticket holders and away fans benefit from retention of ticket stubs? (Away fans should probably also get a discount, perhaps scaling with the number of away ticket stubs they keep each year, when buying season tickets if they don’t already)

Assistance from government to grant tax breaks to young players in Scotland, perhaps allowing some clubs to pay a smidgen more to hold onto talent another year or two or even attracting young players to Scotland’s top flight rather than England’s second or third. (ha-ha, I really am dreaming here right?)

Whilst I am dreaming, if we could have all of the above right now AND a small group of like minded businessmen to invest in a half dozen of our clubs at the same time. We don’t need sugar daddy mentalists, just solid folk to offer some support to teams who really deserve it. Motherwell spring to mind, possibly because I felt a little sorry for McCall recently. It can’t be easy to finish high in the league several times and still lose your better players every season for buttons.

So, not asking a lot am I? πŸ˜›

Harper Macleod and LNS
Blu (sorry i missed your post earlier)

I agree, it’s the buzz at matches fans miss, not the club or the team they are playing. A buzz we used to have for games against Aberdeen, Hearts, Dundee United.


Scientific is being generous! πŸ˜€

As with Blu, you point out that it’s the atmosphere that is wanted, not the club.

Everyone misses that kind of buzz and it’s part of why Champions League games are so loved, the atmosphere is unlike anything felt during any league match in a long long time.

Maybe it’s a kind of cognitive dissonance, nobody wants to play them, but that won’t stop many from enjoying it nonetheless.

Consider also the part the media will play in stoking tensions prior to any match between the two sides. Love them or Loathe them, they contribute to the atmosphere of these matches in no small measure and if even half of the column inches given over to this purpose were used to promote other teams and games then perhaps interest in our league would not have dwindled to current levels.

(I’m chatting to a bunch of folk via other online channels at the moment so apologies for taking so long to post this!)

Harper Macleod and LNS

I don’t mind the political inference at all, this site is an education every day as far as I’m concerned. It’s all food for thought. πŸ™‚


I’m not 100% certain, but I think the uptake will be very good for any game between the 2 teams, though many have specifically stated they will not go to Ibrox as they do not want any of their money going into that place so perhaps fewer will attend a match there.

Even though I don’t believe many fans want to play them, I’ve no doubt they will turn up to support Celtic as that’s what fans do. Many will see not turning up at Celtic park as depriving the team of support against what has become in many ways an enemy of the sport itself, both the club and it’s appalling manager. Many will also go to the game for the simple joy of singing zombie songs, which is sad but true. I suspect some also of dreaming of drubbing McCoists team very badly, something many would enjoy regardless of what team he manages.

Harper Macleod and LNS
Once in awhile we hear this drivel about Celtic fans wanting Rangers back and Scottish football really needs it blah blah….

We don’t hear enough about the fact that outwith Celtic, 4 other teams have accumulated 20+ points so far this season, twice as many as last year and 2 clubs on a point more (23) than last years best at this time (Inverness with 22). A more competitive league has started to take shape as the Old Firm no longer exists to squabble over the best young players to sit on the bench.

5 teams on 20 points or more, the highest number of clubs on that tally at this stage of the season than any season this millennium. I did not look further back than that but I would say that is progress and is most certainly not ‘Armageddon’.

With regards to Celtic fans wanting to play TRFC, media driven nonsense. Aside from the couple of individuals on this forum making outlandish claims, I do not know or have heard of any other Celtic fans who want anything to do with them. I personally have not held a season ticket since we occupied Hampden but of the 5 other close friends who hold one, none of them (or their associates in the surrounding areas at matches) are happy at the prospect of playing TRFC at all.

As Doc says, the game will happen (as long as TRFC still exist!), however I have to disagree with the opinion that history will show they never died. On the contrary, history will show they vanished from the top league and appeared in the bottom one. There was no relegation of any sort. No amount of lawyer chicanery will convince future generations they are the same club. If they were the same club, they would never have had to leave the top league. The did, because they aren’t and never will be.

The most telling aspect of this saga I feel is actually the fans opinions. No fans of other clubs believe they are the same club. Indeed, many of their own fans no longer believe the lie either and that is crucial. If your own support don’t swallow it, why do you think anyone else would?

Sigh. If only SpivCo had operated differently on it’s way up. I never agreed with the manner of their entry to the league at all but I could accept that if they progressed with some semblance of honesty and decency.

Instead, it’s been a wastefully expensive journey of intimidation and lies all the way through each league, pointing fingers whilst picking the fans pockets. If another administration occurs then I will be very interested to see the SFA’s handling (or not) of the fallout.

Even if it doesn’t come to administration, how any fan can claim glory from anything they have done is beyond me. It’s like America picking on Shetland for goodness sake. How very brave and strong. Even worse to act like winning is any sort of achievement on those terms.

On a slightly different note, during the TRFC game against Falkirk (I think), the commentator wet himself when TRFC scored stating “Oooooh Rangers, the lifeblood of Scottish football”. Even the TRFC fans in the room looked ashamed and one of them laughed. “We are the lifeblood of Scottish fitba? So it’s dead as well then?” πŸ˜€ I would suggest that the average TRFC fan in the street is not helped by ludicrous outbursts like that as all fans are the lifeblood of Scottish football, not the clubs and certainly no individual club.

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