Spot the difference?

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Whilst we have clowns in charge of our game, we …

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Whilst we have clowns in charge of our game, we should forget about introducing alcohol. Once they leave, we can rebuild our football into a product that people want to invest in and sponsor.

A No to sectarianism rule would be followed up by points deductions and closed doors leading to relegation.

What was the point in the police learning the words of the songs if no action was ever going to be taken ?

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Spot the difference?
I think that the current owners of Rangers were always the planned end game. It just took longer due to having to start in div 3, having to spend 70 million and having the income streams tied up.

Spot the difference?
The last time I looked, the SFA were responsible for the governance of Scottish football, not PL. As for the other clubs chairmen and women, the reason we ended up with such a bad TV deal is down to their lack foresight, experience and being more interested in a quick buck.

cause of that damaging reduction was the decision last year of the other nine SPL clubs to ignore warnings from Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen and opt for a four-year extension with Setanta rather than the security of Sky.

Spot the difference?
Two clubs running side by side,sharing the same history.?


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Who Is Conning Whom?
If we look at the last week, Celtic had a soft penalty – the player who caused it should have been sent of earlier, that is a fact. In the second game video evidence proved beyond any doubt that it was a penalty, but not just Motherwell fans, we had several fans of other clubs in anger at the legitimate penalty. Unfortunately Celtic won at a canter yesterday so the focus will have to be on something else – it will not be on the non governance in the Scottish game – Only Celtic have stood up against the SFA and the other clubs and their fans seem disinterested, go on Celtic speak for us…The reason the SFA think they can get away with anything is because only 1 club is interested in the governance of our game. My final point tonight would remind everyone that having more cash is not a sporting advantage, just ask Lord Nimmrod. 

Who Is Conning Whom?
I was not surprised by the Motherwell result yesterday. On a big pitch at home, against a ‘physical’ team, I thought Celtic would win in second gear, but I thought 3-1.  Again, I look forward to Motherwell playing the teams of the other posters on here – when you think someone may be going to injure you , you are going to try and meet their physical game with a physical game. As for the Hearts supporters on here, your team has been shocking for many months, I would concentrate on that and your manager who will always be remembered as 4-6-0.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Sir Dim,
To answer your point if Rangers had won the BTC they still wouldn’t have declared all of the players earnings to the SFA and so would have been subject to the results forfeit mentioned previously.  
Strange position since loans are not considered earnings in anyone’s language.
Do you know what was in the side letters?

At last your Ernie has broken off is milkround to understand that the loans where not earnings but a tax dodge, now declared illegal. The fastest taxing milkman in the West of Scotland, now agrees that his club cheated for decades and tried to write of many millions of debt and remain in the top league. unfortunately a few chairmen grew a backbone and told The new Rangersno, so they had to start again as a new club in the bottom tier.

The new The Rangers might look like a ger, unfortunately, sing like a ger and might ask what scool you went to like a ger but unfortunately for Wee Ernie, it is The Ger.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Rangers told them about the players’ contracts but failed to mention the “side letters” which were also in relation to contractual payments.
What did the side letters say?
Wee Ernie,

They have been ruled illegal, so your same clubs owe many millions, pay up sir.

Who Is Conning Whom?
We don’t need any analogy, in motherwell game 1, the player who had a tug at a Celtic player would have been sent off and should have received a second red card for his actions in almost breaking a players leg. The second Motherwell game, the video shows a penalty – you are not allowed to knee someone in the back because your actions are slower.
Motherwell want to play a physical game, well you just need to accept you are going to cause fouls and penalties. Football is a contact sport but not the way Motherwell play as has been shown in several games. No team is going to lie down and let Motherwell bash their way to a result. I am looking forward to Motherwell playing against some of the teams supported by posters on here.

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