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I posted earlier today about Govan fans not wanting or …

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I posted earlier today about Govan fans not wanting or finding it difficult to change concerning the status of their club etc..

Well just listened to Paul Murray on BBCSportsond interview. He stated (twice) in his opinion that Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland (really which Rangers is he talking about?).
He then stated that his club will be challenging Celtic in 1 or 2 years (seriously)?
To challenge Celtic will in short term require 10 to 20 Million pounds?
He wants his club to lead Scottish football like they did in the past. Yes Lead was the term he used (SFA and SPFL what is your role in future if this Govan club leads)?
He went on to say that Scottish football standards have dropped (with Govan club not there) and as an example he used, wait for it, Celtic as a team not as good as they used to be. He also stated that if the contract with SD was not to the benefit of the club then the board will change it. Fell of my chair as this point.
As mentioned earlier above the fans do not want to change and their role model is the board who by this statement are as arrogant as they always have been. I would say it beggars belief but history of this club tells me differently. Arrogance emanates from the board down to the fans and we need this club and it’s culture back at the top table, really? Basically this club has no respect for any other club in Scotland and sporting integrity does not exist in their cultural make up.

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Spot the difference?
boywithoutanaitch says:
March 7, 2015 at 10:18 am
Wow….and you wonder why you can’t get Rangers fans to engage on TSFM

From Do The Bouncy (Described as simply the best rangers fc news and fans forum)

My wife has asked me on many occasions over the last few years why I have got myself so upset and angry over it all. As she isn’t interested in football whatsoever she could never begin to even try and understand what The Rangers mean to me. My anger stems from the actions of SPL, SFA, HMRC and the chairmen or CEOs of just about every club in the country who even after we proved in the highest court in the land we did nothing wrong not one had the common decency to apologise or admit they were wrong.
Now this may be a minority (and we all know how big a noise a minority can generate) but this view and sense of injustice somehow prevails and I wonder deep down how many fans of the Govan club feels this way? IMO it is a majority and they do not want to believe anything else. full stop. They do not want to listen and cannot engage in numbers in any other blogs apart from ones that support their agenda. IMO they cannot change and do not want to change, the thought that their club is not the same club will get defended (I was going to say to the death, but inappropriate maybe) to a man.
This is where they are and they can thank the smsm, SFA, SPFL but most of all they can thank themselves and the culture they believe in and maintain the myth about their club. So I do not expect and meaningful input from many of the fans that follow this myth, sad to say but that is how it is. They feel persecuted in some strange way and they just want justice in their eyes which is a read sad affair. We can move on they cannot.

Spot the difference?
IMO one of the biggest sickening aspects of this Govan club scenario is the actual SMSM stating as a matter of fact that the term Rangers is exactly the same as the Glasgow Rangers. All we here from every outlay of the media, SFA, SPFL and the present and past boards is for the benefit of Scottish football we need to get rangers back to where they belong as in winning leagues etc… This is accepted as a matter of fact, which is a disgrace to all of us and to all creditors.
To add salt to the wound we have dejavu with DK promising £10 million warchest, ffs does not cover it.

Spot the difference?
Just heard on the news tonight from DK stating this new board are likely not to draw down the next £5 million loan from MA.

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I am not 100% sure of the term concert party. is MR Kings concert party similar to this?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Oh dear the smsm will be working harder than Santa’s elves trying to make this news from verdict of TAB sound as good news for the bears in Govan.

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So are we saying basically they cheated we know and there is nothing that we can do.? 

Enough is enough
It is shameful and embarrassing that after RFC went into liquidation (all the papers published this event on the actual day it occurred) that they are considered or portrayed as the same club by the SFA and the smsm. This would not occur in any other country as there is no team that have such a biased smsm backing them as well as a compliant SFA  and we can all guess why. It IMO is not fear, RFC had an absolute embarrassing long term policy of not signing players of a certain religion and our SFA and smsm were well aware of this as it was no secret in fact it was upheld as a tradition of this club. Silence. Shameful does not cover it. There has always IMO been throughout history more members / ex directors of this club in high positions in the SFA than any other club. No balance. I would also  add that IMO the smsm has always throughout history had a very unbalanced high number of supporters of this club (although some actually insulted our intelligence by claiming to been supporters of clubs outside Glasgow) embarrassing.  Succulent lamb was no surprise it was expected.  The traditions of RFC seems to be IMO widespread within our SFA and smsm past and present.  Why has there never been an open discussion by SFA and smsm concerning, newco/oldco, Craig Whyte Trial, Dave King’s tax history in SA, Mr King’s fit and proper decision, possible LNS revisit due to new info, SC verdict on ebt’s, soft loans, ongoing concern in accounts, names of investors in new Ibrox club, Takeover Panel , the real role of Mr David Murray in the downfall of RFC, Offshore Game Report and on and on. Shameful but expected. It cannot be fear alone that these issues cannot be addressed in a balanced way. Our SFA and smsm have no shame and will always protect and promote this new club with all it’s traditions and values, which seem to have been carried over from the old club. I will always refer to them as a new club as liquidation actually took place of the CLUB.  Shamefully I actually did buy papers on that day,not bought any since I may add. 

Enough is enough
Edinburgh Tax Network on 14th Dec an address by Rt Hon Lord Hodge on SC decision concerning RFC.  Details below.  get in first as there could be a stampede from our smsm for front row seats

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