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News from Newcastle… “MIKE Ashley won’t allow Newcastle United to miss …

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News from Newcastle…

“MIKE Ashley won’t allow Newcastle United to miss out on a place in Europe because of his involvement in Rangers.

Newcastle owner Ashley also owns nine per cent of Rangers, and had been linked with a takeover of the crisis-hit Scottish giants.
That was effectively ended yesterdaqy when South African Dave King took control of the Ibrox club, although Ashley still has a sizeable influence on the club because of the merchandise contract Sports Direct has with Rangers, and the £10m loans they owe him.

There had been the threat that, should Ashley take control of Rangers and get them into Europe, then it would have stopped Newcastle playing continental football because of UEFA’s dual ownership regulations.

However, Newcastle’s board, in minutes released after a Fan’s Forum, said that the Toon owner won’t risk United’s European qualification because of his involvement with the Gers.

The minutes said: “The board stated it is aware of the UEFA regulations regarding the situation. The club and its owner would not put Newcastle United in a position where it would lose a European place because of Rangers.”

The Newcastle board, which had managing director Lee Charnley present, where also asked if Rangers would become a ‘feeder club’ for Newcastle.

This came after United loaned the Scottish Championship side five players in January – Kevin Mbabu, Haris Vuckic, Shane Ferguson, Remie Streete and Gael Bigirimana.”

The reply said: “The board stated that it is exploring the possibility of strategic partnerships with a number of clubs. A number of Premier League clubs already have this type of arrangement/relationship. The purpose of this would be to send players to these clubs to aid their development with the ultimate beneficiary being Newcastle United.”

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Spot the difference?
vansen says:
March 7, 2015 at 8:28 pm

Maybe Paul Murray should be more concerned about the following rather than leading Scottish football:

3) Most of the first team leaving at the end of the season
I have a sneaking suspicion that number three isn’t keeping him awake at night..

Spot the difference?
hangerhead says:
March 7, 2015 at 12:19 pm
How do all the rest of the clubs feel about this?

“Johnston told BBC Scotland. “”It gets competition back in there and that’s what’s good for Scottish football.””

Obviously, with the tightest top league in years, the fact that 2nd place is guaranteed not to belong to another Glasgow club. we can’t possibly be having competition, can we?
Hangerhead, you’ll forgive me if I find it hard to get excited about non Glasgow clubs finishing second (I take it your ruling out a late rally from Partick Thistle btw 😛 )

While I’ve been impressed by Aberdeen’s tenacity this season and its refreshing to see them still in touch I think we all know just how this ends.

Same as the season before, the one before that…and so on.

We’re looking at Elephants in the room here and whether or not it stays at one or goes back to two it’ll have to be addressed sooner or later or Scottish football will die on its a**e.

Spot the difference?
Some interesting comments from DK – a peace offering to MA….

“But if Mike Ashley is going to continue his relationship with the club and we assume his contracts are robust and we have to live with them and come to the conclusion they’re fairly balanced to the club and we let the fans know that then they can resume spending”

…and a hint that RIFC won’t be troubling the AIM market for much longer…

He said: “The Nomad is not an issue. Whether Rangers is listed is not an issue. The listing is irrelevant.

“It is something that affects a specific group of investors – of which there is very few right now.

“You have really only got River and Mercantile who as a London-based institution can’t invest in unlisted companies.

“But most of the other shareholders would be as happy to be in the club whether it is listed or not.”

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Small Price to Pay?

NEEPHEIDFEBRUARY 26, 2017 at 12:40
JohnJames is stating as a fact that the Dundee Utd players have been told that they are going into administration on Monday. I really hope that he’s got this one badly wrong

How can I put this – complete and utter pish – like most of his output

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench

JIMBOJANUARY 6, 2017 at 16:01
‘The Rangers’   I’ve often wondered how Charles Green got away with such a miniscule change to the name.  As I understood it, under the phoenix laws any new business arising from the ashes had to have a significantly different name so that it could not be seen to go into liquidation, shed the debt and start again unharmed, name intact

IIRC (and it is a while ago now) permission was sought (by CG) from and granted by the liquidators BDO.
Perhaps someone else who kept notes or has a better memory than me might confirm this?

The Causes of Crime
The whole thing smacks of poetic justice you might say…

“Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.” 

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 at 05:09
Wrt Ranger’s reported desire to see strict liability brought in.

The cynic would suppose that they know the other clubs are dead set against it so it makes them look good while they know it’s never gonnae happen…

Even if it turns out that Phil is correct and the Scottish government will insist they’d still look better than the others and if it’s inevitable they’ve nothing to loose.

TBH I’m struggling to understand how it could be tacked onto ground licencing without local authorities rather than the SFA becoming responsible for enforcement and sanctions which I truly doubt they’d want involved in.

Finally you’d hope they’d simply decided it was time to put a cork in the choir’s gob for their own benefit and that of football and Scottish society as a whole – well a man can dream, can’t he 09

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
SEPTEMBER 28,  2016 at 18:13
I note that while the panel rejected the…error…over the designation of the club (cough) they suggested that the SFA might want to tighten up on that in future 12
Bit late 10 

I assume the charges against Rangers were dropped as the consideration of Hibs covered the same ground? 

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