Spot the difference?

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I think apart from the quote above from mini M …

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I think apart from the quote above from mini M was the obvious fact that they have NO idea what contracts exist, what their worth either to individuals or organisations.
AND they will wait till Monday to find out.
If Id bought a lucky bag that was wriggling or ticking Id be at least poking it by now.
Beggars belief Id be tearing the drawers out and examining every scrap of paper and downloading all the servers too.
I withdraw my savvy businessmen remark of earlier.

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Spot the difference?
To put it simply CG put Sevco on the markets.
When you do that you are obliged to do what the market dictates.
The market has dictated (today) a change of personnel.
What that personnel wants to do is up to them.
Subject to that markets rules.
I wont comment on how closely that market rules its rules as it were.

We shouldn’t be in the business on here of working out convoluted ways to liquidation etc.

Why do we care?

Maybe if someone we knew bought a car we knew the brakes didn’t work at all we might.

These are big bright financially savvy men o the world.

Sit back and see what’s next.

As someone said a few days back stop fitting a outcome to suit. What will be will be.

Spot the difference?
Let DK get on with it.

The actuallitie might be very interesting when the drawers are opened the envelopes found etc.

My guess is the first 2 to 3 mill will go in lawyers fees rather than players given his determination NOT to pay contracts he deems naughty.

Spot the difference?

Err just where its always been and I never noticed!

Jings crivens wheres ma bucket

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