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And as if by magic here is some if it:- Daily …

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And as if by magic here is some if it:-
Daily Record  exclusive Gary Ralston 16th August 2016.
A RUN of the mill media enquiry has left Stewart Regan fighting for credibility and maybe even his job as chief executive of the SFA.
Regan misled Record Sport on the scheduling of a meeting he agreed to host with Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson on the aftermath of the Scottish Cup Final.
Rangers were angered by many of the findings of the independent report by Sheriff  Edward Bowen into the chaos at the end of the Hampden showpiece in May.
They issued a statement 11 days ago demanding talks with key figures to address “contradictions and inaccuracies”.
The Ibrox club requested a meeting with Bowen QC, SFA compliance officer Tony McGlennan and Regan amid concerns findings submitted by them had been overlooked or ignored in the 52-page report.
Robertson made contact with Regan last week and was told in no uncertain terms a meeting with Bowen and McGlennan, who has still to issue his findings from the perspective of football justice, was out of the question.
But he told Robertson he was happy to meet “early next week” for “informal” discussions in the presence of SFA chief operating officer Andrew McKinlay.
Astonishingly however, Regan briefed to. the contrary when contacted by Record Sport last Wednesday to ask if Rangers as they had promised had contacted the SFA for a meeting and if any date had been arranged for talks.
He confirmed a meeting with McGlennan and Bowen could never happen, then added he was happy to have informal talks with Robertson at the “appropriate” time, ideally when the judicial process was complete.
That response surprised Rangers who insisted Robertson
–        on holiday in England last week but dealing with emails and calls
–        had already brokered his deal to meet early this week, which they took to mean Monday or Tuesday.
Regan stuck to his guns in a phone call to Record Sport on Thursday night, in which he again offered a version of events that was at odds with Robertson’s.
The SFA chief said: “I said I’d spoken to Robertson on the phone and we’d get together at some point when he gets back from his holiday.
“There was no meeting,there was nothing finalised,nothing arranged. It was literally left that we weren’t going to get involved because of the independent process.
And there’s more, front page, back page, page 50 and page 51.12

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Staying On The Problem
Phil Mac post July 28th 2016
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Ten Euro Tam
July 29,2016 at 1:22 pm

1,355 words, but a good read.

Staying On The Problem
July 31, 2016 at 20:50
“Well those paper trails still exist “
Google HTtrack Auldheid, they certainly do exist. 07

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