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Wottpi, Doncaster’s claims today that the ‘Joker’ system benefits Scottish clubs …

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Doncaster’s claims today that the ‘Joker’ system benefits Scottish clubs financially.

It is not altogether clear whether me means ALL clubs or just the clubs who can arrange lucrative friendlies.

Alan Archibald’s position is understandable in terms of revenue for Thistle. He will be disappointed at not being able to face Celtic for financial and football reasons.

There is always a big away support at a Glasgow derby. I wonder if there is any compensation available to them due to the game being rearranged in the less financially attractive midweek – and perhaps at a less exciting time in the season.

Celtic’s position on the other hand is equally understandable. They too want to maximise their income, and the club’s profile gets them invited to things like that. However the Scottish season has over the last decade or so started earlier than other European leagues. The competition Celtic participated in is a pre-season warm up for most clubs, but straddles the beginning of the season in Scotland.

One wee ironic observation is Peter Lawwell’s much-publicised remarks about ‘the integrity of the competition’ when Rangers wanted to tinker with the the league season timetable when they reached the UEFA Cup final.

Compounding matters is the identified need for Scottish football to start even sooner to better prepare our clubs playing in European competitions.

The particular issue is one of money – although there are wider issues for the game in general.

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Staying On The Problem
New blog – strangely, about Celtic, by a Hearts fan 🙂

Staying On The Problem


JJs site has nothing to do with SFM, but I am sorry about your perception of attitudes on here.

However, deliberately insulting folk is beneath you, and I am sad and disappointed that you have decided to make that kind of generalised attack that we have tried to weed out when talking about fans of ANY club. 

I see no arrogance at all from Celtic fans on here. I do see Celtic fans (often too quickly) jump to the defence of their club, but I don’t see any arrogance.

Also the accusation has appeared again that there is too much Celtic content on here. And again, I have to repeat Tris’s earlier assertion that again, the Celtic content has been instantiated in the main by non-Celtic fans.

It is disappointing to have to defend the blog and the moderators against this kind of charge. I am almost tempted to start up a “Is this a Celtic blog?” thread, so anyone who feels that it is worthy of discussion can have at it. However, it is clearly appropriate to the Moderation thread, and from here on in, that is where it should go – as long as insults are left out.

Staying On The Problem


I assure you that you are not reading the signs correctly if you think that I don’t recognise poor behaviour on the part of Celtic – especially if you read these pages. However I don’t recognise any bad behaviour in any of the clubs who have availed themselves of the Joker facility, however laughable the thing is.

Whilst the facility is quite farcical in the way the end-of-season split is; it’s not something I am particularly fussed about. It’s also not new, so the clubs don’t appear to want to go to the wall over it either, and I don’t mean just the clubs who have made use of it like Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs.

I should add that I think the effect the Joker has on other clubs undoubtedly affects the integrity of our competition. But, it is an administrative failure and less of a concern in the grand scheme of things than the corruption that has gone on over the past few years.

Also, I strongly disagree that a TRFC-Celtic match would not be postponed to accommodate a big money friendly. The rearranged match would still be a sell-out and the only people who would suffer would be far-travelled ST holders. The only caveat I have with that is that the broadcasters may have something to say about it – but then again, maybe not.

Are Celtic systematically receiving special treatment by the authorities? My own opinion is that they don’t. Celtic fans will queue up to tell you of situations where they thought the opposite was the case (the Hampden Year and the Cadette registration being the most obvious ones), but I don’t subscribe to that school of thought either.

As with everything else in this setup, money drives it all. We keep saying it, but if we try to be colour-blind and follow the money, we won’t be far wrong at the end of the process.

If my, or Tris’s status as Celtic fans implies to anyone that the blog has become Celtic-centric, then there is clearly no basis for trust in us as moderators, or respect for the efforts we have made to build a coalition of fans of all Scottish teams. I thought we were long past that, but if that situation makes us unqualified to speak about Celtic, then we should just fold the tents. 

Fundamentally, I agree with you. Wrong is wrong and right is right. The trouble is there is so much that is wrong we need to prioritise. 

At SFM, we are looking for things which unite us as fans. We’d have no trouble at all finding things where we disagree – that’s too easy – and that is what club specific fans forums do best.

Hopefully, SFM is pish at that.

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