Staying On The Problem

ByBig Pink

Staying On The Problem


It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
Albert Einstein

The recent flurries of activity regarding the mis-governance of the Scottish Football authorities gave us some hope that perhaps the dam was about to be breached. Sadly, this has not proved to be the case. The independent TOG report, which highlighted the deeply flawed nature of the LNS inquiry and drew attention to the anomalous activities of the SFA in awarding Rangers FC a European competition licence in 2011, moved the discussion beyond the shores of Scotland. Subsequently, a letter from UEFA to lawyers representing Celtic shareholders reportedly confirmed that the licence had been awarded in contravention of the rules and protocols of the competition.

The TOG report concluded that there was a prima facie case suggesting that LNS had been misled, or misinformed. It suggested that Nimmo Smith may have been misled by SFA President Campbell Ogilvie when he gave evidence about the EBTs in operation at Ibrox, and that the SFA were unable or unwilling to ensure fair play in the game in Scotland. With respect to sanctions, LNS concluded that all EBTs were lawful and open to other clubs. This was of course factually incorrect, since despite the suspicious and comical FUBAR of the last-minute change to the terms of reference designed to exclude DOS EBTs, LNS still had sight of them.

The facts are pretty damning for the authorities. Rules were dispensed with over the licence issue, during which there appeared to be a curious request (to Rangers!) by the Chief Executive of the SFA for ‘permission’ to explain the SFA decision. On the SPFL side, terms of reference mentioned above were altered at the onset of the LNS inquiry to allow LNS to exclude the DOS EBTs, a strong indication that LNS was not only misled, but that he was deliberately led to the conclusion that the authorities desired.

The facts are there. So too is a very strong suspicion that evidence was falsified, and that erroneous conclusions were arrived at. The SFA/SPFL/MSM response? Silence. The same people who hold up their hands in horror at the IOC’s decision not to impose a blanket ban on Russia for alleged state-sponsored doping COMPLETELY ignore the cover up by our own authorities in the matter of systematic cheating and financial doping on our own doorstep.

The SFA, SPFL, the clubs, and their little helpers in the press are happy to sit by and enable cheating. Why? Because they see it as in their own interests?

If so. it must be personal self interest. What began as an understandable fear that tens of thousands of paying customers would be lost to the game has evolved into a trousers-at-the-ankles, Rixian farce of a cover-up.

There has been not one sentence of coherent rebuttal received from any of the above constituencies. Neither the SFA, the SPFL, the media, nor the clubs have even attempted to give us any justification for what went on.

The SFA are so rudderless and devoid of purpose that the Chief Executive feels justified in telling a group of people that he wouldn’t be motivated to do anything in response to systematic cheating, and an unremarkable former journalist turned PR operative can exclaim in a perfect study of un-self awareness, “I AM THE SFA!!” – whilst the President of that body smiles in senile obeisance, or childlike ignorance.

Yet those who present facts and ask serious questions about their behaviour are portrayed as bampots? If you weren’t a witness to this stuff as it happens, you would scarcely believe it.

There has been not one sentence of coherent rebuttal received from any of the above constituencies. Neither the SFA, the SPFL, the media, nor the clubs have even attempted to give us any justification for what went on.

Celtic have been (somewhat unfairly on occasion) on the wrong end of criticism from those of us who see the honesty of the game as paramount. They are only one club in a host of clubs whose interests have been crapped on by the failure of governance in the game in Scotland – and yet have done nothing to demonstrate their distaste for the rulebreaking.

David Murray may well have started this, but he fled the scene and lost his influence at Hampden long before the finish. Consequently, the clubs have failed the fans – wilfully so.

The Celtic issue though is more complicated. Unfortunately for them, they have a larger, and commensurately more powerful support than most – and that power was exercised by a group of their own shareholders who sought their own path to truth and justice. The fact that those shareholders gathered compelling evidence of wrongdoing at the SFA, took the trouble to set up official communications with the club, and that they then passed on their concerns along with that compelling evidence – certainly compelling enough to UEFA it seems – speaks volumes for their determination.

Our clubs are just not as invested in sporting integrity as the rest of us

That put Celtic in an uncomfortable place, but the fact that not one word of substance has emanated from them in support of those shareholders – despite the words of encouragement they may or may not have issued privately to the guys who took up the cause on the club’s behalf – is a plain enough message that they like their fellow clubs are just not as invested in sporting integrity as the rest of us.
My wholehearted and comprehensive contempt though is not reserved just for Celtic, despite the moral deficiency which has seen them ignore the excellent efforts of their shareholders to compel them to do the right thing.

My contempt is applied equally and liberally among all the clubs, for they are most deserving of it. We needn’t feel betrayed by the lackeys who run the SFA and SPFL. They do the bidding of the clubs – and the clubs alone.

Nor should we see the media as chief villains. The same media routinely print untruths and misinformation on a daily basis to deliberately mislead us on far more important issues than football. Hardly a betrayal from them – just western democracy.

The clubs tell us that ‘we are all in this together’, but in reality their real attitude is ‘us and them’

Hampden Towers

Hampden Towers

But the clubs’ betrayal of the sport and the fans is by far the most serious of all. They will tell us that ‘we are all in this together’, but in reality their real attitude is an ‘us and them’ one, digging moats around the boardroom to better defend themselves from fan participation. Based on the loyalty they know we all have for the colours, they think that with time this thing will go away, that the natives will calm down and the sophisticates in the boardrooms will see the order of things return to normal. One thing is certain – they certainly can’t all sign up Brendan Rogers (or equivalent) as manager each and every season ticket round!

But that is the game they are playing. Playing for time. Time that they hope will cloud the issue, to make it recede as a morning mist, and disappear completely in time for a free business lunch – business as usual.
Like Einstein says, being ready to spend a little more time on a problem pays dividends. Those with the wind of truth behind them don’t have to be particularly clever. They do have to be willing to spend as much time as necessary on the problem, and let the wind take them to where they need to be.

And they will get there, because those vested interests that deny the truth have (as we have shown) NOTHING to say. It is only a matter of time and patience – and staying on the problem.

It needn’t get nasty, it needn’t become abusive, it needn’t become complicated – but it might well get loud.


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Big Pink is John Cole; a former schoolteacher based in the West of Scotland, He is also a print and broadcast journalist who is engaged in the running of SFM . Former gigs include Newstalk 106, the Celtic View, and Channel67. A Celtic fan, he is also the voice of our podcast initiative.

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Big PinkPosted on7:14 pm - Aug 5, 2016

The report most definitely homes in on 200 Hibs fans who crossed the halfway line with the intention of goading TRFC fans – and sets a sympathetic tone for the exuberance of the rest of the field invaders in the historical context of the game itself.

It also mentions 200 TRFC fans who responded to the goading and engaged in fighting.

I think that is fairly straightforward and even handed. In that case, one would imagine punishments to be broadly similar for both clubs – although given the broadly clean bill of health given to the SFA, HPL and the clubs in terms of preparation for the contingencies, I fail to see how anyone other than the 400 eejits are deserving of punishment.

In a football sense, retaliation is red card offence, often punished more excessively than the original offender.

The SFA are a football organisation. Will punishments reflect that? 

Answers on a postcard ….

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Cluster OnePosted on7:23 pm - Aug 5, 2016

EASYJAMBOAUGUST 5, 2016 at 16:59 6 0  Rate This 
The Independent Report is out.
Was the Compliance Officer report on the game not due out today also? or have i missed it

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Jingso.JimsiePosted on7:36 pm - Aug 5, 2016

I’ve just finished reading all of the report. Rather balanced, in my view.

According to Sheriff Bowen, the match was the responsibility of Hampden Park Ltd. Current directors of that august body include Alan McRae & Stewart Regan. Will they slap each other’s wrist, whilst wearing their SFA hats? 

I was also taken aback by the Sheriff’s assertion that there had been (oxymoron alert!) ‘intelligence’ concerning a planned disturbance by ‘certain fans’ (Which ones? No need to be coy, Teddy!) at the TRFC/Celtic League Cup semi in February 2015 (section 3.4.1. in the report). John James has mentioned this in passing several times & has been generally thought to have been spouting rubbish. 

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EddiegoldtopPosted on7:56 pm - Aug 5, 2016

Big Pink .

I think you may be mistaken ? At no point does the report mention 200 Hibs fans taunting their rivals . If you read section 6 . Sequence of Events , in its entirety,  you will see that it says only 10-15 Hibs fans taunted TRFC fans at which point 200 TRFC fans began entering the field of play to begin fighting . Call it retaliating if you want . I’m sure that won’t sit well with the fans or directors of the Ibrox club as it blows away the ” victim ” card that they disgracefully played after the final. 
I also note that the official statement today from TRFC as well as questioning the integrity of the report it also fails to recognise that their own fans entered the field of play ! 
What will it take for the SFA / SPFL to bring these out of control Rangers* directors to heel ? 

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HomunculusPosted on8:09 pm - Aug 5, 2016

The report does seem reasonable balanced, however I can’t find the bit where he acknowledges that a section of the Rangers support only went on to the field to heroically defend their players, staff, women, children and the disabled. He seems to be suggesting that they only went on because they Hibs support were winding them up and they wanted to respond with violence. 

We all know that the Police and stewards were doing nothing about it so the fans had to protect their own, any group of supporters would have done the same. 

It’s an important bit to miss out, when you go to the bother of including sectarian singing during the game. Which clearly wouldn’t be provocative.

I also can’t find the bit in his terms of reference where it says “Whatever else you do, make sure to mention Celtic”, though to be fair that is a bit of a given when there is any prospect of Rangers being criticised. 

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easyJamboPosted on8:37 pm - Aug 5, 2016

Eddiegoldtop August 5, 2016 at 19:56
I think the number of Hibs fans taunting Rangers fans or engaging in unacceptable conduct is open to interpretation.

My reading of the report  suggests that the 10-15 Hibs fans mentioned in Section 6 referred to the initial number of fans, at a specific moment in time (16:52:14), who were taunting the Rangers fans. Bowen says at 16:52:22 that Rangers fans started coming over the walls, some had reached the pitch by 16:52:42, a number which had grown to 200 less than a minute later.

The 200 Hibs fans reference came from Section 7.1.2
7.1.2. Whilst the vast majority of Hibs supporters who went onto the pitch did so in a spirit of jubilation a small number, probably no more than 200, behaved in a manner which went well beyond a manifestation of high spirits. There were incidents involving direct physical confrontation with Rangers players which included the hurling of obscene language and sectarian abuse. Similar conduct was directed at Rangers officials. There was chaos and confusion in the Technical Area. The fans who proceeded to the West end of the Stadium engaged in abusive taunting of Rangers supporters, with a view to generating a hostile reaction. There were incidents of wilful, direct and abusive defiance of lawful instructions given by Police Officers at the time of the pitch invasion. None of this can be justified on the basis of high spirits.

Again, my reading of that section would be that the 200 Hibs fans included those intent on abusing players and officials rather than just Rangers fans. I think Bowen has viewed the halfway line as a demarcation zone. Anyone who went further is likely to have been viewed as inciting a reaction.

In simple terms my interpretation was that 200 of the Hibs fans on the pitch engaged in unacceptable conduct,  and equally 200 Rangers fans did likewise when they responded to the taunting and abuse from anything from something in excess of 10 but below 200 Hibs fans.  

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Big PinkPosted on9:17 pm - Aug 5, 2016


Agree with all of that.

Saved me the trouble of writing back to Eddie. I think it is reasonable to conclude that the report estimated 200 Hibs fans as being provocative and 200 TRFC fans as retaliating.

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Big PinkPosted on9:26 pm - Aug 5, 2016

I think someone needs to tell TRFC that the inquiry wasn’t into a ‘ pitch invasion by Hibernian supporters’.

In fact it was a report of the ‘organisation and management of the Match by the Scottish Football Association’

Good spin but ….

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Big PinkPosted on9:58 pm - Aug 5, 2016

Have attached a PDF of the report for anyone wishing to access. Before reading, it may be useful to know that some information is included in a timeline sequence of events, and other contemporaneous events are related outwith the timeline, having the effect of being misleading, and obscuring some important information.

Already some folk are misunderstanding (in some cases possibly deliberately) what seems a fairly straightforward assessment of what happened, why it happened, and what could be done within reason to minimise the chances of a repeat.

In other words, exactly what didn’t happen in the aftermath of the RFC implosion, the licensing issue, or LNS.

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SmugasPosted on10:09 pm - Aug 5, 2016

Interesting.  I possibly am not giving Smith the credit he deserved for the Scotsman article on a reread.  Given that he was critical of several elements early on I thought he was surprisingly light (pleasingly factual but not judgemental) on LNS.  Equally I was puzzled by the odd add-on paragraph about Celtic at the end.  But then I see his declaration that financial muscle – a key facet of LNS’ consideration of Oldco – “guaranteed success.”  

For a diddy that’s quite an important distinction

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gr8fulceltPosted on11:17 pm - Aug 5, 2016

Donation made – sincere appreciation to all the folk who do the heavy lifting on this site and are keeping alive the quest for honesty, transparency and integrity in Scottish football.

Thanks for the message – and the donation. Both appreciated.

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jimboPosted on1:00 am - Aug 6, 2016

`GR8, you should post more often.

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John ClarkPosted on1:28 am - Aug 6, 2016

EddiegoldtopAugust 5, 2016 at 19:56
‘…What will it take for the SFA / SPFL to bring these out of control Rangers* directors to heel ? ‘
For starters, Eddiegoldtop, it would take a degree of moral courage that the chaps simply don’t have, even if they were motivated by any sense of principle.
But of course, principle went out the window long ago when SDM managed to buy such great influence .
They allowed a level of cheating unparalleled in  Scotttish Football history because the were afraid of the bully boys.And were happy to do so.
They compromised truth and integrity by dealing with the  charlatan owner of a new club to create the myth that RFC did not die the death.And were happy to do so.
And they had the enthusiastic backing of the SMSM , particularly of BBC Radio Scotland, in so doing.
They were called out by Turnbull Hutton, but every other club’s Board has  gone along with the untruths  and the deceit, thus allowing a Board chaired by a convicted criminal to exercise a ridiculous power over them, that makes them look like rabbits caught in the headlights.
Except that such rabbits are innocent, while they are not.

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AuldheidPosted on1:54 am - Aug 6, 2016

Andrew Smith has had the LNS narrative for quite some time. Certainly long enough to refute it, so he knows the narrative of deception is a true one.

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John ClarkPosted on2:34 am - Aug 6, 2016

SmugasAugust 5, 2016 at 22:09
‘… I possibly am not giving Smith the credit he deserved for the Scotsman article on a reread. ‘
Sadly, I have to say that you and I and probably most of the readers of this blog could have written what Smith has written.

It is not at all an ‘analysis’ of the saga,merely a summary of well known events-without any journalistic attempt at questioning the people responsible for the events!

Where was he as a journalist, a newshound, an enquirer into the fabulous wealth of SDM, into the nexus between ex-RFC personnel responsible for the introduction in that club of the  DOS and knowledgeable -from personal experience- of EBTs-who become President of the SFA?

Where was he in the journalistic questioning stakes when we heard of the wee dinner parties?

Where was he when Radar Jackson was talking such sh.te about Whyte’s wealth off the radar?
When Traynor was being paid by the BBC while working his way into a PR job with ‘Rangers?

God Almighty!
If this were Turkey, Smith would, like the rest of the SMSM, be in no danger of being arrested.

With one honourable exception, every damned one of our football hacks is in the mire of deception, untruth, and propagation of the Big Lie.
Dress it up as they will.

Smith is by no means the worst. But he is nevertheless tainted, because he will not call a spade a spade, or a new club a new club

In my opinion.

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Jimmy BonesPosted on6:52 am - Aug 6, 2016

Just a brief thought on the TE discussion from yesterday.  Perhaps he is maintaining this line of argument because he realises or has been advised that to deviate from it could cause his freelance income from certain quarters (that is, from BBC Scotland) to dry up.

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upthehoopsPosted on7:23 am - Aug 6, 2016

BIG PINKAUGUST 5, 2016 at 21:17 
Agree with all of that.
Saved me the trouble of writing back to Eddie. I think it is reasonable to conclude that the report estimated 200 Hibs fans as being provocative and 200 TRFC fans as retaliating.

According to Derek Johnstone, Hibs fans (no specific number mentioned) took to the field intending to attack Rangers players and staff. Even Hugh Keevins, despite his obvious shit stirring intentions, seemed very uncomfortable with this ridiculous assertion. Despite that, Johnstone and his ilk will continue to be celebrated among the Scottish media. 

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Cluster OnePosted on8:58 am - Aug 6, 2016
Furthermore, in the one and only passage in the report which i thought might be worthy of further comment,Sheriff Principal Bowen pointed out that the Hibs fans were well behaved all through the match and that the only cause for concern came from the “west stand supporters” who engaged in “the use of pyrotechnics and sectarian singing”.
Thanks to James Forrest.
What will the punishment (if any) to the club who’s fans were in the west stand and using pyrotechnics and singing sectarian songs, It is now in the report and shows it happened. If any punishment has to be given out what will it be and when, and who will authorise it?
Is a demand for answers from the ibrox club a deflection as a means to kick any punnishment down the road?

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ulyanovaPosted on9:01 am - Aug 6, 2016

A sinner repenteth?

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Cluster OnePosted on9:12 am - Aug 6, 2016

ULYANOVAAUGUST 6, 2016 at 09:01 0 0  Rate This 
A sinner repenteth?
And after that he finnishes with, Four tumultuous years later, Rangers are back; a coachload of troubles behind them, and many challenges looming on the road ahead…..oh dear very poor

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tamjartmarquezPosted on9:30 am - Aug 6, 2016
Cluster & Ulya, an anonymous BBC reporter gets details of SPFL curtain raiser factually correct04. Alas Mike Bushell gets back on script on flagship national broadcaster breakfast tv 19

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gerrybhoy67Posted on10:39 am - Aug 6, 2016

ULYANOVAAUGUST 6, 2016 at 09:01 A sinner repenteth?
At the bottom of the Guardian story I found a very good link for an article by our esteemed friend who started us off!!
With classic lines like –
“I am in no doubt: Scotland’s media, sports and business desks alike, are complicit in the disaster than has befallen Rangers. They killed their golden goose.”
“It is a story of the unmet need for the straight story, uncorrupted by the sinister Triangle of Trade that renders most of what passes as news in Scotland’s media outlets as worthless. It is the tale of why things went so wrong at Rangers and why the club’s many fans seemed paralysed by disbelief until it was too late.”
“The last vertex of this triangle is the reader – the average football fan. Fed a diet rich in sycophantic rubbish, he lost the ability to review critically what he was reading. Super-casino developments worth £700m complete with hover-pitches were still being touted to Rangers fans even after the first news of the tax case broke. Along with “Ronaldo To Sign For Rangers” nonsense, it is little wonder that the majority of the club’s fans were in a state of stupefaction in recent years. They were misled by those who ran their club. They were deceived by a media pack that had to know that the stories it peddled were false.”
He was absolutely brilliant.

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parnnoyedPosted on12:30 pm - Aug 6, 2016

The hour is upon us when a club, Club 12 has been allowed to compete in our Premier league. A club seen by the administrators of our sport as an institution without which our sport is doomed.
Armageddon anyone??? 

This will all end in tears.

You other clubs fans are more or less being told your clubs are meaningless.

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RMcGeddawnPosted on12:55 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Anyone help with further questions for the SFM Scottish football quiz?

1. Name the only footballer to have played for all three Old Firm Clubs?
2. Which two major Scottish clubs were never ever relegated from the top division? 



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upthehoopsPosted on1:24 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Given that BBC are providing live radio commentary from Ibrox today it is fair to assume the dispute with Rangers has been resolved. Licence payers are entitled to ask if concessions have been made to Rangers. 

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jimlarkinPosted on3:14 pm - Aug 6, 2016

RMCGEDDAWNAUGUST 6, 2016 at 12:55
Anyone help with further questions for the SFM Scottish football quiz?
1. Name the only footballer to have played for all three Old Firm Clubs?2. Which two major Scottish clubs were never ever relegated from the top division?

1 – Kenny Miller has played for Rangers FC, Celtic FC and The Rangers FC
2 – Celtic FC and Rangers FC* have never been relegated (* before going bust and into Liquidation)

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AuldheidPosted on4:43 pm - Aug 6, 2016

gerrybhoy67August 6, 2016 at 10:39
“HMRC, taking a stern view of clubs defaulting on tax”,

The same HMRC that apparently agreed after discussions in March 2011 to hold off 6 weeks before asking for tax owed from 2001 to be paid?
The devil is in the detail.

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Sergio BiscuitsPosted on6:12 pm - Aug 6, 2016

1. Trick question, there aren’t 3 ‘Old Firm’ clubs, there were only two and one of those is deceased.
2. Celtic and Aberdeen have never been relegated.

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John ClarkPosted on6:17 pm - Aug 6, 2016

So, the wee man whose salary we paid via the BBC licence fee, the wee man who dismissed Campbell Ogilvie’s EBT as hardly the cost of a good night out, and who tried, on air, repeatedly to mislead people into thinking that Dave king was not a convicted criminal, has retired!
And he bloody well pops up as a guest on off the Ball!
Nothing like being looked after by BBC Radio Scotland for toeing the party line loyally, eh, what? While others are not supported for speaking the truth.

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andyPosted on6:35 pm - Aug 6, 2016

OHN CLARKAUGUST 6, 2016 at 18:17 0 0  Rate This 
So, the wee man whose salary we paid via the BBC licence fee, the wee man who dismissed Campbell Ogilvie’s EBT as hardly the cost of a good night out, and who tried, on air, repeatedly to mislead people into thinking that Dave king was not a convicted criminal, has retired!And he bloody well pops up as a guest on off the Ball!Nothing like being looked after by BBC Radio Scotland for toeing the party line loyally, eh, what? While others are not supported for speaking the truth.
He was on Radio Scotlands champions league coverage on weds at Celtic Park  I heard the end of it and he was reporting on the Rodgers news conference after the game 

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John ClarkPosted on6:52 pm - Aug 6, 2016

andyAugust 6, 2016 at 18:35
‘..He was on Radio Scotlands champions league coverage on weds at Celtic Park’
Aye, I’m not sure whether he might just formally have retired yesterday:Tam just mentioned that ‘Chick has recently retired’, but he might already have retired and still got the Celtic park gig-as a wee farewell present, with best wishes for a Celtic defeat!02

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tamjartmarquezPosted on6:56 pm - Aug 6, 2016

SERGIO BISCUITS True, but a 10th place finish in 1999/2000 under Ebbe Skovdahl, should have seen Aberdeen relegated but a restructure in the SPL to increase it from ten to twelve teams saved the club.

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Madbhoy24941Posted on7:05 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Sergio BiscuitsAugust 6, 2016 at 18:12 
RMCGEDDAWN 1. Trick question, there aren’t 3 ‘Old Firm’ clubs, there were only two and one of those is deceased. 2. Celtic and Aberdeen have never been relegated.


Technically, there are 3 top level teams that have never been relegated from the top flight:
1. Aberdeen
2. Celtic
3. The Rangers (not possible since it’s the first season at that level, but still a fact)

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Sergio BiscuitsPosted on7:28 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Funnily enough, I thought of Sevco just after I posted!
Mind you, after watching them today it may be back to 2 clubs again next season. 13

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AOBPosted on8:17 pm - Aug 6, 2016

You are correct that the league was expanded to 12 teams for the following season and Aberdeen finished last that season.  There was supposed to be a 3-team play-off between bottom (Dandies) and the top two in the First division (Falkirk and Dunfermline). Two out of the three would participate in the top tier the following season.
All optimistic Dons fans know we would have won the play-offs and stayed up but yet another daft rule came into play that year – yes the Falkirk stadium capacity was too low for top tier!
Dunfermline benefited by getting a straight promotion and Aberdeen just stayed where they were.
In other words – nowhere near relegation 0214

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TrisidiumPosted on9:47 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Hate to have to mention that our operating bills fall due soon and that consequently, our twice-a-year appeal is now underway. Hoping to raise around £1200 this time as we still owe the maintenance people around £300 from the DOS attack earlier in the year.

Morale isn’t exactly high right now, and in this situation perhaps we could have done a bit of a Wallace rallying cry; “You may take our old clubs, but you can never take our history!” kinda thing – but we thought you would all see through it 🙂

You can help SFM here at the Donate Page

Help us continue to carry the message

See front page for more details …

UPDATE: Currently just about halfway to our target folks. As usual, some VERY generous donations – thanks for the response.

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stevoPosted on10:41 pm - Aug 6, 2016

Ross County have never been relegated from the top flight.

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John ClarkPosted on10:57 pm - Aug 6, 2016

ulyanovaAugust 6, 2016 at 09:01
‘..A sinner repenteth?’
Cluster OneAugust 6, 2016 at 09:12
‘….And after that he finishes with, Four tumultuous years later, Rangers are back; ..’
I have emailed David Conn at the “Grauniad” to ask why he refers to “Rangers”  being back, and to the ‘OF’.
I ask him whether he  actually know the facts? Or whether it’s a case of him, despite  knowing the facts choosing , like his counterparts in the SMSM, to propagate untruths?

I will not hold my breath waiting for a reply because ,of course , he is not going to admit to being ignorant, and he certainly will not admit to practising deceit and double-speak on his readers.

But if he does reply , I’ll post  what he says. 

And I do have a mind that would not let me block out the truth!

If he, or any SMSM hack, can demonstrate that they have access to facts that they have personally checked and can cite references for, facts that may be unknown to me or any of the rest of us, which contradict anything I have to say and supports what they write as ‘truth’, I will quite readily yield to those facts.

Quite a while ago, I heard of an ‘expert’ witness who, in cross-examination, admitted that when he said he ‘confirmed’ the truth of someone’s statement, all he was doing was confirming what he had been told, not that he had independently checked the truth of what he had been told!

It is our common experience that our football hacks merely relay what the RIFC/TRFC/SFA  PR machines tell them, with never a hard question asked as to the underlying truth of the material fed to them.

On the Res 12 issue, for example, the hacks, if they have said anything at all, simply say ‘the SFA tell us that there was nothing underhand and that UEFA were not misled or lied to”. No attempt at establishing the truth independently.

I would hope that Conn ( and that’s an unfortunate name for a journalist!) will engage with me, to explain his view and the reasons for it.

But I don’t think he is likely to have any more moral courage or analytical, questioning , truth-seeking qualities than our native hacks;or if he has, I suspect that he will not use them if the result would be to blow the whole Big Lie apart.

He also, I further suspect,  would not be the kind of journalist in any danger of being arrested by Erdogan in Turkey!

But we’ll see.

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John ClarkPosted on11:24 pm - Aug 6, 2016

With reference to my post at 22.57 above,I’ve just this minute checked my emails and there is this, presumably automatic, reply from Mr Conn:

“Hello, thank you for your email. I am currently on holiday until Saturday August 20th, so I will come back to you as soon as possible after I return.
Thanks again,
Best wishes,
David Conn”
So I definitely won’t be holding my breath!02

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John ClarkPosted on12:26 am - Aug 7, 2016

upthehoopsAugust 6, 2016 at 13:24
‘…Licence payers are entitled to ask if concessions have been made to Rangers. ‘
I’ve just adverted to your post,uth.
I missed most of this afternoon’s Sportsound so I don’t know whether there was any explanation given as to why there was live commentary from Ibrox, and the hissy fit  ‘ban’ was lifted.
But, of course, we know that BBC Radio Scotland is unprincipled and/or easily browbeaten enough to be ready to accommodate convicted criminals who exercise control over an essential part of the ‘fabric’.
I think you are quite right to question the bosses of those miserable radio hacks who were orgasmically wetting their knickers at the prospect of “Rangers” being ‘back’ in the top division, and ready to endorse the cheating of SDM and the dead RFC by prating on about the ‘return’ to the top flight.
Clearly, some wee dirty deal was done behind the scenes. But at whose initiative? The top brass at the BBC? Almost certainly.And not from any high-flown motive. But because their  natural sympathies are with the ‘establishment’ club.
And, quite , quite tangentially ,Dame Lowell Goddard springs into my mind: A judge who has sussed that the ‘establishment’ want a whitewash in relation to her much more serious than football matters enquiry.
The mind plays some funny tricks.
But, I would now believe anything of the BBC.

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tamjartmarquezPosted on7:27 am - Aug 7, 2016

JC Hope you receive a Connsidered reply. A not entirely unrelated reply in the Times yesterday to a reader who questioned the Business section use of ‘firm’.  
ROSE WILDaugust 6 2016, 12:01am, the timesWhy we take a firm line on naming companiesrose wild
Robert H Foster wrote from Skipton, North Yorkshire, after we published a report about the future of documents held at Companies House. “You referred at one point to ‘firms’,” he says. “Regularly in The Times, a large company is referred to as a firm. A company is either a private limited company or a public limited company. It has limited liability. It is not a firm, which is a group of two or more persons engaged in business activity together, but not having incorporated as a company and therefore not having limited liability.”
As a solicitor, Mr Foster has an understandable interest in the distinction, but some of us might find it a bit arcane. The Times style guide is on his side, warning writers “not to use ‘firm’ as a synonym of ‘company’.” But the difference is not straightforward, according to our business desk, and doesn’t always line up with limited liability. In their view, “firm” is the correct designation for professional organisations — legal practices, accountancies, consultancies — even those that are limited liability partnerships and file documents at Companies House.
Adding even more mud to the water, investment banks insist on being exceptions to the rule; Goldman Sachs, for example, was incorporated in 1999, but still calls itself a firm on its website. This could be an American thing, but in fairness the English dictionaries I consulted are less dogmatic than Mr Foster. Oxford has a company as “a commercial business” and a firm as “a business concern, especially one involving a partnership of two or more people”, while Collins has a company as “a business enterprise” and a firm as “a business partnership”, but goes on to give examples that are barely distinguishable: “A company is a business organisation that makes money by selling goods or services”, while “a firm is an organisation which sells or produces something or which provides a service which people pay for”.
If you take the relaxed view that a company can be a firm, but a firm cannot be a company unless it is incorporated, you might be prepared to tolerate a bit of flexibility in our reporting, although it is discouraged in our business pages. The snare, as so often, is that a writer trying not to repeat “company” for the umpteenth time in a story will, almost certainly, hit on “firm” for light relief. In these circumstances, and if all else fails, the business editor’s recommendation is, first, “company”, second, “group” and, only in extremis, “firm”.

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upthehoopsPosted on7:38 am - Aug 7, 2016

JOHN CLARKAUGUST 7, 2016 at 00:26


I had to switch BBC off yesterday as I found it nauseating in the extreme. Particularly because they appear to have elevated EBT recipient and ex Rangers player Steven Thomson to some type of senior pundit. Aside from me questioning what value he actually adds, the publicly funded BBC seem to have an almost insatiable appetite for ex Rangers players, and journalists who are known to be Rangers supporters.  Even Cowan and Cosgrove have joked about it on Off the Ball. The only pleasure from what I did listen to yesterday was the clear disappointment that Rangers had not rolled Hamilton over, which was what yesterday was supposed to be all about.  Analysis was provided by ex Rangers players Steven Thomson, Craig Paterson, and Rangers supporting journalist Richard Wilson.  The occasion was basically treated like Rangers were kicking off as Champions of Scotland. Shocking stuff.

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tamjartmarquezPosted on8:00 am - Aug 7, 2016

Aye AOB i can accept that the Dons have never been relegated. …but heevens forbid fit shenanigans, 5 way agreement, went on in summer of 1905 tae get them voted intae the tap division? The Dandies finish 6th…yes 6th and the following season finish 12th in the tap division. Was that McRae fellow just startin oot on his osmotic rise tae the upper echelons?13
DIVISION 2 1904/05 Club P W D L F A W D L F A Pts Home Away Clyde 22 10 1 0 26 8 3 5 3 12 14 32 Falkirk 22 8 2 1 17 8 4 2 5 15 17 28 Hamilton Academical 22 7 2 2 27 10 5 1 5 13 14 27 Leith Athletic 22 6 2 3 24 11 4 2 5 12 15 24 Ayr 22 9 1 1 35 11 2 0 9 11 26 23 Arthurlie 22 6 3 2 22 12 3 2 6 15 29 23 Aberdeen 22 5 3 3 21 10 2 4 5 15 16 21 Albion Rovers 22 6 3 2 27 19 2 1 8 11 34 20 East Stirling 22 6 2 3 25 15 1 3 7 12 23 19 Raith Rovers 22 7 0 4 18 11 2 1 8 12 23 19 Abercorn 22 7 1 3 20 15 1 0 10 11 30 17 St Bernards 22 2 3 6 12 20 1 2 8 11 33 11  
DIVISION 1 1905/06Club P W D L F A W D L F A Pts Home Away Celtic 30 13 0 2 36 8 11 1 3 40 11 49Hearts 30 12 3 0 35 8 6 4 5 29 19 43Airdrie 30 8 4 3 31 18 7 4 4 22 13 38Rangers 30 9 2 4 27 23 6 5 4 31 25 37Partick Thistle 30 9 3 3 25 18 6 3 6 19 22 36Third Lanark 30 10 0 5 35 15 6 2 7 27 23 34Dundee 30 8 6 1 26 9 3 6 6 14 24 34St. Mirren 30 10 2 3 29 16 3 3 9 12 21 31Motherwell 30 7 4 4 33 27 2 4 9 17 37 26Morton 30 5 5 5 17 20 5 1 9 18 34 26Hibernian 30 7 1 7 23 22 3 4 8 12 18 25Aberdeen 30 7 4 4 23 16 1 4 10 13 32 24Falkirk 30 7 5 3 36 28 2 0 13 16 40 23Kilmarnock 30 8 3 4 32 22 0 1 14 14 46 20Port Glasgow Athletic 30 4 3 8 23 33 2 5 8 15 35 20Queen’s Park 30 4 3 8 21 36 1 1 13 20 52 14

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upthehoopsPosted on8:18 am - Aug 7, 2016

A quote from Dave King yesterday about the Cup Final disorder report.

“We were looking for recognition of what went wrong and to make sure it won’t happen again,” King said. “That’s not been achieved.”

Welcome to our world Dave. We have been saying that since 2012.

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tamjartmarquezPosted on8:26 am - Aug 7, 2016

UPTHEHOOPSAUGUST 7, 2016 at 07:38
I was listening to TMS then junior comes in and puts the curtain raiser on, Doncaster all chummy with DCK to an accompaniment of Derrys Walls. We return to the studio and David Tanner, is talking to McCann and Amaruso. EBT recipients both. Guys who ultimately killed Rangers, and are being handsomely paid to peddle the going for 55(months of existence) lie. I switched of sound.
notes on game Imrie cruised by Barton, Halliday dived twice to win freekicks on edge of box. Mr Lunney hello?

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tamjartmarquezPosted on8:34 am - Aug 7, 2016

..and Andy Walker and ian crocker? Pre programmed drones.19

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upthehoopsPosted on8:51 am - Aug 7, 2016


Did Doncaster go to Tynecastle last year for the unveiling of the Championship flag? 

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tamjartmarquezPosted on9:16 am - Aug 7, 2016

uth, he did indeed, and it was flag unfurling, not season curtain raiser. Sunday KO.

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shugPosted on9:20 am - Aug 7, 2016

I did watch that game yesterday and it seems it was Hamilton who stole a point from the rangers when Hamilton scored it was their first shot however despite having most of the play all nice wee patterns and no penetration the rangers had only had 2 shots. As far as I saw it was the rangers who robbed Hamilton as to the report in the daily ranger blaming 15 Hibs fans for the hampden trouble to my mind yep they were wrong to shout and taunt those poor put upon fans of the dead club but if they the dead club fans had stayed in their seats then no trouble would have ensued all the trouble was caused by the 200 or so dead club fans who invaded the park intent only on getting some sort of violent revenge for Hibs going off script and winning the cup.

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upthehoopsPosted on9:52 am - Aug 7, 2016

uth, he did indeed, and it was flag unfurling, not season curtain raiser. Sunday KO.

Fair enough, he attended. However there was something so wrong yesterday about the Rangers game being the curtain raiser to the season. A stranger could be forgiven for thinking they were league champions. On paper it was supposed to be a straightforward game. I can’t help thinking the scenario this morning was intended to be Rangers sitting top after a comfortable victory, with Celtic under pressure going into what will be be a very difficult game at Tynecastle. Surely Hearts v Celtic at Tynecastle would have been a far more appropriate game to kick off the season.

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parttimearabPosted on10:23 am - Aug 7, 2016

UPTHEHOOPSAUGUST 7, 2016 at 09:52
Fair enough, he attended. However there was something so wrong yesterday about the Rangers game being the curtain raiser

Uth. I think Celtic playing Sunday has more to do with their midweek CL game…would you really have wanted a lunchtime ko at Tynecastle on Saturday after the Wednesday game against Astana (that could easily have gone to extra time)?

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Billy BoycePosted on10:46 am - Aug 7, 2016

Gordon Waddell has an article in his rag this morning about the reaction of Hibs and Rangers to the Scottish Cup Final disturbance report.  He ends his piece with this observation:

One final point about the whole episode – at least until the punishments start getting doled out. And that’s about the SFA choosing to release the report at ten to five on a Friday. On the eve of a new league season, they obliterated the kick-off from the news agenda, despite the short-order deadlines. Secondly, they did it at a time when their phones were off and their mobiles were all straight to answering services.  And thirdly, it’s clear they hope that by the time everyone’s back to work tomorrow, the world will have moved on. It’s becoming a habitual tool of theirs when it comes to fronting up news that will prompt a reaction.  They’ll claim transparency doesn’t work to a set timetable but the most see-through aspect of it is the use of one of the oldest tricks in the PR manual.  Hopefully they’ll take more responsibility in the next part of the process. Because for those of us who haven’t let 77 days cloud memories, that’s the most important bit.

Why could the SFA not have waited a few hours more till, say, the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games?  Oh, wait . . .

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StevieBCPosted on12:38 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Shocking performance from Hamilton yesterday !

I fully expect they will be docked points for their blatant unsporting behaviour…for not ensuring that TRFC collected all 3 points.

Hamilton simply ignored what ‘is best for Scottish football’.

Has the new Ibrox club issued a statement yet…?  09

It’s going to be a long season.

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Big PinkPosted on12:51 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Actually you make a good point StevieBC. I think we could go dome fund-raising with a Statement Sweep for the season.
My money is on 55?

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upthehoopsPosted on12:52 pm - Aug 7, 2016

I think Celtic playing Sunday has more to do with their midweek CL game…would you really have wanted a lunchtime ko at Tynecastle on Saturday after the Wednesday game against Astana (that could easily have gone to extra time)?

Two things. Firstly there is no issue with teams playing Wednesday then Saturday. It has happened for years.  Secondly, the game was scheduled for Sunday at the behest of Sky, who also decided to make a ‘flag day’ occasion of the Rangers game on the Saturday.  Never in my living memory has the ‘flag day’ curtain raiser been for the team who won a lower tier division.  I try not to be paranoid but there is so much happens that is open to question.  Whether people believe ‘Rangers’ are the same club or not, the unspoken policy seems to be that now they are in the top league, they HAVE to win it. It makes me realise even more that I genuinely have not missed a ‘Rangers’ in the top league at all. Now they are there, it has brought out the very worst in the Scottish media.  

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John ClarkPosted on12:54 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Billy BoyceAugust 7, 2016 at 10:46
‘…. it’s clear they[the SFA] hope that by the time everyone’s back to work tomorrow, the world will have moved on.'(Gordon Waddell’s piece as quoted by Billy Boyce.)
Whatever about the Bowen report, the SFA have been hoping for 5 years that we will all ‘move on’ and accept the Big Lie.
And there is no chance of that happening.
We will NEVER let the Big Lie be forgotten. The stain on the escutcheon of Scottish Football, like the stain on the consciences ( in so far as they have any) of all the deceivers and liars, will be there for all time to come. And the Lie will  live on long after the corpses of the liars are mouldering in the grave.
( Incidentally, when I click on the link on the SFA website  to the Bowen report, my laptop goes crazy with a whole lot of ‘new tabs’ messages running along the top. I’ve no idea how to deal with that, so I can’t access the report)

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tamjartmarquezPosted on1:16 pm - Aug 7, 2016
Ann Budge latest.

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John ClarkPosted on1:41 pm - Aug 7, 2016

tamjartmarquezAugust 7, 2016 at 13:16
‘..Ann Budge latest.’
‘Hearts owner Ann Budge believes there are twice the ideal number of senior clubs in Scotland.’
Do we know whether there has been a recent meeting of the Professional game Board? That is, is Mrs Budge giving a step for a hint as to what might be on the PGB’s longterm staregic plan?

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upthehoopsPosted on1:44 pm - Aug 7, 2016

JOHN CLARKAUGUST 7, 2016 at 13:41 ‘Hearts owner Ann Budge believes there are twice the ideal number of senior clubs in Scotland.’Do we know whether there has been a recent meeting of the Professional game Board? That is, is Mrs Budge giving a step for a hint as to what might be on the PGB’s longterm staregic plan?

Mrs Budge would do well to realise fans of Brechin, Forfar, Albion Rovers etc love their club every bit as much as much as fans of larger clubs. I never like it when people start this kind of talk. 

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wottpiPosted on2:27 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Re Celtic and flag waving.

Was it not reported here and elsewhere that part of the reason Celtic were not at home for the opener was due wanting next week off to play in the Inter Milan Friendly.

The SPL and the rest of Scottish Football is apparently so important that when glamour friendlies are on offer the rest of us can take a hike and similarly we will be told to do one if a sniff at joining the EPL or some Euro league comes along.

Frankly having to wait a couple of weeks to raise a fifth successive league flag at a home fixture is the least of everyone else’s worries.

This is the problem when Scottish Football is viewed through green and blue tinged spectacles. Everything Celtic /T’Rangers has to have parity and there is a conspiracy theory when parity is not seen as being reached.

Re BBC Radio Scotland Pundits
Stephen Thompson played 62 games for Rangers. That is 12% of the total 529 professional outings he had and the least games he played for any of his five clubs.

The man may see his time at Rangers as the pinnacle of his career but does this make him a ‘Rangers Man’? To some fans of Celtic it is apparently enough.

Forget that he has sound and long experience in playing with four other clubs and has 16 Scotland caps with which to give people an insight to the game.

The question is never asked – why are ‘Celtic Men’ not filling BBC Scotland pundit posts?

From the 2004/2005 Celtic Squad that were around when Thompson was playing with Rangers:-
13 were non UK/Irish players and probably have no interest in current Scottish Football
Hartson and Lennon are employed by the BBC on a far bigger stage than BBC Scotland.
Sutton is a paper pundit
Other squad members who may be available to do BBC Radio Scotland stuff are few are far between because they have no contact with Scottish domestic football or are gainfully employed elsewhere and do not have the time or inclination.
E.G. Lennon (Hibs), McNamara (York), Lambert (Resting), Marshall (Cardiff), Maloney (Hull), Kennedy (Celtic), McManus (Motherwell), McGeady (Everton),Pearson (India)

Some of the other players are lesser lights that people wouldn’t know if they passed them in the street.

Maybe Celtic players are just better equipped to face the world and do not need, what I guess is, the petty cash available from BBC Scotland.

Frankly most people on here believe that everything is being done to assist the club from Ibrox. However that comes from both the footballing authorities and the clubs themselves, including the one playing out of the East End of Glasgow.

If any of them had the balls a lot more would be said but they all seem happy with the status quo. We are all part of the problem.

There are bigger fish to fry. Picking on every apparent little slight is, well…picky.

PS I can send this post today at this time  because I will not be a Tynecastle due to not wanting to expose my kids to the sometimes poisonous atmosphere that comes from BOTH sets of fans at this fixture.

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tamjartmarquezPosted on3:04 pm - Aug 7, 2016

WOTTPIAUGUST 7, 2016 at 14:27 chapeau!

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nawlitePosted on3:31 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Compare and contrast these two paragraphs appearing in today’s MSM….

1. “At Ibrox stadium on Saturday a fixture against Hamilton Academical will mark the return of Rangers to Scotland’s top division, following a prolonged melodrama featuring tax avoidance, insolvency, demotion to the fourth tier, endless rancour and legal actions, unique in British football history.”
This paragraph includes every standard lie relating to the liquidation of Rangers – ‘the return of Rangers’; ‘insolvency‘; ‘demotion to the fourth tier’. Lots of lamb for this lie-supporting journalist!

2. “Rangers’ fate anyway equated to a sanction for breach of the rules: they could not play in European competition for the following three years. HMRC, taking a stern view of clubs defaulting on tax, declined to approve a company voluntary arrangement with creditors and Rangers went into liquidation. The assets bought via a new company, Sevco Scotland Limited, Rangers were not accepted into the SPL, and the SFL insisted the club had to start from the bottom, in the third division.”
Whose side is this guy on, though? ‘could not play in European competition for the following three years’; ‘Rangers went into liquidation‘; ‘assets bought via a new company, Sevco Scotland Limited’; ‘the club had to start from the bottom’. No lamb there, that’s pretty truthful reporting!

Note though that these paragraphs don’t come from different papers, or even from different journalists. The top one is the opening paragraph from David Conn’s Guardian article and the bottom one is his second to last paragraph in the same article.

It seems that just as eating infected beef brought on BSE, eating infected lamb brings on schizophrenia!! Joking aside, how can one person write both these paragraphs?!?! I despair.

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Cluster OnePosted on6:01 pm - Aug 7, 2016

WOTTPIAUGUST 7, 2016 at 14:27
Re BBC Radio Scotland PunditsStephen Thompson played 62 games for Rangers. That is 12% of the total 529 professional outings he had and the least games he played for any of his five clubs.

Steven Thompson £485,000 EBT….62 GAMES10
A lot of money for just 62 games, and he still needs a job as a BBC Radio Scotland Pundit10

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wottpiPosted on6:10 pm - Aug 7, 2016

My reading;- 
The coffers are now empty and until they can sort out raiding the supporters piggy banks that’s DCK done with any new signings until January (which year,  I cannot say).  i.e there is no chance of any money being paid out for transfer fees, so its the bottom of the barrel frees that is the best the Magic Hat can hope for now.

Meanwhile some Bears on yesterday’s showing are already looking for another central defender as Hill is being seen as a dud, Waghorn is beginning to look injury prone and Kranjcar looks well of the pace for the Premiership.

The prospect of even a bargain basement free is most likely off the cards . Note that the stressing that the wages have increased ‘very. very, considerably’. My question would be how will this additional outgoing be covered given limited scope for additional income beyond the season tickets and game day sales.

Re the strip debacle the club is between a rock and a hard place with the legally binding contracts. Frankly nothing will happen. The two week period is just to make sure DCK gets out of the country before having to explain himself. 

On the footballing side same old T’Rangers yesterday. Lots of possession but little to show in terms of shots on target. 4 to Hamilton’s 2.

Meanwhile at Tynie today Hearts 6 on target and Celtic 5. (Excellent counter attacking winner BTW)
Saints v Dons 5 – 7
Killie v Well 8 – 7
Thistle v ICT 3 – 2 
County v Dundee 6 – 4

Early days but IMHO the Magic Hat will need a plan B long before January.

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wottpiPosted on6:14 pm - Aug 7, 2016

CLUSTER ONEAUGUST 7, 2016 at 18:01

I of course recognise Thompson as a EBTer but does the prospect of the tax man coming looking for payback make him likely to be a huge fan of the club from Ibrox.

Maybe by taking on the punditry jobs  he is just making sure he has some spare in the bank should the day come that Hector gives his door a knock. 🙂

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Cluster OnePosted on6:23 pm - Aug 7, 2016

WOTTPIAUGUST 7, 2016 at 18:14
wonder how much he would get for just 62 days as a BBC Radio Scotland Pundit02

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upthehoopsPosted on6:26 pm - Aug 7, 2016

WOTTPIAUGUST 7, 2016 at 18:10


It just goes to show the frequently aired view last season that there is no difference between the top of the Championship and the Premiership was just PR/hot air/making Rangers seem relevant.  As for players like Kranjcar he was playing in the second tier of North American Soccer for a reason. The media treated his signing like Rangers were getting the player who starred in England at one time. From what I saw of Barton yesterday he looked like he was towing a battleship when running. Hearts showed today they will be no pushovers for anyone and I think if Tony Watt has the right attitude he will do very well, as there is definitely a player there.  Right now it looks like any decent striker will cause Rangers problems at the back. If Rangers go to Dens Park next week and drop anything Warburton’s year long honeymoon period will start to enter its final phase.  However, they go back to their comfort zone of playing Peterhead this week so that will be another opportunity for the media to wax lyrical about how good they are. 

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The Rangers nil? Who missed the penalty?Posted on6:45 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Aim: To minimise/eliminate any threat to Rangers’ Premiership Title aspirations presented by Celtic, Hearts, and Aberdeen. But especially Celtic
Objective: To ensure that, before Rangers face Celtic this season :
Celtic will have played the other three teams who finished in the top four in 2015/16, Aberdeen will have played the other three teams who finished in the top four in 2015/16, Hearts will have played two of the three teams who finished in the top four in 2015/16, Rangers will have played none of the teams who finished in the top four in 2015/16
Outcome: Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts will have taken points off each other so none of them will have maximum points. Rangers, having easily disposed of teams who finished in, lets say positions 10, 8, 5 and 11 last season will have maximum points from their opening four encounters.
Impact: As League leaders, with 12 points from their first four games, drawing maximum crowds to Ibrox, confidence will be sky-high and everyone is playing catch-up. The Rangers can even afford to lose to Celtic in game 5 without it having too much of an impact.
Week 1 fixtures: Hearts, who finished 3rd last season will play Celtic, and Aberdeen, last year’s runners-up will play St Johnstone, who finished 4th. Rangers will play Hamilton, who finished 10th.
Desired outcome: Either Hearts or Celtic, possibly both, will drop points, and either Aberdeen or St Johnstone, possibly both will also drops points, Rangers will take 3 points against Hamilton. Going into week 2, therefore, Rangers will have more points than at least one of the other three contenders, maybe two, possibly all three and will be top of the league the table on goal difference having thrashed Hamilton, going into week 2.
Week 2 fixtures: Aberdeen and Hearts play each other, Celtic have been given permission to go off on a jolly, Rangers play Dundee, who finished 8th last season.
Desired outcome: Either Hearts or Aberdeen (or possibly both) drop points while Rangers cruise to victory over Dundee. Celtic certainly don’t add to their points tally. Worse case scenario: Rangers increase their lead over at least two, and possibly all three of the contenders and remain at the top of the league.
The project will be evaluated weekly, following the completion of all Premiership fixtures.

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The Rangers nil? Who missed the penalty?Posted on6:52 pm - Aug 7, 2016

email from N. Doncaster, 09.00 on Monday August 8th, 2016.


My office in 10 minutes. No absentees.

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upthehoopsPosted on7:09 pm - Aug 7, 2016



According to reports Neil Doncaster was roundly booed at Ibrox yesterday. Booing a man who wanted the new Rangers put straight into the top league with just a ten point deduction seems very strange.

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John ClarkPosted on7:31 pm - Aug 7, 2016

upthehoopsAugust 7, 2016 at 19:09
‘…Booing a man who wanted the new Rangers put straight into the top league with just a ten point deduction seems very strange.’
Ah, but whatever the assurances he may have given to CG and/or others, Doncaster failed big-time to deliver!
And I suspect that King’s latest pronouncement about ‘holding money in reserve ‘ will have Doncaster extremely worried that TRFC might not last much beyond Christmas before it goes into Administration.

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goosygoosyPosted on9:08 pm - Aug 7, 2016

Celtic v Hearts BBC Radio
Interesting Comments 
Post Match
 Manager reaction to  two disputed penalty claims for Hearts ( one awarded one rejected)
Robbie Nielson
Dignified general  comments along the lines of “you lose some you win some”.. No bitterness …focussed on the positives of Hearts performance when you consider the gulf in experience and quality Hearts were up against.
Brendan Rodgers
Similar dignified comments even praising the integrity of the Ref for admitting he had made a mistake awarding  the Hearts penalty
BR has not only brought a wealth of football knowledge to Celtic Park. He  has already demonstrated that his reputation  warrants respect by his fellow Managers
RN is a genuine medial asset for Hearts.Someone destined to progress in the game

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AuldheidPosted on12:56 am - Aug 8, 2016

Very amusing. If it’s down to the resources built over time by purchasing power then the gap could be greater. Injuries breaking even of course.

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SmugasPosted on8:14 am - Aug 8, 2016

I thought the rayjo said Doncaster was at East End Park?

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briggsbhoyPosted on8:17 am - Aug 8, 2016

Noted a Sevco supporting friend on FB comment that he was looking forward to 55 titles. I was tempted to post but thought I couldn’t be arsed with the abuse that would likely ensue from those following his posts. The thing that did intirgue me was his claim that all the relevant football authorities had rubber stamped the same club mantra. Googling that comment I dind an article in the Daily Ranger and The Evening Times from 2015 that said FIFA recognised them as the same club. Neither of these articles was supported with a name or a quotation from anybody at FIFA, has anyone seen anything in writing in the form of a statement from Geneva or indeed the SFA. 
Looking back at the LNS report I also ponder that it surely would not have helped CO and the looming EBT tax case should it have gone the way it was expected. HMRC would have then had official confirmation from the governing body that they were aware and supported tax evasion. 
OT but out in the town Saturday night down the Merchant City, standing in the toilet the bloke next to me (in his late 30’s I’d say) answers the phone to a female with words “big jock knew” and he repeated this 3 or 4 times and he was happy as larry. Words failed me.

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