Still a Battle for Survival


A key phrase from D&P states “certain assets were bought”. …

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A key phrase from D&P states “certain assets were bought”. The key word is “certain”.
I recall Green stating during the Brown campaign that ownership of assets would be made clear next week. That was two or 3 months ago.
I recall the debates on RTC that the two main assets, Ibrox and Murray, were owned by Craig Whyte. He transferred them to a company in BVI, and in turn they were transferred to another BVI company. That company has only one director, Craig Whyte’s father.

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An Honest Game? Convince Us.
I big thank you from me to all contributors. I have very little free time to write but do snatch an hour after midnight some evenings. I read and digest and thoroughly enjoy the research, dissecting and analysis by a good many of you. One day I hope to contribute. Do keep up the good work because the SFA need to know, I’m sure they do, that they are being monitored and one day individuals in positions of decision making in that organisation will be called to justify their decisions. I believe you are the only people that will make this happen. Slainte Mhath.

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