Still a Battle for Survival


One last thing. The most important game of this season takes …

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One last thing.

The most important game of this season takes place on the 25th of Sept in Celtic Park.
If ever the ordinary punter had an opportunity to have his/her voice heard, then this is the event to be at – and, of course, there is the small matter of a certain Mr Turnbull Hutton being in attendance – the saviour of Scottish football. Now come on Celtic supporters now is your chance to recognise a true hero of the Scottish game.

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Still a Battle for Survival
‘Regarding this quote from Charles Green’s statement:
“The decision we have taken has not been taken lightly. There are powerful representatives from Clubs within the SPL – not all of them by any means – who appear hell bent on inflicting as much damage on Rangers as possible’

Mr Green has, by his recklessness, placed all representatives of clubs in the SPL in a very serious and dangerous position. Surely, if for no other reason they will react to safeguard themselves and their clubs – or have we lost all sense of reality.

Still a Battle for Survival
Absolute pseudo desperation from Greene, the end game is nigh – Ironically he wins! – what a script for a Mafia blockbuster.

Still a Battle for Survival
I apologise for repeating myself.

Anyone who attempts to analyse Green’s utterances is wasting valuable time. Smokescreen, smokescreen, smokescreen. He wants to just collapse the whole edifice and grab what he can and run. The irony of it all is, he thought with all the hyperbole he has engaged in, the edifice would have collapsed long before now, and, funnily enough, it would have in any other organisation that had a scintilla of integrity or pride. His one mistake was he never factored in the SFA and the low lifes that operate there.
If his latest rant does not bring down the sky watch out for even greater recklessness to achieve his aim.

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Two wrongs and a right
The football authorities and Police Scotland know the Club is committed to eradicating all forms of unacceptable behaviour and it is disappointing that a minority engaged in inappropriate singing during the match against Hibernian at Ibrox Stadium on Monday, December 28.

had to be 250,000 at the game if that was a minority.03

Why We Need to Change
Ok the amount donated so far is £2607. I have a suggestion. To get it across the line is it possible for all contributors, as a once off gesture, two double their contribution.
We would never live it down if for the sake of a paltry £2000 we let this brilliant forum stagnate or decline.
I am a pensioner and my own contribution is modest so I don’t want to appear as if I am preaching to others.

Why We Need to Change
A question : If the SFA are aware ( and they must be – my next door neighbour’s dog is )of the financial car crash that is awaiting the newest club in Scotland, and if they do not implement the rules that are meant to protect the other clubs involved are they not legally exposed to major financial litigation themselves and consequent liquidation.

Why We Need to Change
Great post Finloc. Giving the expertise on all things football and football related this forum should be the leading fans forum in Scottish football.


“I doubt it’s honestly possible.”
Touche Auldheid.

SFM – The Next Steps

Well that’s that, I ‘m off – to Elounda Tuesday.
Will do my best to help the Greek economy. Extra carafes of wine this year – purely to help the Greek tax – take, you understand. Maybe a few Mythos in sympathy with Helpmaboab, and a few bottles of FIX in sympathy with FIFA and SFA.

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