Still a Battle for Survival


“Our primary role as Administrators was to rescue the business …

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“Our primary role as Administrators was to rescue the business which has been achieved by Charles Green and his consortium…”

That is a lie.

When the CVA failed their primary role was to achieve the best result for the creditors.

The reality is they were never concerned about the creditors and it was always about the business. That is why they made the acceptance of the CVA offer and the sale of the assets effectively the same deal. They sold the assets to the Green consortium before the CVA was even voted on.

A conflict of interests from the outset. Right back to the Craig Whyte emails which Mark Daly showed on the BBC.

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Still a Battle for Survival
In order for the new club to make it to the SPL they will have to survive.

That is currently by no means certain.

Any objective look at them makes it clear that they need a cash injection from somewhere. That may well be a share issue, but if it isn’t it will have to be from somewhere else.

I do not believe for a second that the SFA / SFL did not know this when they ignored their own rules to leapfrog them into senior football in Scotland.

Still a Battle for Survival
Parson St. Bhoy says:
September 8, 2012 at 12:13


Rangers, then now and forever. Changing the name of the legal entity didn’t change who and what they were are and always will be.

Well until they are wound up.

Still a Battle for Survival
Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan says:
September 8, 2012 at 11:36

A– Exactly who is in the Dock?
B– Do Sevco, their Chairman and their manager have any right of audience at the main event?
c– Do Sevco, and all above, have any right of audience at this debate stage?


I don’t even understand why Sevco being involved in the process would be a consideration.

Rangers still exists, if anyone is entitled to an audience it is Craig Whyte, members of the Rangers board, or their appointed representatives.

It is they, or their predecessors who failed to report the payments properly. It is they who will be able to explain what they did and on what basis they did it. Charles Green and his board, of the new club, weren’t there at the time. If they were they may have something to offer.

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The Real Battle Begins?
If they raise money through the floatation, use that to renovate the stadium and re-build the club, get it back to the SPL and competing in Europe then it will be a much more attractive sale. Particularly if it is debt free.

The holding company can then sell the club, 100% of it, without any pesky fans in the way.

The fans will then have shares in a business which they have no interest in. They are not buying shares in their club, they are buying shares in a company which could quite easily sell their club some time in the future.

The Real Battle Begins?
goosygoosy says:
Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 16:07


A disclaimer regarding the asbestos risk, and no sight of the title deed does not seem to be a very thorough valuation.


Condition of Buildings

Our inspection of the subjects did not constitute a structural survey nor did we inspect woodwork or other parts of the structure which were covered, unexposed or inaccessible. Also, the various services have not been tested and we are not in a position, therefore, to report that any of the properties are free from defects.

We have not had sight of an Asbestos Risk Assessment relative to the subjects and cannot report that they are free from risk in this respect. Accordingly, we have made the assumption that such an investigation would not disclose the presence of any such material in any adverse situation or condition.


But bear in mind this is a Depreciated Replacement Cost, as I understand it, how much it would cost to rebuild the stadium, as opposed to a value if they were to sell it.



Total value, calculated on a Depreciated Replacement Cost
basis –

allocated as –



The Real Battle Begins?
Release the prospectus and announce the controversial Traynor appointment at the same time.


The Real Battle Begins?
Yes Jim, your peurile spat with Chic live on radio was really professional and uplifting.

Oh and Rangers did cheat the tax man, out of at least £20m, and they did hide records, and procrastinate, and they did try to mislead and conceal. And they did do the same with the Scottish football authorities.

You were wrong, again.

The Real Battle Begins?
Can “The SPL” actually just change it’s basic structure.

I thought The SPL was the members, the teams in it. So in order to change anything they would have to vote on it and agree that new structure.

That would be the same teams who voted that Rangers could not be forced into the SPL not that long ago. Do people think that has changed significantly, or that the supporters of those clubs would feel any differently than a few months ago.

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