THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight


Re Wee Tax Liability – considering yesterday’s revelation that Rangers …

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Re Wee Tax Liability – considering yesterday’s revelation that Rangers admitted liability for the tax in late 2010 I am surprised at the leniency shown by HMRC in their efforts to collect the overdue amount until Feb 2012 when it was too late to recover the tax . I am thinking of Hearts as an example under Romanoff , from memory they were served with court action by HMRC fairly swiftly on discovery of a tax liability .
Maybe Mr Salmond’s plea to go easy on part of the fabric of our nation went heeded !

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THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Re to-day’s evidence @ Whyte’s trial – Withey confirming my previous thoughts on him & that’s before Findlay has had a go at him . Interesting to read JC’s take on it .

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Interesting day of evidence from McGill in court to-day .

On the matter of King & the COS – he was served notice of enforcement from the TAP on 13 April anyone any idea what timescale he would be given to carry out their request of an offer to the other shareholders ? It its 28 days then it would be due to make an offer this week – if not , cold shouldering proceedure implements I presume .

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Re TWM 16 – great podcast & thanks for the mention of Dennis Gillespie’s career – he was a favourite player of mine when I first started supporting United in the early 60’s – very underrated , sweet timer of the ball with an eye for goal . He was an integral part of Jerry Kerr’s teams including integrating with the Scandinavian invasion of messrs Dossing,Persson,Berg,Wing & Seamann – some team then !

Always remember my father recounting the tale of going to Dennis’ house to discuss a promotion/sponsorship deal (my father worked for VG foodstores – United’s first team sponsor) – he found Dennis an amiable & laid back character but his wife was much more commercially switched on – in the days before agents , she asked the question all good agents should ask “What’s in it for Dennis ?” .

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Re: Managerial Appointments @ the Rangers FC

I would expect Robertson’s position to be under review after 3 farces in the space of a year more or less .

Who Is Conning Whom?
Re : McInnes

Well,well,well – a sensible decision on his part I think – wonder what affected his decision – had a look “under the bonnet” & didn’t like the look of it or the Govan tribal stirrings re Docherty – as Phil would say “developing story” – makes the Level5 media campaign look pretty silly .

Who Is Conning Whom?
Re McInnes/Rangers

This situation reminds me of 1983 when the mighty Glasgow Rangers approached Jim McLean to take over from a failing John Greig – everyone in the media then assumed Jim would go (he was offered twice the salary he was getting at United) he went up the marble staircase had the interview & to his eternal credit told them where to shove it ! (This was after the job was offered to Alex Ferguson first of all who also knocked it back ) – two v.successful managers of “provincial” clubs similar , in a way to McInnes’ situation to-day .

Difficult one to call (for McInnes) but his reputation would be enhanced if he stays at Aberdeen I think & the risks of Ibrox (financial/ownership) are considerable .

Enough is enough
Re JJ – I know he is not everyone’s favourite but I think credit should be given to him/her for the contribution to The Rangers’ debate over the past week in particular .
The COPFS revelation of the Whitehouse contribution to the inquiry was quite stunning in its content & to-day’s input from his CFA with regard to the Rangers’ accounts is also stimulating .
Anyway , I’m sure Homunc will be giving me a thumbs down for this !
And , as a counter-balance as a DUFC supporter I’m still awaiting JJ’ story re an American takeover to be confirmed !

Enough is enough
Homunc @00.41 4 Nov
No big deal , JJ is bad mouthing you in comments sectn in his blog y’day @ 2.52 Nov 3

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