THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight

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I have attended the Craig Whyte trial on a few …

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I have attended the Craig Whyte trial on a few occasions since it commenced.  I tend only to attend when Mr Findlay is cross examining the witnesses.  It is a joy to behold and is a gripping affair.  I have nothing but praise for people like James Doleman and others who tweet live as there is so much detail going on at all times.  Mr Murray and Mr Shanks from Lloyds are the witnesses I have watched being cross examined so far. My view at this early stage is that these witnesses have seemed at times very uncomfortable and during their time in the witness box and their testimony seems to be aiding in the defense of Mr Whyte, only IMO of course. I do recall that Mr Murray did not seem to recall quite a few thing when questioned (particularly in the content of Mr David Horne’s written notes and the third party funding paragraph in the final draft of the purchase.) and a few other things seemed to  his mind. It was a ding dong affair with Mr Findlay and Mr Shanks concerning the terms leverage, threatening  and pressure in relation to the bank and Mr Alistair Johnston on the RFC board.  Mr Findlay certainly won that wee battle and basically IMO the jury where left in no doubt of the banks stance. It is funny to here terms coming from Mr Findlay and the way he says them like, shambles of a playing squad, little tax bill left unpaid (but intent to pay), health and safety of the stadium and then he stated that the board Mr Murray left to run RFC did not have a clue how to run a football club.  It is the way he pauses and looks at the witness after making statements like that. Gripping stuff.
I will attend again at some point this week as it is like a magnet to me, and  just to be able to hear witness  evidence in court that we have always believed to have taken place and the smsm have never really addressed is karma. It is great to know that John Clark is going to attend when he can. 

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THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Why would the SFA or SPFL not want to strip titles if the HMRC appeal is upheld.  It then is a matter of fact that players were playing/registered illegally.
 I have heard in court evidence that proves factually  that the wtc crystallized before the end on March deadline which means that RFC got a license to play in CL illegally.  Also that De Boar, Moore and Flo were registered illegally and every game they played in should have resulted in RFC losing 3 0.  Will all this be ignored by the SFA? 
Why do the SFA/SPFL not want to address this what reasons can they give.  This is a serious question, why can this liquidated club not be held to account in the history books for what they have done.
I wrote to my club in the past concerning the BTC and was informed that it was still an ongoing process.  I will write again if HMRC appeal is upheld as this is at present all I can do.

Nothing said in court proves anything factually. That’s for the court to decide. We may well hear other ‘facts’ that contradict those ones you refer to. It’s a mistake to draw conclusions too soon. Still 9 weeks of this trial to go.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
I listened to  James Doleman concerning the High Court trial going on at present on the podcast and would like to thank him for that insight.  I have been following all his tweets from the court over the past 2 days and again would like to thank him. 
It is all so intriguing and thanks to social media this case seems to be reported without fear or favour.  I am going to attend the court on Thursday and Friday of this week, cannot help myself.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Great article AJ.  This OCNC has always got to be addressed as it is IMO the most important issue of a fan (the club’s history). Any other club and we would not be having this nonsense. Fans outside Ibrox believe they are new club for it is factually true. What is also factually true is the lengths our smsm and football authorities will go to  not actually say “The Rangers are a new club”.  We always have to push this for if we do not the sport becomes a mockery (close to it now imo). There must be fans of the Ibrox club who deep down know (but will never publicly say) they are a new club.  There will also be other fans of the WATP type who will force the lie that they are same club (and they openly say this). Our cowardly approach by the SFA and smsm feed the second opinion and this is what really hacks me of, the WATP mantra grows as a result of this. 
This could not happen in any other country with any other club, so why here and why with this club.  If you know your history may be the answer.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I am not 100% sure of the term concert party. is MR Kings concert party similar to this?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Oh dear the smsm will be working harder than Santa’s elves trying to make this news from verdict of TAB sound as good news for the bears in Govan.

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
So are we saying basically they cheated we know and there is nothing that we can do.? 

Enough is enough
It is shameful and embarrassing that after RFC went into liquidation (all the papers published this event on the actual day it occurred) that they are considered or portrayed as the same club by the SFA and the smsm. This would not occur in any other country as there is no team that have such a biased smsm backing them as well as a compliant SFA  and we can all guess why. It IMO is not fear, RFC had an absolute embarrassing long term policy of not signing players of a certain religion and our SFA and smsm were well aware of this as it was no secret in fact it was upheld as a tradition of this club. Silence. Shameful does not cover it. There has always IMO been throughout history more members / ex directors of this club in high positions in the SFA than any other club. No balance. I would also  add that IMO the smsm has always throughout history had a very unbalanced high number of supporters of this club (although some actually insulted our intelligence by claiming to been supporters of clubs outside Glasgow) embarrassing.  Succulent lamb was no surprise it was expected.  The traditions of RFC seems to be IMO widespread within our SFA and smsm past and present.  Why has there never been an open discussion by SFA and smsm concerning, newco/oldco, Craig Whyte Trial, Dave King’s tax history in SA, Mr King’s fit and proper decision, possible LNS revisit due to new info, SC verdict on ebt’s, soft loans, ongoing concern in accounts, names of investors in new Ibrox club, Takeover Panel , the real role of Mr David Murray in the downfall of RFC, Offshore Game Report and on and on. Shameful but expected. It cannot be fear alone that these issues cannot be addressed in a balanced way. Our SFA and smsm have no shame and will always protect and promote this new club with all it’s traditions and values, which seem to have been carried over from the old club. I will always refer to them as a new club as liquidation actually took place of the CLUB.  Shamefully I actually did buy papers on that day,not bought any since I may add. 

Enough is enough
Edinburgh Tax Network on 14th Dec an address by Rt Hon Lord Hodge on SC decision concerning RFC.  Details below.  get in first as there could be a stampede from our smsm for front row seats

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